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THE PROGRAMME of the National Eisteddfod 1898, WILL BE READY JULY 11. PRICE 6d, POST FREE 8d. May be had of all booksellers, or from the Publishers— The Welsh National Press Co. Ltd, Carnarvon. <*———■ • ■ IMPORTANT TO FARMERS AND t HORSE BREEDERS. I DUGGAN'S Alterative ard Condition Powders for Horses, Is 61 I per tin. DU GGAN'B Condition Balls, 5s Od doz°n. I DUGGAN'S Physic Balls, 5s Od dozen. DUGGAN'S Diuretic Balls, 3s 61 dczen. 1 Dog and Cattle Medtciuts of every description from R. ROBERTS, APS, I CHEMIST, 8, BANGOR STREET CAUNARVON. GREAT PANIC IN THE CORN MARKET Now is the time to buy ENORMOUS REDUCTIONS in prices of FLOUR, INDIAN MEAL, CRUSHED CORN, &c., &c., ■Groceries and Provisions. Special Value in Teas at Is. 4d., Is. lOd., and 2s. per pound. NOTE THE ADDRESS:— W. G. EVANS OLD LONDON HOUSE, BANGOR. Branch Shop, 15, Watling street, Llanrwst This Journal has a greater cfrculation BY MANY THOUSANDS per week than any other Agricultural or. similar paper in the United Kingdom FARM, FIELD AND FIRESIDE. ANNUAL RURAL AND DOMESTIC JOURNAL. For the Country Gentleman, Farmer, Rural and Suburban Resident, and all in- terested in the Farm, the Dairy, Live Stock, the Stable, Poultry, Garden, or the Homo One Year, 6s 6d. Half-year, 3s 3d. A JOURNAL FOR EVERYBODY. N.B.—"Farm, Field, and Fireside" offers a greater number of pages of well-printed useful information in a handy, compact form, Illustrated, stitched and cut, for the sum of ONE PENNY. Specimen Copies can be obtained from News-agents, Booksellers, and Bookstalls, or direct from the Publishing Office, 1, ESSEX STREET. RTRAND, LONDON, W.C. ALPARTMENTS.-To, all having Apart- ments to Let. Do not have them empty when for Is and three weeks, 2s you can have a 30 word advertisement inserted in six newspapers circulating in districts which each year send thousands of visitors to Carnarvon. Name of papers, Leyton, Leytonstone, West Ham, Wanstead, Wood- ford, and Forest Gate, Manor Park and Hford Express and Independent. Address, Publishers, Independent Office,Leytonstone, Essex. LONDON Visitors Require Apartments. If you want to let your rooms, send an advertisement for insertion in the "South Eastern Herald, the "Woolwich, Herald,, the "West Kent Argus," and the "Brockley News and New Cross Review." Advertise- ments appear in the four papers at one price —20 words, 6d; three, insertions* Is; six insertions, is 8d; thirteen insertion, 3s 3d 2d for each additional eight words for one insertion. Over 50,000 readers in South London.—Specimen copy gratis. Head office-68, Greenwich road, London. DOURNEMOUTH.—Intending Residents Bin, or Visitors to, Bournemouth, Bos- combe, Parkstone-by-Sea, Swanage, &c., should advertise for houses or apartments in the "Guardian" series of newspapers, pub- lished simultaneously at Bournemouth, Bos- combe, Parkstone, Poole, Wimborne, Bland- ford, and Swanage. Scale same as P.O. telegrams, 12 words 6d; -,Id for every addi- tional word. Three insertions at the price of two. Diamond Jubilee enlargement to 64 columns.—Address, Manager, "Guard- ian," Bournemouth. POOLE, PARKSTONE, WIMBORNE, NEW FOREST and LYMINGTON.— Intending Visitors to this district should, Advertise for apartments in the "East Dorset Herald and South Hants Chronicle." Large and increasing circulation from Dorchester on the west to Southampton on the east, 4 editions. Thursday, Id. The charge for au .-Prtisements of 20 words, in all editions, is: Once, Is; twice, Is 9d; three times, 2s 6d.-Address, Herald" Office, Poole. BOARDING HOoSES AND HOTEL PROPRIETORS desiring to attract Visitors from the Midland Counties should advertise in the "Lichfield Mercury," the "Tamworth Mercury," the Cannock Chase Mercury," the "Rugeley Mercury," and Sytton Coalfield Mercury," the best family papers in the Midlands, and the only papers printed ;1 :hl.høi! in the Lich- tiol-i Division. 20 words, 6d for tne uoii- day season, 4s 6d prep;iid.-Offices: 36, 38, and 10, Bird street. CAMRIAN RAILWAYS EXTENDED ARRANGEMENTS FOB THE ISSUE OF Tourist Tickets From Cambrian Stations to the various HEALTH UhSORTS In England, Ireland, and Scotland, will operate from MAY 2. For full particulars see Tourists' Programmes, which may be had at all Stations. C S DENNISS, General Manager CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. RAIL and Coach Excursions are now run -1 on every week day as under:—By rail to Llllnhllil thenco by load conveyance to Lake Vvrnwy. By rail to Rhayader, thence by road conveyance to Nantgwillt and Elan Valley (Birmingh im Corporation Waterworks). By rail to lilandovry, thence by road c nveyance to L'yfuant Valley (GTaspwll Cascade and Cwmrhaiadr Waterfall). By rail to Abe ystwyth, thence by road conveyance to Devil's Bridge. By rail to Towyn and Corris, thence by read conveyance to Tdlyllyn Lftke and Cader Idris. By rail to Dolgrllejr, thence by read coiiveyat.ce to Torrent Walk, Precipice Walk, Tynygroes, Khaiadr Du, Rhaiadr Mawddacb, aid Pistv ll y Caen. By rail to Llanbedr and Pensarn, thence by road con- veyance to Mochras Island (the Island of Shells), Cwmbychan Lake, Drws Ardudwy, and Rhiniog Valley. By rail to Penrhyn- deudraeth, thence by road conveyance to Tanybwlch and Maentwrog Waterfalls. By rail to Pent byndeudraeth and Portmadoc, thence by ioad conveyance to Beddeelert. By rail to Pwllheli, thence by road con- veyance to Abersoch and Nevin. Passengers may either travel to Towyn, thence by coach to Talyllyn and back, or by Circular Tour via Towyn to Talyllyn Lake, returning via Conis and Machynlletb, or vice versi. They may also travel via Macbynlleth and Corris to Talyllyn, and ie- turn by same route. A New Tour froi Towyn to Gwartai fryd, at the foot of Cader Idris, is now in operation. During July* August and September, further Rail and Coach Tril s to Snowdon (Circular and Loop Tours), Cynicht (the Sugar Loaf Mountain). Bettwsycoed, (via Beddgelert and Pass of Aberglaslyn), Diras Mawddwy and Dol- gelley, via Bwlchoerddrws Pass, Llan- ymawddwy, Beaumaris, LlanberjV, LIpLn gyb', &c will be run. For full particulars see Tourist Programmes and Rail ani Coach Tour Programmes, which can be had at all Stations, or from Mr W. H. GOUGH, Supeiintendent of the Line, Oswe try. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. Commencing on Thursday, June 2nd, and on every Thursday in June, July, August, and September, up to September 22nd. CHEAP WEEKLY AND FORTNIGHTLY EXCURSIONS will be run to LONDON, From the principal Cambrian Stations. The tickets will be available to return on the following Wednesday or Wednesday week. Similar tickets will be issued from London to Cambrian Stations on every Thursday (during the above named period), the tickets being available to return on the fol- lowing Monday, Thursday, Monday week, or Thursday fortnight. For full particulars see Handbills. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. COMMENCING on MAY 2nd, 1898, SECOND CLASS TICKETS will be Issued between Cambrian Stations and cer- tain Stations on the London and North- i Western and the Great ^Western Companies Lines. SECOND CLASS BOOKINGS will shortly, be extended to and from other Stations on the London and North- Western, GreatWest- ern, and other Companies'- Lines. These Fares will be based on a very small addition to the Third Class fares. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. Oswestry, April 12th, 1898. THE FARMER AND STOCK JL BREEDER. Enlarged to 28 PAGES WEEKLY. Price One Penny. MOST ENTERPRISING. Each number contains many brilliant and practical Articles on the FARM, DAIRY, HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS POULTRY( VETERINARY. Also the Latest Telegrams from all the principal London and Provincial Markets. BEST ILLUSTRATED. Illustrations are a speciality, each number containing many Illustrations of the Lead- ing Prize Winners, &c., and printed in Colours. MOST ENJOYABLE. Among the many new features in a Home Department, which includes first-class Short Stories, Useful Hints, Cookery, Fashions (Il- lustrated), Fancy Work, Answers to Cor- respondents, &c. THE FARMER AND STOCKBREEDER IS THE BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM. Of all Newsagents and Bookstalls, One Penny Weekly. Post Free for Six Months, 3s. 3d. Per annum, 6s. 6d. I FARMER AND STOCKBREEDER. 190, 1' FLEET STREET, LONDON^ E.G. LOBE FURN IS HING,, c OUP ANY, Complete House Furnishers, Wholesale and Retail, 2, 14, 16, & 18, PEMBROKE PLACE LIVERPOOL. FURNISH FOR CASH, OR ON THE HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM AT CA SH PRICES. THE GLOBE FURNISHING COM- PANY, the eldest-established and by far the most extensive Furnishers on the Hire Purchase System in the Provinces, supply every requisite for the complete Furnishing of Cuttage, Hotel, or Mansion, considerably cheaper than the majority of these firms who sell for cash only. This we are able to do through having a very large capital at command, and being the bona fide manu- actuiers of the principal goods we sell. NO SECURITY REQUIRED NO EXTRA EXPENSES, ON OUR HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM. The fair and equitable manner in which our business is carried on, and our reason- able term and low prices, arc so well known throughout the Noith of England and Waits as to render further comment nn- ne etstry. Gei eral terms, which, however, can be altered to suit the convenience of customers, Paymeits Weekly, Monthly, or Quaiterly. Amount of Purchase £ 10 Payments. £ 0 3 6 per week £ 20 „ 0 5 0 „ £5u „ 0 10 0 „ „ £ 100 „ 0 17 6 „ „ L500 4 0 0 ). An inspection „of our stock will a £ once satisfy intendicg purchasers that we eive better value and offer:easier payments tban an/ other house, furnishers on the Lire Ptircht, se Systt- ni in the Provinces. I All gotSls ate,Defiverett-Pree in our own private vai s. and no expenses of any kind nre incurred by customers. Furniture sent to any put ot England or Wales. The trade aupplied. Shipping orders executed with despatcn. CAUTION.