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,-:7----JI Sunday Traffic…

Menai Bridge Conni; Court.

Failure of a Minister.

The, Penmaenbach Disaster.


A Local Will Case.

Lleyn Rural Council.



THE FAIRIES ARE BAKING 1.1" mi ■ 11»iii'iwrwrim— —m—immni m—H—ww The Scots have a pretty saying that when the snn shines through falling rain it is a sign that the "FAIRIES ABE BAKING* The eyes of many a domestic fairy rain tears over her Tc baking when in spite of all her efforts, she finds that she can only give her husband a stone t for bread, or when the dainty scones for the children's tea turn out heavy and sodden. But But the anubeams of success will soon shine through her tears if she uses the new Paisley Flour made by Brown & Poison of Corn Flour fame. With this, not only bread, but scones, fj griddle cakes, buns, and tea-cakes, can be made with complete success. No other raising or leavening agent is required. With Brown and Poison's Paisley Flour, home-made bread can be produced, which is better both in flavour and in appearance than most bread that can be bought; it has also the advantage of being easily digested, even when new. Pastry pre- pared with Paisley Flour can be eaten without fear of unpleasant consequences. Messrs Brown and Poison's Paisley Flour should therefore find a place in every household. BROWN & POLSON'S PAISLEY FLOU± £ Makes Home Baking a Pleasure -6 ==- DO YOU NEED s A TONICP If you are quickly tired, lack energy, feel weak in the back; do not care for your food can- not relish your work; if you are nervous and have headaches, it is a Tonic you need. Dr. Williams* Pink Pills for Pale People are the best tonic in the world. They make people [ STRONG. ■■I "i^ i ^m„ lone | Tone is the coixdihoa oFirhe body rfKetx all is iixgood order, the blood r'cl\,tKe r\erv I eS Firm ai\d steady, the spine and back strong, stiff, aj\d vigorous the skirx cle&r &i\d whole- § some-looking, the or Worw&rv well sa &rvd h&ppy. j| People Who l&ck tone and fly to medi /§ -cine are often n\ade Worse Purgatives xteaken the bod_y and derange the di^estiorv /I so do tonics,so called, and the^y irritate the (§! nen/es too. That is because thkey are used haphazard, /J ignorantlj, without A COLLEGE TEACHER. /I proper oreoaratiorv ,^e -^at Man- ward, one of the «\ mistresses at St. John's College Brixton, told to 1 (ID? WILLIAMS PINK PILLS J FOR PALE PEOPLE ri^htjy used is. uscLcL according r| to the careful directions "that come llj With them) arc l\ THE ONE TRUE TONIC. II the one safe tonic,the one tonic that [i d,o) harm, that can only do m good .Thirteen tkousand recorded L I Ii õnd authenticated cases prove. it. /| BUT TAKE CARE TO GET THESE PILLS, )I M WILLIAMS" I a 1T^INK A I llillLLS' M 1 wt Don't try "something else, just as ] c^ood. "Something else isn't just as good except for the man ho tries \{ tosell it toyou, l I\ order to make a I/A bigger profit for himself. m Dr Williams Pink Pilb for PalePeopleare -wl-vat -Ypj \-iaf\t, Ihem the Smith. Lor-don Press was of interest. She had been the subject of that most distrcssicg com- plaint Anaemia. For some years," Miss "Ward explained, I tail a feeling of great weakness, which together with the pallor of my face, denoted that my health was not what it should be. It was, however, only during the pist year or two tll: t I felt invself sinking. With the greatest difiimity I kept at my scholastic duties and Illy misery was aggravated by frequent remarks 0:1 the "pallor of my face and general appearance of 1),id health. Ordinary doctors' medicine, seeniwl to do no gnOrl. I seemed to be growing worse and worse, uid 1 felt as though I must giv up. At thr- conclusion of a ïew days' work I was quite prostrated. A few months since iuv father brought mi- Dr. Williams' Pink fur Ftiie People. I confesswil'h grati- tude that bid )ic [ finished the pdls iathatboxIMt much bettos. My appetite improved surp risingly; those 'heat fluhes J which so often distre->xd me were moie the exception i.har; tha ITU •, and I beg;m Trallv to ffel i!iv- selt euuai to u-y duties. As I coii- tinued with this le medicine, so I improved, and my health, which at one time seemed to threaten my professional I prosj-ects, is now such as to open out a bright future." \| Miss Ward's home is at Holmleigh," 3, St. I Brannock's Park, Ilfracombe. j j Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have cured paralysis, ij locomotor ataxy, rheumatism, and sciatica, ill impoverishment of the blood, consumption of V the bowels and lungs, ansmia, weakness, neuralgia, all fcrms of female weakness and J hysteria. These Pills are genuine only with the J full name, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale A People, and are sold by chemists, and by Dr. f | Williams' Medicine Company, 46, Holborn {1 Viaduct, London, E.G., at 2s. 9d. a box, or six V box.es for 13s. 9d. ) '==- '=r-===- BORWiCKsi I ,'s BAKINGS POWDER?-