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Menai Bridge Conni; Court.

Failure of a Minister.


Failure of a Minister. I At the Shrewsbury County Court, on Mon- day, before Judge Harris Lee, Mr J. Walton I made an application for the discharge in bankruptcy of the. Rev. John Griffiths, Calvinistic Methodist minister, of Shrews- bury, but formerly of Arddleen, Montgom- eryshire. Mr Walton said that the debtor's debts were £173, and his assets £813, he being adjudicated a bankrupt last February. He was at present without a. church, antj: it seemed that according to the rules of the denomination unless the debtor got, his dis- charge he would not be employed by them. The debtor had paid 5s in the pound, and his Honour had power, if the debtor consen- ted to a judgment being made against him for the payment of another 5s in the pound, ( to grant the discharge. Debtor said he had no present income, but if he got his dis- charge he would be able to get a situation. Air F. Cariss (assistant official receiver) said le had no objection to offer to the applica- tion if certain instalments were fixed by which the order might be carried out. The debts were due for money lent by friends. Mr Walton said the debtor thought he could pay £25 in the course of the year. The Judge said there would be judgment for £ 50 against the debtor, and he could be com- pelled'to pay tnat amount by instalments. His discharge would be granted forthwith.

The, Penmaenbach Disaster.


A Local Will Case.

Lleyn Rural Council.