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Chorai Competitions.


Chorai Competitions. A correspondent of the "Musical Times" calls attention to the over-development of the competitive spirit which Eisteddfodio contests tend to foster. "In the opinion of many," he writes, "this competitive spirit, «o extensively displayed as it is in Wales, is not an unmixed good, notwithstanding what the Eisteddfod has done for music within its borders. The continual selection of the same well-known choruses by certain of the great masters and glees and anthems by Welsh composers can hardly make for real musical development. Unfortunately, as long as Eisteddfodau are held with the object of making money, as they almost in- variably are, committees will be to a large extent under the 'tyranny of the choirs' and their conductors, who prefer the repetition of stereotyped and familiar pieces to the effort involved in mastering what is new and less hackneved. The well-wishers of the Eis- teddfod and of music in the Principality have faith, however, for one thing, in the development, sure if slow, of instrumental music as an indirect antidote to this inert- ness and one-sidedness, and it is to be hoped that the forthcoming National Eisteddfod at Cardiff, where important instrumental prizes are offered, may conduce towards eacL"

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