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A T ANGLESEY COUNTY CG-UNCIL. The ordinary quarterly meeting of the Anglesey County Council was held on Thursday last, Mr David' Rees oesiding. TECHNICAL EDUCATION. The Technical Instruction Committee re- commended that a grant of P,10 be made to the Llanfaethlu Art Class, and that a similar grant be made to the --anbadria Cocking anu Laundry Classes.—Dr E. J. Edwards, J.P., moved the adoption of the report.—Mr Thomas Evans asked whether any money was received for these classes except from the rates, to which question the Clerk re- plied in the negative. Mr Evans then mcved the rejection of the report.—Dr J. Roberts said that the Council had to pay amounts from the rates without demur to, wlibrds many objects, and it would be very strange if they refused to pay a sum towards education, and especially towards cooking instruction.—Mr Hugh Thomas said that he was- glad that the question had been raised. Many were under the impression that the money came from the Government, but now they were paying from jE50 to JE60 more than they received from the Government. Per- haps they might be able to reduce their con- tribution towards the Bangor College.— Major Owen Thomas said that a class had been started at Cemaes, and much good would result from it. The visitors to this summer resort used to complain that tkoy could not get their lood properly cooked, and it, was cf the utmost importance that people should learn to cook properly.—Mr W. D. Jones referred to the good work L..at had been done by the art classes at Holy- head, where they had now formed continua- tion evening classes. He was glad to sup- port the report.. Mr Thomas Williams, Llanerchymedd, supported the amendment as he beliered it to be a fact that these classes spent only the money received from the County Council, while they may receive grants from South Kensington and the Science and Art Departments.—After some further discussion the report was adopted by a majority. ALLOTMENTS. The Allotments Committee reported that they had held a public inquiry at the parish o. Aberffraw into the application of e Parish Council for compulsory powers to hire land for allotments; and having heard the evidence tendered on behalf of the Parish Council and the evidence tendered on behalf of Sir George Meyrick, Bart., the owner, and of the tenants, they did not think that the circumstances were such as to justify them in advising the Council at pro- sent to make an order authorising the Parish Council to hire land compulsorily for allot- ments.—Mr O. H. Foulkes, in moving the adoption of the report, sa- that Sir George Meyrick had done more than any other land- lord in the county to meet the demand for allotment. He ha.d already let by agree- ment the following: Allotment. gardens, 11 acres to 43 tenants: small holdings, 46 acres to 7 tenants; cow plots, ot aeres to 11 ten- ants Parish Council, 64 acres to 13 tenants. Out of the 138 householders in the parish of Aberffraw, 35 were in receipt cf parish relief, 31 held farms, and 33 held garden allot- ments.. In addition to these, they had un- -o=+ricted rights to turn their cattle upon the common, comprising 559 acres, so that the village of h erffraw was very well off in the matter for land for allotment.—Mr J. Hughes, Amiwch, seconded the motion, and the report was, adopted after a short dis- c,assiola. I INEBRIATES. Mr Lewis Hughes, had given notice of motion, "That this County Council join with the Carnarvonshire County Council to ap- proach the Secretary of State with a view to establish an Inebriates' Reformatory for the use and benefit of the counties of Anglesey and Carnarvon." He said that he was, hardly prepared to move the resolution he had given notice of. He thought that per- haps a small committee of the six counties of North Wales might consider the question. -Mr Hugh Thomas seconded; the motion.— Mr J. Moreton Pritchard moved an amend- ment that the matter be postponed until some future occasion. He submitted that if the six counties joined, Anglesey would have no control whatever in the matter, and the number of inebriates was so small that they might well wait to gain more experience.—Dr R. P. Williams seconded the amendment. Subsequently both the motion an dthe amendment were withdrawn in favour of appointing a committee to consider the question in Anglesey, and the -ollowing were appointed on the committee —Messrs H. Clegg, W. D. Jones, Lewis Hughes, Thomas Williams, R. L. Edwards, Hugh Thomas, and Dr J. Roberts. Mr Lewis Hughes moved—That we hail with satisfaction the Government's Bill for controlling the contracts of money lenders, and we pray that the banking houses of the country should be covered within the scope of this Bill." He said there were very many banking houses which tried to deal honestly and fair, but there was also an- other class of houses that, charged infamous interest upon lotans advanced to their cus- tomers, and thŒiØ WEre well-known. He thought that these should come within the scope of the measure. Dr E. P. Edwards, J.P., -seconded the motion. Mr John Hughes moved, md Mr J. Moreton Pri- cliard, J.P., seconded, an amendment that the reference to the banking house be omitted from the resolution.—The amend- ment was carried.


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