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BAZAAR AT BANPOR. At the Penrhyn Hall, on Tuesday, the Mayor (Alderman J. E. Roberts) opened a three days' bazaar, held in connection with the Wesleyan churches of the city. The hall was beautifully decorated for the oc- casion with flags, bannerettes, &c., and the splendid manner in which the various stalls were set up reflected great credit on the ladies in charge. Shortly aft-er two o'clock, the chairman of the Executive Committee, the Rev Aneurin Lloyd Hughes, ascended the platform, and be was supported by the Revs John Kelly, W. Saunders, Frank Ed- wards, R. C. Cowell, Alderman J. E. Ro- berts (Mayor), Messrs J. Williams, Lodwig Villa; R. Roberts, Garth; Hugh Jones, J. Boothroyd, and Howard Lewis (general treasurer). At the outset, the Chairman of the Exe- cutive Committee said that he was pleased to find so many present that day at the opening of the bazaar, the object of which was to raise funds to build a, new chapel at Gla,n-id,cla, and to clear a debt remaining on the English church'. He had great plea- sure in calling upon the Maycr to open the bazaar. The Mayor, in the course of a few re- marks, said that that was the second oc- casion on which he appeared at the opening of a bazaar in connection with the Wes- leyan cause in Bangor. He had that after- noon inspected the stalls, and, as an old draper, was pleesed to be able to compli- ment the ladies on the variety of the ar- ticles as well as the way in which they had been displayed on the stalls. As to that method of collecting money for religious purposes, and as to what John Calvin and John Wesley would have said to them he was not prepared to give an opinion, but he was certain that everybody connected with that bazaar had as their chief object the furtherance of the work of God in the city. The new chapel at Glanadda when erected would be the fifth belonging to the Wes- leyalu denomination' -in Bangor, h. fact which went to show how the mission work was extending. He hoped that the new chapel would be a power for good in the neighbourhood in which it was to be built. Before concluding he could not keep from making a reference to the Million Guineas Fund. At first he considered it a very bold attempt, and that it would be impos- sible to secure the sum, but he was pleased to find that it was almost an accomplished fact (cheers). A sum of C750,000 had al- ready been promised, and out of that North AY ales had subscribed £ 25,000. and Bangor alone over ESOO (cheers). He then de- clared the bazaar open, and wished it every success. The Rev R. C. Cowell, Carnarvon, pro- posed a vote of thanks to the Mayor, and hoped that people would not hesitate to dig deep into their pockets in order to make the bazaar a success. Mr Howard Lewis seconded, and the vote was carried unanimously. Afterwards a series or musical drills were gone through by a number of little girls beautifully dressed in white, with pink and green sashes. They acquitted themselves in a highly creditable manner under the direction of the Rev Frank Edwards. The stall holders and workers were:- Horeb and Hirael Stalls: Mrs Lewis, Gartherwen (president), Miss Lewis, Garth- erwen (treasurer), Miss E. E. Jones, Castle Bank (secretary), Mrs Bartley, 10, Friar's road Mrs Coburn, Garth Hill; Mrs J. Ed- wards, Fountain street; Mrs Evans, 13, Friar's road; Mrs D. R. Ellis, Dean street; Mrs Hughes, New Ebenezer Place; Mrs Samuel Hughes, 45, High street; Mrs Hughes, Isgoed, West End; Mrs Hughes, Thomas' Buildings; Mrs Irving, Garth road Mrs Jones, Bryn Meirion Mrs A. Jones, Warwick House; Mrs Whitfield Jones, Caellepa Mrs Jones, 13, Frondeg street; Mrs T. J. Jones, 8, Friar's road; Mrs Jones, Glan'rafon; Mrs