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NATURE'S SWEET RESTORER. Who can describe the terrible condition of the man whose sleep is broken and irre- gular, or worse still, who cannot sleep at all? How all the bodily powers fai! How all pleasure in life has vanished! How life becomes a burden! Terrible indeed is the condition of the man who cannot sleep! He would give all he possessed to be able once more to enjoy that "Balmv sleep! nature's sweet restorer!" And he can get it. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. The Vege- table Tonic, has been tried and: proved to be the best tonic ever discovered! It strengthens the' digestion, purifies the blood, braces the nerves, and gives tone to the whole system. Read the following testimo nial:-Pyle, Glanmorganshire. Dear Sir.—When I re- turned home a short, time ago, after several weeks' hard work, I felt utterly exhausted and in need of a good tonic. I was recom- mended to try GWILYM EVANS' BIT- TERS. I did so, and am astonished at the result, for I find it invigorates the system, lTld enlivens the spirits-in fact, it is making a new man of me. I am, Sir, truly vours, GURNOS JONES. If your occupation is an unhealthy one, if you are exposed to the weather, or work long hours in close rooms; if your constitu- tion is weakened, or your health under- mined: or if you are in any way not "up to the mark," use Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. It never fails, to strengthen the weakened system, to b. ace the nerves and fortify the constitution. Sold in 9" d and 4" 6d bottles. See the name "GWTLYM EVANS" on Stamp, Label. and Bottle, as there are numerous imitations. PROPRIETORS: QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY. LIMITED. LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. | THEY LOOK SMART AND YIELD FAITHFUL SERVICE. '1 i, ::lolmJeJi guiNEA jlgl I jj| I Promptly sent by Parcel Post, szfe'y 7 jSgS pr:Ued, IHiect from The Largest Firm R B BE of Custvmiers F- Ird Alantmmea ill the «8 Z H/GrJd. H CO ATliJtC smooth-RurfacedJmeUpu^i^w/igl^ ■ rj^V 5-Mns*Cwhle)Bfor8 *i,sher C-ot1' >'ds* y*7 B C0L0U8S of all Ci.ttumts are Black.Navy.Prown, 2 '-IM I" 6 |j | j! Well-ma(:JRIii}.B3.'a'1<1Ie And MDDEL 1 'ÍO. A n,, med black 1 0'6 N.tiY liraiil et .i tly li >, i s Full M b and embroidered ^in contrasting wid«'He'lor 10. 8 ;(; Com- .had,. C.'s- ringe, Gù. The tnirl alone for jij.. Car!, 1,(; !jl1.. Th kirt 2 on ■ !.C: THE JIJHtl HOElLE fu> Vii." I arri.Ml. 7 fc. 1014* cuj** *9 |9 Consists of a smart Frock with EfcOGKAEBiiT WfiW JjftCSOfl 7 Kilted skirt cttsiehod to Bodice of FROCKS Dreso Fabrics. B Z with silt buttons The twogarmenu ThorouyhW^" i -VB '{*r incl-.d.i.K » 9 H toptliervlins form a .yk-mlu outfit iSde "fth sad 1U fine varW if those •• crpe. f..r £ X while the t rock it!<me can be nsed Ion full «-h:ch the-'housr-of John Noble «S 9 J4cl-c;'lt00 woiMdXoWell with i1!b AfiSS: sleeves.and pocket! *s famous, l l.NT to select from, 7 £ fnv othe. f^clc. In B ack and W • Length, ft /.rices: «e." Crmge i„'d. If 7 So-Tta'e ML*- W £ M a/- £ >'(>p}>;ING OEUKRS £ fa 7/n 8/110/11 fi/- l-'i) 1-1/9 ea. Sl^ra v- e"" 2 £ "ivindlv name this newspaper *sjs(s6SP^i, Hankers: 1,OND<>N CITY H ft when writing to— v I MIM.AXI) BASIC, 1 ID. 7 fJOil I0BLE, LTD., —K. MANCHESTER. 