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..--Bujor Bankruptcy Court.

Chorai Competitions.

The North Wales Coal Owners'…

Presbyterian Conference at…

The Befldgelesl Light Railway

The National Eisteddfod, 1899.


Postal Facilities in Carnarvonshire.

Professor 0. M. Edwards, M.A


Professor 0. M. Edwards, M.A In the House of Commons, on Friday, Professor O. M. Edwards took the oath and his seat for Merioneth, in the room of the late Mr T. E. Ellis. The London corres- pondent of the "Western Ma.il" said that Mr Edwards was the hero of the afternoon. It was his first appearance, and he came to console the Radical party for the loss they have sustained by the death of their late Chief Whip, Mr Tom Ellis. It was, pos- sibly, out of respect to the memory of Mr Ellis that both sides of the House gave the new member a hearty reception. He came in with Mr Alfred Thomas and Mr Lloyd George, and, apparently, these two members were to introduce him, but Mr Bryce went up to the little party, and seemingly com- municated his desire to assist the member in making his bow to the chair. This act on the part of Mr Bryce was, it is believed, due to the new member being a professor, -ti- jjryce himself. Mr Owen Edwards has the figure and looks of a typical Welsh- man, and was quite at home in his new sur- roundings. r,

The LlanllyM Water Works.I


Conway Board of Guardians

Elementary Education in Wales.

Religious Instruction in Schools…

Bangor Board of Guardians.

Death of a Montgomeryshire…

A Relic of Sir G. Osborne…


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