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,-:7----JI Sunday Traffic…

Menai Bridge Conni; Court.

Failure of a Minister.

The, Penmaenbach Disaster.


A Local Will Case.


A Local Will Case. On Tuesday, the Court of Appeal, con- sisting of Lord Justices A. L. Smith, Vaughan Williams, and Romer, had before them the application of the defendants for judgment or a new trial of the action tried before Mr Justice Darling and a special jury at Carnarvon, when judgment was entered for the plaintiffs. r Jelf, Q.C., Mr A. E. Hughes, and Mr R. H. Montgomery appeared for the appel- lants; while the respondents were repre- sented by Mr Bryn Roberts and Mr C. Griwths. The action, it appeared from counsel's statement, was brought to recover two several sums of £ 200 and C300 which the plaintiffs, administrators of Mrs Ellen Abra- ham, deceased, alleged belonged to. the estate of that lady, and were outained by the two defendants fraudulently and con- verted to their own use. The whole action was based upon fraud upon the part of the two defendants, Mrs Grace Griffiths and her husband, Mr Richard Griffiths. Accord- ing to the plaintiff's story -e money claimed formed part of the proceeds of the sale of an estate in Anglesey for £ 720, which was the estate of a deceased man named David Jones. Mrs Abraham was his sister. The evidence, counsel proceeded, was to the effect that at completion of the sale on the 2nd June 1882, Mre Abraham -and her hus- I band were present, but there was no evi- dence that either of the defendants was pre- I sent. The undeniable facts were that on the 5th June, 1888, two sums of money were I deposited at the Old Bank at Carnarvon— sometimes called Williams' Bank—being zC200 and JE300 each. Lord Justice Smith.—By whom ? Mr Hughes.—That is just the point. The learned counsel went on to say, according to the evidence £1l/v was deposited in the name of Ellen Abraham, but she did not appear to have signed any document at all. With regard to the t300, tne documents showed that the sum was placed in the bank in the name of Mrs Grace Griffiths. The two re- ceipts showed that both sums were deposited at the same time. On the 21st June, 1882, Mrs Abraham died. It was alleged thsf; after her death the defendants by some means fraudulently became possessed of and converted to their own use the two sums claimed in this case. At the trial the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiffs for £500, hence this appeal of the defendants. The arguments of counsel had not con- cluded when the court rose, and the further hearing was adjourned sine die.

Lleyn Rural Council.