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Chorai Competitions.

The North Wales Coal Owners'…

Presbyterian Conference at…

The Befldgelesl Light Railway


The Befldgelesl Light Railway At a meeting of the Carnarvon County Council, on Thursday, Mr J. R. Pritchard (chairman) presiding, Mr Richard Davjes stated that the promoters of the Rhyd-ddu and Beddgelert Light Railway, namely, the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway Co., had come to a settlement with the promoters •of the light railway from: Portmadoc to Beddgelert, as the result of which the Ynys- cynhaiarn Rural District Council (Pcrtmad- oc) had agreed to withdraw their opposi- tion. He, therefore, moved that the County Council heartily approve of the proposed scheme fcr the extension of the existing narrow gauge railway from Rhyd-ddu to Beddgelert under the Light. Railways Act, 1896. He explained that the arrangement provided for'a junction with the proposed Pcrtmadoc line at Beddgelert, and! that the Portmadoc Company should have running powers to Rhyd-ddu.—Mr J. Men- zies seconded.—Mr Vincent, who was pre- sent on behalf of the Narrow Gauge Rail- way Co., said the company only asked for the influence of the Council. The proposed to make the line entirely at their own ex- pense.—Mr J. T. Roberts, Carnarvon, on being informed that though runninz powers would be given to the Portmadoc Company as far as Rhyd-ddu, a similar concession from Beddgelert to Portmadoc would not be madl9 to the Narrow Gauge Railway Com- pany, said he was disappointed to hear that, as the line to Portmadoc would be worked independently, and possibly to the detriment of the other railway. When the Portmadoc line came before them he should oppose it, unless the running powers were given. Mr Vincent stated that his company did not ask for the running powers on the other line, because they did not think they would get them, but they would very much like to have them.—The resolution was then car- ried, and Messrs J. R. Pritchard, J. Men- zies, and G. Farren and the Hon. Fred. Wvnn were appointed to represent the Council in favour of the scheme before the Light Railway Commissioners.

The National Eisteddfod, 1899.


Postal Facilities in Carnarvonshire.

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