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,-:7----JI Sunday Traffic…

Menai Bridge Conni; Court.

Failure of a Minister.

The, Penmaenbach Disaster.



Lord Rosebery and the Late Mr T. E. Ellis. Speaking at the house dinner of the City of London Liberal Club on Friday, Lord R<osebery, in proposing "The Health and Prosperity of the City Liberal Club," said he was thinking of the tune when he first came to the City Liberal Club. It was in company with two members, now both gone, but who were pillars of the club. One was Mr Rogers, of Bishopsgate, and Lord Her- schell was the other. There was another loss, one who was not comparable with Lord Herschell as a public servant, for he had not the time and not the opportunity. But ooming so soon after the loss of Lord Her- schell it struck h'im with profound melan- choly when he read, while in the Mediter- ranean, of the loss of the services and more than the services of Thomas Ellis (hear, hear). There was something in the lofty' purity of that spirit which impressed every- body with whom he came in contact, and it was not only so with the party with which he was connected it was so with' every class, every section of the community with which he came into contact that that feel- ing prevailed (hear, hear). They would ex- cuse him even on a convivial occasion of that kind, dwelling for a moment on the melan- choly associations connected with the p:. t. It was not an entirely evil thing to bear in mind even on the most festive occasions, be- cause however high our standard might be of life it was always well to have it associated with those who had gone before them, and who were removed from them (hear, hei r).

A Local Will Case.

Lleyn Rural Council.