Ferguson Jones, Upper Bangor Mrs Jerris JODeSt 10, Strand street; Mrs Jones, 15, Fron square; Mrs Jones, 6, Union street; Mrs C. Jones, Edmund street; Mrs M. Jones, 22, Edmund street; Mrs M. Jones, Water street; Mrs Pughe Jones, 32, Ambrose street; Mrs Jones, Club street; Mrs W. Jones, "Nelson"; Mrs H. Jones, James street; Mrs Kelly, Frondeg; Mrs Howard Lewis, Garth road: Mrs Morris, 59, Dean street; Mrs Thomas Owen, Ambrose street; Mrs Owen, 14, Fair View; Mrs Owen, 24, Fair View; Mrs Phillips, Upper Bangor: Mrs Prichard, Stanley House; Mrs Pri- chard, Fron Eirian; Mrs Prichard, Elm House, West End; Mrs Roberts, Leices- ter House; Mrs P. G. Roberts, 3, Osborne terrace; Mrs Roberts, 7, Friar's road; Mrs Roberts, Union street; Mrs Thomas, Up- per Garth road; Mrs D. F. Williams, Garth; Mrs Williams, 36, Caellepa; Mrs Eyton Williams, Caellepa; Mrs Joshua Williams, Ambrose street: Miss Dunni- cliffe, 37, Mount street; Miss Ellis, Fron- deg terrace; Miss Jones, 11, Drum street; Misses Jones, James street Miss Jones, 253, High street; Miss Jones, Brynycoed; Miss L. L. Jones, Castle Bank; Miss Rosie Jones, Garth; Miss C. Jones, Fair View road Miss Jones, 19, Mount square; Miss M. Jones, London House Miss E. J. Jones, Ambrose street; Misses Lewis, James street; Miss Morris, Bradford House; Miss Prichard, Hill street; Miss Roberts, Albert street; Miss Roberts, 1, Prince's terrace Misses Roberts, Ambrose street; Miss Sarah Roberts, 34, Mount street; Miss Thomas, "Beel Hive." St. Paul's and G.iiia-dd,-q Mrs Row- lands, Gwynfryn (president); Miss Wil- liams, Lodwig Villa (treasurer); Mrs LI. Jones, Penrallt Villas (secretary); Mrs Henry Davies, Upper Banger Mrs D. P. Edmunds, Holyhead road; Mrs Edwards, Bryn Difyr terrace; Mrs Hughes, Isfryn; Mrs A. Lloyd Hughes. St. Paul's Manse; Mrs Hughes, Normal Villa; Mrs W. R. Jones, West End; Mrs Taylor Jones, Snow- don View; Mrs Jones, Oxford House; Mrs R. Jones, 41, Park Hill; Mrs Larner, Car- narvon road; Mrs Mummerv, Tanyfron terrace; Mrs W. R. Owen, Queen's Build- ings Mrs Edward Parry, Rose Cottage Mrs J. Parry, 6, Plasllwyd terrace; Mrs Rowlands, 2, Eldon terrrce Mrs Captain Thomas, High street; Mrs Richard Tho- mas, Albert street; Mrs J. Williams, Snow- don View; Mrs H. Williams, Hendrewen road: Mrs R. C. Williams, Gladstone ter- race; Mrs 0. Williams, Albert street; Miss Jones, Bryn Ivor Miss Jones, City Ho- tel; Miss Annie Owen, Park Hill; Miss Mary Owen, Holyhead road; Miss Lizzie Roberts, St. Paul's terrace; Miss Wil- liams, Museum; Miss Williams, Bryn Seir- iol. English Chapel: Mrs Hall, Garth (president)), Mrs Hardley, Wylfa (treasur- er) Mrs Evans. Llwyn Adda (secretary); Mrs Anderson, Park Hill; Mrs Bocrthrcyd, High street: Mrs Coles, College road; Mrs Cromar, West End; Mrs Gill, Lea Hurst; Mrs Jones, Holyhead road; Mrs Muir, College road; Mrs Northage, Waterloo street; Mrs Owen, Friar's road; Mrs Port, Menaj Bridge road; Mrs T. Pearce, Snow- don iew Mrs W. Pearce, Snowdon View Mrs Roberts, Garth; Mrs Reade, High street; Mrs Sawyer, West End; Mrs Smith, College road: Mrs Williams, Park Hill Miss Jehu, High street; Miss Jones, West End; Miss Steventon, High street. The flower stall was in charge of Misses J. Rowlands, Gwynfryn; F. Rowlands, Gwynfryn; E. Jones, Bryn Meirion; G. Hartley, Wylfa Dora Hartley, Wylfa A. Lloyd Jones, Penrallt Villas," A. Thomas, Bee Hive; and Ethel Gill, assisted by six of the drill girls. Next to the flower stall was the sweet stall, which was in charge of Miss Gill, as- sisted by six of the drill girls. The bazaar was opened on Wednesday by Mr J. Williams, Lodwig Villa, and there was again a large number of people present The general secretary was Mr J. R. Prit- chard, Fron Eivion.