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BANGOR SCHOOL BOiRD. A meeting of this board was held on Mon- day evening when there were present Princi- pal Price (in the chair), Professor R. W. Phillips, M.A., Dr E. O. Price, Dr Richard Jones. Mr W. Lloyd Jones, Mr Charles Pozzi, and Mr A. C. Downs (the clerk). ST. PAUL'S SCHOOL. 'The head teacher of the mixed school re- ported that the number of children on the registers this month was 425, as against 421 the corresponding month last year. He drew attention J;o the insufficient acc^jnmoda-. -fion at his "s^ool, and sijggested the erec- tion of a large- room at the corner of the new play ground %r lone class, together with the cookery class, and for a clttss in woodwork, if necessary.—It was decided to refer the consideration of the matter to a special meet- ing of the Board, to be held on Monday, the 11th July next. The head teacher of the infants' school re- ported that the number of children on registers this month was 165 as against 154 the corresponding month last year. The Clerk read the inspectors' annual re- port on these schools which was as follows: —Mixed School: Taken as a whole the ag- gregate work of this large school is very satisfactory, both as regards quality and the methods of instruction employed. The upper classes shewed remarkable proficiency in mental arithmetic, algebra, geography, and history. Much credit is due to the Head Master for his strenuous efforts to promote punctuality of attendance. I am glad to observe that the, first standard class-room has been duly furnished with desks; and I hope to find the largest class-room another year equally well furnished. Iii-se year's re- marks respecting the two other class-rooms are still applicable.Infants School: This department is well conducted and uniformly well taught. The structural alterations and additions have been completed, and both rooms are well lighted and otherwise admir- ably improved in all respects. The cloak- room is well designed, thoroughly well built and exceedingly well arranged. The erec- tion of new offices suitably arranged for in- fants* will complete all the requirements of this department. The Clerk reported that the total amount of the grant earned and paid to the Board for the year 1897 and 1898 was k487 14s, as against the sum of R452 19s 6d earned for the previous year. Great satisfaction wis expressed by tb Board at the very favourable reports gained I J: the sebwk; and it was resolved to con- gratulate the head teachers and staff on the success which had attended their efforts. Tenders were submitted to the Board for a pair of iron gates to be erected at the en- trance to the infants' school, and ultimately that of Messrs R. Priohard and Son, iron- mongers, Bangor, was accepted as being the lowest. EXTENSION OF PLAYGROUND. The Clerk produced the contract between the contractor (Mr W. Parry) and the Beard, and it was decided to affix the steal of the Board thereto.—Tenders were also submitted for the execution of the work required in connection with the removal of the partition between the class-rcoms No. 3 and 4, as re- quired by the Education Department, and the tender of Mr Wm. Parry, builder, Ban- gor, was accepted. PAINTING, CLEANING, &c. Tenders for the above work required to be done at these schools during the mid-summer vacation were laid before the Board, and the lowest, that of Mr Thomas Edwards, painter, was accepted. GARTH SCHOOLS. The report of the head master of the mixed school was read. He stated that the number of children on the registers this month was *256, as against 233 the corresponding month last year. He also reported that Her Ma- jesty's Inspectors, Messrs Hands and Mat- thews, had visited his school during the month, and had expressed themselves very favourably on the work done, Mr Hands making special mention of the handwriting and neatness of the exercises throughout the school. The head teacher of the infants' school re- ported hat the number of children on the registers this month was 159, as against 167 the corresponding period last year. She- also stated that H.M.I. Mr Matthews had visited her school during the month and that he remarked at the close of his inspection, "Very good work has been done, and that things were going on very well indeed." The tender of Mr Richard Jones, painter, was accepted fcr painting and cleaning the school during the midsummer vacation. GLANADDA INFANTS' SCHOOL. The head teacher of this school reported that the number of chilren on the registers this month was 256, as against 212 last year. MisS Williams also reported that H.M.I. Mr Hands had inspected her school, when he stated that "descipline and tone were ex- cellent and the work was well advanced." He also drew attention to the over-crowded condition of the babies' room. PUPIL TEACHERS' CENTRE. The head teacher (Mr T. E. Jones), in his report, stated that the classes had been doing good work during the month and the attend- ance of the Board's pupil teachers had been satisfactory. PROPOSED NEW MIXED SCHOOL AT GLANADDA. Mr Harold Hughes, the architect, at- tended before the Board, and submitted and explained the plans he had prepared, as in- structed, for the proposed new school, and it was resolved to refer the matter to the special meeting of the Board to be held on the 11th proximo. CARNARVONSHIRE INTERMEDIATE SCHEME. It was resolved to attach the seal of the Board to the voting paper nominating the Chairman of the Board, Principal Price, as the School Boards' representative governor on the County Governing Body. RESIGNATION OF COLONEL WEST. The Clerk submitted a letter from Col. the Hon. W. E. Sackville West, formally re- signino, his seat as a member of the Board. A letter to the Chairman was also read from him expressing the sincere regret he felt on leaving, and assuring the Board that he would ever remember the kindly relations which had subsisted between the members of the Board and himself.—It was resolved to accept the resignation of Col. West with very great regret, and the Chairman said he was sure that all the members of the Board would sincerely reciprocate the kind sentiments ev- pressed by Col. West. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE VICE- CHAIRMAN. The Chairman said that the members pre- sent would be pleased to hear that their vice- chairman, Prof. R. W. Phillips, M.A., had been made a Doctor of Science of the Lon- don University, and it was resolved to offer the congratulations of the Beard to Prof. Phillips on the honour conferred upon him. ATTENDANCE OF CHILDREN. Dr Price submitted a notice to parents and others the Attendance Committee had drawn up setting forth the requirements of the law concerning the attendance at school of children between 13 and 14 years of age, and it was decided to have the notice printed and posted up in the schools under the Board.