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,-:7----JI Sunday Traffic…


-:7-- J Sunday Traffic in the Menal Straits. On Monday night a meeting of the Llan- dudno Free Church Council was held, Mr Isaac Slater, chairman, presiding. ATier a long discussion, it was decided to send a, communication to the proprietors of the "Daily Telegraph" and the "Daily Mail,' deeply regretting the publication of their papers on the Sabbath Day.-The Rev Ro- bert Roberts called attention to the, Sunday steamers to be run regularly through the season between Liverpool, Llandudno, and the Menai Straits. He considered it the duty of the Council to try and put a stop to this Sunday traffic.-The Rev David Davies said scores of young men went with the Sun- day steamers for the sake of getting intoxi- cating drink.—Mr I. Slater said that it was contended that people who had been em- ployed indoors throughout the week were glad of an opportunity to have a little fresh air on Sunday, and they took a sea trip for the sake of their health.—The Rev C. T. Astley stated that they could not stop the drinking unless they stopped the steamers from running.—Mr I. Slater said that even if passengers were not supplied with dn*1^ on board the steamers they could' get drink at Llandudno. He had seen as many as eight brakes and seven landaus standing be- fore a hotel at Llandudno on a Sunday, and all the passengers in these supplied with drink. Sabbath desecration was undoubted- ly increasing in the town.—The Rev J. Ir- von Davies said let the steamers run, but do not let them be floating giij palaces.—The Rev R. Peris Williams suggested that they shculd ascertain from Mr J. Herbert Ro- berts, M.P., whether the Welsh Sunday Closing Act applied to refreshment rooms on board steamers plying along the Welsh coast as well as to public houses' on land.—The secretary was instructed to obtain further particulars, and to write to Mr J. Herbert Roberts, M.P.—The Rev R. Peris Williams, who is leaving Llandudno, resigned his post as secretary of the Council.—A vote of thanks to him was passed, and Mr J. Evans Thomas, solicitor, was elected secretary.

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