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..--Bujor Bankruptcy Court.

Chorai Competitions.

The North Wales Coal Owners'…

Presbyterian Conference at…

The Befldgelesl Light Railway

The National Eisteddfod, 1899.


The National Eisteddfod, 1899. (To The Editor.) Sir,—The officers and members of the Car- diff Temperance and Prohibition Association offer their most emphatic protest against the proposed sale of intoxicants in connec- tion with the time-honoured a.nd almost sacred institution the National Eisteddfod of Wales. They deeply regret to find that the Cardiff Eisteddfod Committee, by a small majority of two, insist upon such sale, and that the Cardiff municipal authorities (the ground landlords) admit that they are power- less to prevent the same. Believing that the great majority of the friends and frequenters of the Eisteddfod are opposed to a licence to sell intoxicants the officers and members of the above-named association have by a una- nimous vote requested me to organise a determined opposition to the granting of such a licence, and to invte, through the press, all the religious bodies, temperance societies, and supporters of the Eisteddfod to send on to me wthout delay copies of the resolutions already passed and forwarded by them to the Cardiff Eisteddfod Com- mittee and to the Cardiff Corporation (but which must now be addressed to the Cardiff licensing magistrates), together with addi- tional resolutions, duly verified, for presen- tations to the licensing court. As the Eis- teddfod is a national institution, let the vice of Wales be heard!—I am, &c., J. TERTIUS PHILLIPS. United Kingdom Alliance, St .John's-


Postal Facilities in Carnarvonshire.

Professor 0. M. Edwards, M.A

The LlanllyM Water Works.I


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Elementary Education in Wales.

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