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BANGOR SUNDAY SERVICES. CHT7RCH OF E^GMND The Cathedral (English). The Rev the Canon in .Residence. (Welsh). Revs W. Edwards, J ~r Davies, B.A. St. James s (English) Rev W.Edwards,M-A and Rev D. R. Pugh M A St Mary's (English; Revs T. Edwin Jones' M A „ (Welsh) aDdB.Thom«,B.A St. David's (Welsh) Rev T Lewis Jones. B.A. (English Evening Service).. Rev T. Lewis BAPTIST. English Chapel Penuel Ainen, Glanadda CAI.VIMSTIC MfcTHO! 1ST Princes Road (English) Rev E P Jones, B,A Tabernacle Rev T J Wheldon, B A Twrgwyn Rev R Eames Williams, T> I TT'II Holyhrad Puik HiU Rev H Rawson Uliams, 0 jBettwsycoed Hirael Rev R Joties, Bryn'refail Glanadda Rev J W Jones, Car- -narviou English-ChSpel MrE Ojren, Pen- maenmawr Horeb Revs Phillip Price, R LI Jones St Paul's Mr R Roberts, Mr W R Williams Hirael 2, Rev R L1 Jones: Mr J Williams Glanadda Rev R LI Jones, Mr G Roberts COXGBEOATIONALIST8. Ebcnezer Rev E Jones Hirael Rev T. Griffiths, Bethania ROMAN CATHOLIC. St Mary's Rev Father Ratcliffe Last week there arrived in the Straits a small passenger paddle steamer "Queen of the Tees." It has been purchased by Alder- man Thomas Lewis, J.P., Gartherwen, and it is stated that it will run between Llandud- no and Trefriw, and' a!so between the former place and Carnarvon. PREACHING SERVICES.-The annual preaching services in connection with the Penuel Baptist Chapel were held on Sunday and Monday, the officiating ministers being the Revs P. Williams (Pedr Hir), Bootle; and J. Davies, Birkenhead. The services were well attended. ALLEGED MALICIOUS WOUNDING.— At a special police court on Monday, Ann I Williams, Panton street, was brought up on remand charged with unlawfully and mali- ciously wounding and inflicting bodily harm upon John M'Laughlin, with whom she co- habited.—Inspector Rowlands prosecuted on behalf of the police.—Evidence was given to the effect that the accused struck M'Laughlin in the eye with a pair of tongs, inflicting such injuries that, upon medical examination, it was found necessary to re- move the eye. The accused was committed for trial to the Quarter Sessions. CONCERT.—At the Tabernacle C.M. Chap#1!- OJ) ovenine. a concert held m aid ul the Muth Wales colliers. The Mayor (CoundillcIr H. Hughes) p're^idt d. j Part was taken ia the prccocdings by the' Pontycymer Male Voice Choir, under the leadership of Mr Buttler, and Mr L. T. James, together with a number of local singers. The proceedings concluded with the singing of "Hen wlad fy nhadau." ALLEGED ATTEMPTED SUICIDE.— On Saturday afternoon an old man named Hugh Lewis, a. scavenger in the emplov of the Corporation was discovered in a refuse depot of the Corporation with his throat cut. The man, who bad only one arm, had ap- parently inflicted the wound himself, an old blunt table knife, covered with blood, being found in the yard. Information was given to the police, and Inspector Rowlands and a constable at once came upon the scene. Dr Richard Jones jwas also sent for, and upon his advice the injured man was conveyed to the Carnarvonshire and Anglesey Infirmary, where the wound was attended to by Drv R. Jones and Farley. In the opinion of the medical gentlemen the injuries are not likely to prove fatal unless complications follow. PETTY SESSIONS. Tuesday, before Messrs 1. Lewis (chairman), H. Clegg, J. E. Roberts J. Hughes, T. Roberts, and the Mayor (Mr H. Hughes) TRANSFER On the 'application of j license of the Menai Inn -Bethesda, was transferred from Mr J d' Jones to Mr J Pritchard, and that of' the Menai Bridge Vaults from Mr T. G. William* lvelf k F' R?ddy" Mr Dew a2so ap- plied for the transfer of the license of British HoS t0P mRr of the Cr°™ Hotel, Pwllheli. The application was granted. The grocers' license of the Gwalia^ Stores Llanfairfechan, was trans- ferred to Mr R. A. Wright. HIGHWAY ACT.-John Roberts, Glan- adda, was summoned for leaving a horse and Th VnfattInCled in lhe at Gerizim. The defendant was fined 10s and costs. P C o5 proved the case. A DOG CASE. William Thomas Wil- iiams, Kyffin square, was summoned for keeping a dog without a license. The case had been adjourned from the previous court for the attendance of a witness to whom the defendant said the dog belonged. The de- ffeen3" f^°TuSai,d h<J had take* out t 2sCe £ Tid etLd°g- The W- SUNDAY DRUNKENNESS.—Michael MDoughan, Bethesda, was summoned, for S?,n! H aml disorderiy «t Llandegai on Sunday. He was fined 5s costs. P C « proved the case. RIDIXG BICYCLES WITHOUT LIGHT. -John Henry Williams, Bethesda, was sum! oned for riding a bicycle without light Defend^t was fined 2s 6d including «g £ P.C. 37 proved the case.-William Jones, Llanfairfechan, was summoned for a similar hams Temperance Hotel, Bangor was mm- moned for allowing his chimney to take fire and was ordered to pay 2S 6d including cos £ P.C. 71 proved the offence THE GARTH HOTEL.—Mr S. R. n sa;d that he had an application to the Garth Hotel. Recently he asked for temporary authority to sell en behalf of si collect that he then made a SltL?^ T how M'Burney had been d^^Z i JST&SS" rthir ■*«" that"?"1 °yhe informaMo'n suppled to him although' Site tte Dew) to take proceedings for false imprison- ment, it now transpired that tVi^ J?. had not been finall/di^dIf and^ rKT,A"S™ felt ZTi to bruig to a termination the agreement toeh existed between them and M'Burney and place another person in charge of the house. £ r Geo. Bell, who had been Z the service of Lord Penrhyn for some years had frnm\?^r bllsiness and had purchased was now in possession. The anoint;™ Wore, was that the Bench sho"Sd tons' cha^tiT8* "\Mr M-EvidenS, 2 4 character having been tendered, the Bench granted the application. TOWN E,?°ESpT BLACKGUARD IN —EHen Caulfield, Kyffin square applied under the Married Women? Act' 1895, for an order of the Bench to live apart from hor husband on the -ouiid of cruelty and neglect. The applicant, who appeared a respectable person, said that her husband came home continually under the influence of drink, and never gave her a half- penny towards maintaining herself and her children. This she was able to do by her own industry. He often abused her, and nail on two occasions turned her out of the f0"86- Shf ^ow declined to cohabit with y asked for a separation order — sergeant Breese deposed to remonstrating with the husband when in witness's presence he turned the wife and children out of door, at night. Witness told the man, who was under the influence of drink, that his con- duct was cruel, and asked where did he think his wife and children could go to at such a late hour of the night. His reply was that they could go to the d-. Wit- neS5 added that Caulfield was a habitual drunkard, and he could conscientiously say that he was the biggest blackguard in the town. On the other hand, his wife was a hardworking and sober woman.—The Bench granted the order asked for, gave the wife the custody of the children, and ordered the husband to contribute 7s weekly towards their maintenance. DRUNKENNESS. For this offence Owen Williams wr-is fined 2s ëd and costs. NEW MAGISIRATE. -.Captain Lem- Pfiere qualified as a magistrate in virtue of his offiee as Chairman of t Llanfairfechan District Council.