2 5 O. AWARDED9r\ jjtm The proprietors of MELLIN'5 FOOD are offering tli° very substantial prizes Ctyj* $ £ & enumerated below to the persons obtaining by July ist, 1S99, the greatest number of names and addresses of parents whose children are being fed or have j|| been reared 011 MELLIN'S FOOD. The lists must be clearly written o t 0:1 ipy foolscap paper, on one sidt only and 12 names to a pag~, and must be duly signed by the Vicar of youi Parish, or other Minister, or a Justice of the Peace, gP STilRST PRSZE or^grei^rum^ Second Prize £ 50 Third Prize £ 25 Fourth Prize £ 20 0? m? Fifty „ IS Sixth „ 10 Seventh 5 and 25 other Prizes, of £1 each. rr Maw to be sent not ',ater th -n Ta(Ÿ ist. 189Q, to "AWÐrcl" Dt., ELUN' FOOD WORKS, PECKHAM,S^ _0- T.7 Z .1 A R X 0 ""EST B I CYC STANDARDS TEN GUINEAS. M. c. SPECIALS FIFTEEN GUINEAS. Head QflRco:—COVEPOTRY. I Liverpool Depot: 101, Bold street I'rice List Free on Application. | _aj_JAa;ente: Connah and Parry. Every Mian's Own Lawyer. A HANDY BOOK OF TKE PRINCIPLES OF LaW AND E-QrTTY. BY A BARRISTER. Editic-a (1899). Carefully Brought up to Date, with a Concise Dictionary of Legal Terms. This New and Revised Edition comprises new Acts of Parliament of 1898, including the Benefices Act, 1898; new Marriage (Nonconformists) Act, 1898; Inebriates Act, 1898; Criminal Evidence Act, 1898; Vac- cination Act, 1898; Vagrancy Act, 1898 besides the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1S97; Infant Life Protection Act, 1897; Dangerous Performances of Children Act, 18£07; Land Transfer Act, 1897, as well as many other Acts of recent years. Also full particulars how to Sell or Mortgage Land through the Land Registry without pro- fessional assistance, and of the new Regula- tions for the Compulsory Registration of Sales and Leases of Land situate within the County of London. COMPRISING Rights and Wrongs of Individuals—Com- mercial Law-Law as to Goods Stolen or Lost—Criminal Law—Parish Law-County Court Law—Game and Fishery Laws-Poor Men's Lawsuits—Bets and Wagers—Bills, Cheques, Note s-Agree-.p ent s-Copyright- Paten es—Trade Marks—Insurance—Libel and Slander—Divorce—Mortgages Stock, F-xchange Practice—Trespass—Nuisances— Transfer of Land-Wills, etc. etc. EXPLAINING THE LAW FOR Landlord and Tenant—Master and Servant —Workmen and Apprentices-Heirs Le- gatees-Husband and Wife—Executors and Trustees—Guardian and W,rci-Marred Women—Infants—Partners and Agents- Lender and Borrower—Debtor and Creditor — Purchasers and Vendors—Companies— Friendly Societies Churchwardens Clergymen—Doctors—Bankers—Farmers Contractors—Sportsmen—Farriers Horse Dealers Auctiollers House Agents — Hotel-Keepers Pawnbrokers—Surveyors Railways—Carriers—Constables, etc., etc. CROSBY LOCKWOOD &-SON, STATIONERS' HALL COURT, LONDON. And Sold by all Booksellers. LIVERPOOL. SHAFTESBURY HOTEL, M iint Pleasant, 100 rooms, near Central and Lime Street Stations. No intoxicants sold. Moderate charges. Elec- trict Light. A first class Temperance, Fa- mily and Commerc,"il Hotel. ) —$ \i .f ¡ 1" ,r I CUSTARD POWDER ¡ f W -JíÍ. makes a perfect high class Ii Custard at a minimum of cost j I and trouble. Invaluable also for a variety of Sweet Dishes, recipes for which accompany 'II each packet. j NO EGGS 3 MO 2 I NO TRO I# r COLD MEDAL, HEALTH EXHIBITION, IONDON. Retained when all p^other Foods are re- <. valuable. FOOD FOR M. RdkM, INFANTS, INVALIDS, THE ACED. Peer's Food is sold in TINS by V' Ineimsts, &c., everywhere. Bull FOUNDED 1710. w INSURANCE OFFICE, SUM INSURED IN 1897 EXCEEDS £ 425,000,000. çr all particulars apply to the folio ving Agents: BALA.Mr R. L. Jones. BANGOR Mr J. Smith and Mr R. Hall. BEAUMARIS .Mr Fred. Geary. CARNARVON .Mr W. H. Owen. CONWAY .Mr Charles Drover, Deganwy and Llan- dudno. DOLGELLEY Mr Thomas P. Jones Parry. HOLYHKAD .Mr Owen Hushes. LLANDUDNO .Mr Edgar W. Riches. LLANGEFNI Mr William Thomas. PORTMADOC.Mr J. Tobias, Solicitor. RHOS-ON-SEA .Mr P'. X. Kent.

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