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SALES BY MESSRS ROBERT AND ROGERS JONES. FRIDAY, May 5th, 1899.—PONTYPANT HOTEL, DOLWYDDELEN, on the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE an other Effects. 377 T UESDAY, May 16th, 1899, CENTRAL A BUILDINGS, TREFRTW, on the whole of the Posting and Team Owner's Business, the property of Mr David Roberts, Quay (who is relinquishing the business), which chiefly comprise 11 strong Cart and Posting Horses and Ponies; 2 Char-a-bancs, to hold 15 and 10 persons respectively; 'Bus with moveable top; Laudau Light Phaeton 5 light-running four-wheel Basket Carriages, all in good order; Dog Cart; Use- ful Lurry; 4 Tumbrel carts; 7 Sets of Sil- ver-mounted and Brass-mounted Single Har- ness 5 Sets of ditto Double Harness; 1 Set of ditto Pony Harness; 1 Pony Tandem Set; Riding Saddles and Bridles; 5 Complete Sets of Cart Gears; 3 complete Sets Leading Gears; together with many other effects. Catalogues are being prepared and can be obtained 5 days prior the Sale on applica- tion to the Auctioneers. Llanrwst, April 26th. MR. J. P. JONES. 1 C! ADWRN, Mai 6ed, yn Blaenycefn, Pen- rhyndeudraeth, yn Gwerthu Dodrefn y Ty. At No. 3, Hanlith terrace, Barmouth, May 8th and 9th, the whole of the House- hold Furniture, to commence each day at One o'clock p.m., to close at 6.18 p.m. DYDD IAU, Mai lleg yn Harlech. vn Gwerthu amryw o bethau i Mr Rees Evans. DYDD MERCHER, Nlai 10, Ynys Dyff- ryn. yn Gwerthu Dodrefn y Ty, a'r gwedd- ill o Ger Hwsmonaeth a Ilawer o bethau eraill. Am bob manylion ymofyner a'r Arwerthwr yn Penlan, Penrhyn. MESSRS E. H. OWEN & SON. 15, NEWBOROUGH STREET, CARNARVON. "IVC'ESSRS E. H. OWEN and SON will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at 1 o'clock on Friday, May 5th, the whole of the Household Furniture. BRYN LEIOD, CAERNARFON. DYDD MAWRTH, MAI 9fed, 1899. "jyr R E. H. OWEN a'i FAB a ddymun- ant hysbysu eu bod eu cyfar- wyddo gan Major Cooper i WLR THU AR AUCTION ar y lie a'r dyddiadl uchod HOLL DDODREFN Y TY, y rhai sydd yn lluosog a gwerthfawr. Am y manylion (ca;-logues) anfoner at yr Arwerthwr. Sale i duechreu am Unarddeg. 18, Bridge street, Caernarfon. 36 SALES BY MESSRS ROBT. & ROGERS JONES. Y/S? EDNESDAY, May 10th, 1899, TAL-Y- CAFN MART Whitsun Sale of 30 PRIME FAT BULLOCKS, HEIFERS and COWS, 21 Calving Cows and Heifers, Store Bullocks and Heifers, 450 FAT WETHERS, EWES, and RAMS, 300 FAT CROSSBRED LAMBS, 80 Well-bred Couples (Ewes and Lambs), 18 FAT PIGS and CALVES. Usual Conditions. Sale at 12 o'clock noon. TUESDAY, May 16th, 1899, CENTRAL BUILDINGS, Trefriw (as per previous ad- vertisement). The MONA • £ I ROLL-TOP DESKS. to The Modern Desk it ^9 r J the "M0NA." ? Every convenience. ""J t Saves time and PTIenergy. Keeps books » SSI rtflrf ilf and papers ready for SB ami-ten n instant reference., -rn ► IHandsome, dust ^9 tight, compact, and ""jj mm —' of immense capacity. b- £ 3 12s. 6d. A Sena for Catalogue of AMD UPWARDS. Office & Library Furniture ^01 LLOYD OWEN & CO., -4 AA IL

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