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Presbyterian Conference at Beaumaris. A conference for the counties of Anglesey, Carnarvon, and Denbigh, was held last week at the Presbyterian Church, Beaumaris, under the presidency of the Rev. C. T. Astley, Llandudno. An interesting account was given by the officers of the progress of the cause at Beaumaris, which appears to be slowly but surely establishing itself in the place. It was announced that the church at Llandudno had decided to invite the un- ited conference of the English Presbyterian churches of Wales in October, 1900, and all the churches in the district would render every possible assistance. The next dis- trict meeting will be held at Carnarvon in July, at whicJrcne Rev. Joseph Evans (Den- bigh) and Mr Dargie (Bangor) will read papers. Deep regret was shown at the death of the Rev. R. H. Morgan and Mr T. E. Ellis, M.P., and sympathy expressed with their relatives. The subject of forming the churches of the district into a Presbytery was deferred, and that of holding a musical festival in 1900 referred to the different churches. Arrangements were made for the visitation of the churches. An interesting paper was read by Mr J. Trevor Owen, of Carnarvon, on "Religious instruction in our day schools." Mr Owen strongly argued for religious instruction in day schools, as an essential element in the formation of char- acter, while at the same time steering clear of denominationalism and anything in the shape of proselytism. A discussion followed, in which Mr E. Madoc Jones, the Rev. J. Edwards (Colwyn Bay), Mr Henry Lewis (Bangor), the R-ev. T. G. Owen (Beaumaris), the Rev. Joseph Evans (Denbigh), and the President, took part. Mr Evans said he had been a member of the Birmingham Educa- tion League, which advocated the exclusion of religious instruction altogether, and, he still adhered to the position, denouncing strongly the abuse of so-called "religious" instruction. The President also expressed himelf as having been compelled to take the same position. The Rev. Joseph Evans, of Dfenbigh, preached in the evening.

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