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lOCAL GOVERNMENT ENQUIRY AT BANGOR. Mr W. O. E. Meade-Kmg, Lccal Govern- ment Boa-"?! Inspector, held an inquiry at the Penrhyn Hall, Bangor, on Tuesday, with reference to an application by the City Coun- cil for powers to borrow £ 2500 for the erec- tion of a new gasholder, £500 for a new scrub- ber washer at the gasworks, and E300 for additional gasworks, and P,150 for municipal offices purposes. The Deputy Town Clerk (Mr J. A. Rodway) supported the application on behalf of the Corporation. The atten- dance included Aldermen Thomas Lewis and D. Cameron, Councillors David Williams and J. E. Roberts, Messrs! J. Gill (borough surveyor), E. Smith Owen (borough accounts ant), and J. Smith (gas manager). The Deputy Town Clerk, in laying before the inspector the details of the respective amounts sought to be borrowed, said that the t2500 was required for the erection of a two- lift gasholder in place of the existing single lift holder. The present storage room at the gas works was only equal to 112,000 cubic feet of gas, which by means of the proposed two-lift holder would be increased to 183,000 cubic feet. The maximum manufacturing capacity of the works was equal to 240,000 cubic feet per day, but that could not be reached by the present storage room. The maximum daily consumption was 223,000 cubic feet, and there was a large annual in- crease. In pointing out the necessity for this increase in the storage capacity, the Deputy Town Clerk quoted from a. report made in February, 1895 by Mr Newbiggin, an expert who was at that time instructed to report to the City Council upon. the gas- works. Replying to the Inspector, the Borough Accountant said that the total outstanding loans of the Corporation amounted to R127,350, the assessable value of the borough being £ 38,327. The Gas Manager (Mr J. Smith) corrobor- ated the figures given by the Deputy Town Clerk. He said that the erection of the new gasholder would be done by contract. The water tank of the present holder would be used, its sides being raised eight feet. With regard to the new scrubber-washer, estimated to cost £500, Mr Smith said this was intended to replace the small plant now in use, and for which they would be allowed £ 70 by the contractor for the new plant. The new scrubber-washer would be equal to purifying one million cubic feet of gas per day, the object of getting such a large one being to assist their present; purging plant. /Til The Borough Surveyor, Mr Gill, then handed in plans of the sites of the proposed new additions, &c. The Deputy Town Clerk then referred to the site a.t the bottom of Well street, which was intended to be utilised for gasworks and municipal offices purposes. He said that this plot of land was subject to certain re- strictive covenants in favour of the Bishop of Bangor for the time being and his succes- sors. At the outset this land was., intended as a site for the electric light works, but in the meantime another piece of land, more favourable, had come into the market and which the Corporation had decided to pur- chase and had applied to the Local Govern- ment BoarcLfor sanction to borrow the money necessary for the purpose. The inquiry re- specting that was standing over pending the requisite plans being prepared. As to the Well street site, the Bishop of Bangor at the time it was proposed to erect thereon the electric light works, entered into a deed of arrangement with the Corporation, agreeing to the erection of the works upon this land, provided the buildings were sightly and were certified to be so by his own architect, and subject also to there being no nuisance from smoke, vibration, or noise. It was certified that there would be no such nuisance. Since that time the Bishop's illness had made it impossible for him to be consulted as to the modification of the scheme. Therefore, all that was at present intended with regard to this site was to use a part of it for the pur- pose of municipal offices and the remainder as a store yard in connection with the gas- works. The Deputy Town Clerk, in reply to the Inspector, said that the Well street site had been purchased and paid for, the conveyance having been completed on April 1st. The vendor was Lord Penrhyn, and the pur- chase price was £400. The Corporation had also to pay zC50, two years interest owing to the lapse of that period of time since the signing of the contract to purchase, and the development of a scheme for the utilisation of the land. This concluded the evidence, and the Deputy Town Clerk having pointed to the urgency of the Corporation being enabled to erect the new gasholder so as to be in readiness for next winter, the inquiry ter- minated.