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..--Bujor Bankruptcy Court.

Chorai Competitions.

The North Wales Coal Owners'…

Presbyterian Conference at…

The Befldgelesl Light Railway

The National Eisteddfod, 1899.


Postal Facilities in Carnarvonshire.

Professor 0. M. Edwards, M.A

The LlanllyM Water Works.I



NATURE'S SWEET RESTORER. .;)" J).q Who can describe the terrible condition of the man whose sleep is broken and irre- gular, or worse still, who cannot sleep at all ? How all the bodily powers fai! How all pleasure in life has vanished! How life becomes a burden! Terrible indeed is the condition of the man who cannot sleep! He would give all he possessed to be able once more to enjoy that "Balmy sleep! nature's sweet restorer!" And he can get it. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, The Vege- table Tonic, has been tried and proved to be the best tonic ever discovered! It strengthens the digestion, purifies the blood, braces the nerves, and gives tone to the whole system. Read the following testimo uial:-Pyfl Glanmorganshire. Dear Sir.—When I re- turned home a short time ago, after several weeks' hard work, I felt utterly exhausted and in need of a good tonic. I was recom- mended to try GWILYM EVANS' BIT- TERS. I did so, and am astonished at the result, for I find it invigorates the system and enlivens the spirits-in fact, it is making a new man of me. I am, Sir, truly yours, GURiNOS JONES. If your occupation is an unhealthy one, if you are exposed to the weather, or work long hours in close rooms; if your constitu- tion is weakened, or your health under- mined or if you are in any way not "up to the mark," use Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. It never fails to strengthen the weakened system, to brace the nerves and fortify the constitution. Sold in 2s 9d and 4s 6d bottles. See the name "GWILYM EVANS" on Stamp, Label, and Bottle, as there are numerous imitations. PROPRIETORS: OUINTNE BITTERS MANUFACTURING V COMPANY, LIMITED. LLANELW, SOUTH WALES.

Conway Board of Guardians

Elementary Education in Wales.

Religious Instruction in Schools…

Bangor Board of Guardians.

Death of a Montgomeryshire…

A Relic of Sir G. Osborne…


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