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CARNARVON HARBOUR TRUST. THE REMOVAL OF OLD HULKS. A meeting of the Trust was held on Tues- day, under the presidency cf Mr J. Me-nzies (chairman). There were also present Messrs H. Clegg (vice-chairman), E. H. Owen, C. A. Jones, T. Owen, T. M. Lloyd, W. Horner, J. E. Greaves, Trevor Hughes, J. H. Bodvel j Roberts, C. Wat kin Roberts, H. Richard's, W. Lloyd Griffith, D. P. Williams, 0. Ro- berts, Job Bowen, Hugh Jones, Wynn Wil- liams, E. Hughes, and Colonel Rees; and Messrs W. Bowen Jones (surveyor), and H. Owen (collector). FINANCE S REPORT. The Finance Committee, in their report, stated that with reference to the ownership of land adjoining the foreshore from Afcer- menai to Llanddwyn, the surveyor an- nounced that he was making inquiries, but was not yet in .1. position to make a final report. Ordered that a cheque for 20 guin- eas be drawn cut in favour of Mr Charles A. Jones for payment of counsel's fees in con- nection with the case fcr reference to the law officers of the Crown, and other matters. The balance at the bank at the end of April was £ 2784, (;f which £ 1000 had been signed by the chairman for the payment, of the first instalment of mortgage to the Hon. F. Wynn. The ree-ipts during the month of April were as follows:—Imports, £ 71; ex- perts, £ 75; tonnage, £ 48; passing tolls, £5; yard1- office-, etc., £ 109—total, L310 as compared with L-477 during the same pericd of last year. The quantity of slates shipped during March w, 8065 tens, as compared with 8275 tons during the corresponding 1 11 month of last year, a decrease of 207 tons. During the three months ending March, the total quantity exported was 19,047 tons, as compared with :.(,087 during the same per- iod last year, shewing a decrease of 1040.— J. t'e committee's report was adopted. THE WORKS COMMITTEE. The Works Committee reported having re- ceived a letter from Mr Griffith Thomas, ap- plving for a buoy in the river Voryd to mark the discharging berth. It was recommended that the buoy be placed in position on the terms cf Mr Thomas's letter. The committee having considered the scheme of Mr Hugh Jones for a concrete wall at Abermenai, it was referred to the surveyor to report to the next meeting on the cost of an experi- mental length c-f 50 yards. THE RAILWAY COMPANY AND THE o- THE RAILWAY COMPANY AND THE TURNTABLES. The Surveyor reported having written a letter to Mr W. Dawson, of Bangor, engineer of the London and North-Western Railway Company, drawing attention to the damage done to the slate quay wall by the turn- hbleq. In each instance the tables had fcreed cut the wall which require rebuilding to a certain depth. Mr Dawson replied that the matter had been looked into, and he found that the wall was in a more or less dilapidated condition apart from the turn- tables, and that they required rebuilding from one end to the other. He claimed that the railway company were not responsible. The Chairman: What do you say about this ? Mr J. H. Bcdvel Roberts: It is turning the tables with a vengeance (laughter). The Surveyor, replying to Mr C. A. Jones, said that one part of the wall was in a dangerous condition, and requirod to be at- tended to at once. Colonel Roe^: We might ask the railway company to contribute a portion of the cost cf repairing the walls opposite the turn- tables. Mr Hugh Jones maintained that the walls had been built in the best manner pos- sible. The Surveyor sad that there had been a great deal of neglect on the part of the com- pany's servants in using the turntables, and he had himself on several occasion called attention to this. Mr Clegg: The walls are our property, and we keep them in repair. Mr J. E. Greaves asked if the walls were in a dilapidated condition all along as stated in the letter? The Surveyor replied that the walls, ex- cept the portions opposite the turntables, would stand a hundred years. The Chairman: My opinion is that the turn tobies. are not used properly. Mr Bodvel Roberts: There is not a legal remedy against the company. Further discussion followed, and it was resolved, on the motion of Mr D. P. Wil- liams, that a letter be writter to Mr Dawson inviting him to meet the Chairman and the Surveyor at Carnarvon to discuss the matter. COEDHELEN SHORE. The Surveyor reported as follows In compliance with your order. at the last meet- ing, I beg to report that L have made an in- spection of the Coedheleu shore in the inner harbour, and found thrt the following old hulks and tackle were lying thereon -"Aur- ora." Henry Hughes, owner; "Napoleon," Griffith Thomas, owner; "Sarah Jane, Ro- bert Evans, owner; steam launch, Evan Williams, owner. There was also a quantity of spars and other material belonging to Pritchard Bros, anci Robert Evans and others. The three vessels may all be classed as hulks, although the "Aurora," Ivim: along- side the gridiron tenanted by Mr H. Hughes from the Trust, is stated to be there for re- pairs, and I understand that this work is about to be taken in hand at once. I fear that unless immediate steps are taken there will later on be a difficulty in floating some of the vessels, and the expense of breaking up en the other side of the harbour would hardly pay the cost. If it is the opinion of the Trust that this part of the harbour should be cleared. I submit that a. month's notice be given to the owners to that effect, and fail- ing compliance therewith that orders be given to the harbour master to remove all hulks, launches, boats, or any other old tackle and material which might tend to dis- figure the appearance of the shore. Mr Bodvel Roberts wished to know where it was intended to remove the hulks ? The Surveyor: That is for the trustees to decide. Mr Bcdvel Roberts: I have said all along that these old hulks disfigure the shore. Do the owners pay anything ? The Surveyor: They pay so much a year on the register tonnage. It was resolved that one month's notice be given to the owners to remove the vessels, &c A COMPLAINT. The Surveyor explained that a piece of land near the gasworks leased by Messrs De Winton and Co. from the Trust, was at pre- sent used for the depositing of rubbish, and complaints had been made that children went on the land and threw the stnff into the river. He wrote to Messrs De Winton and Co. calling their attention to the matter. and they had replied that they would meet the wishes of the trustees by preventing the continuance of the practice complained of.



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