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A Tribute to Mr Tom Ellis, M. Ð Dr Guinness Rogers, in last week's "In- dependent" pays a glowing tribute to the "unflinching consistency," which has marked the nonconformity of the Liberal AV hip: The news that Mr Thomas Ellis's wedding tour has been turned into a period of suffer ing and anxiety by an attack of pneumonia t, y will be received with universal regret, nofe- only by the large circle of his friends, but by political opponents as well. Mr Ellis is man of whom not only Liberals in general but Free Churchmen in particular, have every reason to be proud. When the diffi- culties under which his work was done dur- ing the late Administration are taken into account, his success must be regarded as very remarkable, and certainly it was due more to his tact and skill than to the flexi- bility of the materials with which he had to deal. But my own personal esteem and admiration for him are called forth still more by the unflinching consistency with which he has adhered to the simplicity and purity of his old Nonconformist faith. We have often seen men who owed everything to thei Nonconformist training, and who in trut were raised to a political position by Non conformist support, forgetting in the hour of their prosperity not only their friends, but the principles of their earlier days. I veil ture to think the time is past when Noncon formists will regard this kind of desertion with the easy indifference which in former times they have been accustomed to show. A man who yields to the seductions of so- ciety and forgets his old Nonconformist as- sociations cannot expect to retain Noncon- formist confidence and Nonconformist sup- port. All the more ought we to honour the man who in a position of grefit political in- fluence is true to his early convictions and professions.