—As some firms adopt various means— such as copying our Prospectus, &c.—with the evident intention of inducing the I ublic to believe they are connected with us, please note our Address. FURNISH FOR CASH, OR ON THE HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM. New Prospectus, Large Illuattratf d Cata- logue, Press Opinions, and Price List sent pobt free on application. Kindly mention this paper. GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, 2, 14, 16, & 18, PEMBROKE PLACF, LIVERPOOL. Business Honrp, 9 a.m. to x p.m., Stturdajs, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. frail way fares al'owed to Cuuntry Customers. IV c i OU Suffer from Biliousness, Headache, Liver Complaints, Indirection, Kidney Troubles, Constipation, Rheumatism, [or Tic, try KERNICK'S Vegetab'e Pills. They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no confinement indoors, contain no mercury, and theus*nds declare them to te the best Aperient Medicine. « KERNICK'S V!GETABLE PILLS give Energy to the System, Strengthen the Nerves, Purifv the Blood, act on the Kidneys, snd aie specially recommended to females of all ages. Sold only in 7 £ d, Is Id, and 2s 91 Boxes of all Chemises, &c., or direct of Kernick & Son (Ltl.), Cardiff, on receipt of ttamp?. A WORD TO MOTHERS! KKBNICK'S VEGETABLE WORM LOZENGES. These Lozenges are the most efficacious Remedy ever introduced for Worms. Being innocent in their character they may be taken by Children of all degrees and con- ditiOl s with perfect safety. They are most useful for Children of delicate stomachs and pale complexion, as they strengthen the sy&tem by giving an apr etite. (Cf* If Mothers only knew the value of these Lozenges, no family would be without a Box. Sold by most respectable Chemists in 7Jd. and Is. lid. Boxes, or diiect on receipt of stamps by KERNICK ? SON (Ltd.), CARDIFF. IMPORTANT to Flockmasters. -:0:- fHOMAS BIGG'S SHEEP DIP. SCAB SPECIFIC, FOOT-ROT, LOTION, ^VETKRIK4RY EMBRdGA/nfoN. "0 Agent in every town. -:0:- LEICESTER HOUSE, GREAT DOVER STREET, LONDON, S.E. Agricultural Gazette, PUBLISHED MONDAY. TWOPENCE. ESTABLISHED 1844. T HE Farmer's Paper, which has for many jrears stood at the head of the English Agricultural Press. It is unequalled as a comprehensive practical Journal. The price places it within the reach of all farmers. All branches of farming-crops, hops, live stock, and dairy-are fully discussed by leading practical authorities. Market intelligence and reviews of the grain and cattle trades are special features. Prompt replies given to questions in all departments of farming. Veterinary queries answered by a qualified practitioner. Subscriptions: -3 months, post free, 2s 9d; 2 months, 10s lOd. VINTON & CO., LIMITED, 9. New Bridge street, Ludg.?'j circus London, E.C. I C'CPENNYROYALD DWlml6 & STEEL u I LL -i IQOICS&Y CORRECT AT.Ti FBSEOTJUKIXIEB, BXKOYKAU. OBSTRUCTIONS, and relieve the dittreuing-tymptoms to prevalent with the test. TVrres.l/H* 3/8 (contains three 2 tuc quantity), of all Chemists. Bemaay I on receipt ot 15 or 34 stamps, by E. T. TOWLE A Co., I Alanutackurerrf, Dry den St., Nottingham. E r. JONES, D.D.S.(A. M)&c SURGEON DENTIST OPPOSITE THE MARKET, BANGOR. DR. JONES visits Llangefni every Thurs- day, at Lledwigan road.. Llanerchymedd from 10 to 1, and Amlwch from 2 to 5, with Mr Hughes, Stationer, 8, Market street, Tuesdays, July 12, August 9, September 6, October 4, Nov- ember 1 and 29, December 27. Ebenezer and Llanberis, First Tuesday after Pay Day Bethesda, First Tuesday after Pay Day. Bangor, every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays. TENTS G,) v ERN MEN '1' ,TENTS, made of the very TFTOTC ■ lalH ■ ■i^Bbest white I H waterproof canvas, prac- 0 AD tically as good CAMPING EQUIPMENT- « 10 it high. With jointed poles, pegs, runners, lines, mallet, and bag, all: complete. Very adapt- able for Cricket, Tennis Lawns, Bathing, Camp- ing out, Boating, Volunteers, Up-river Trips, etc. 303 EA0H- oSSftEifc Catalogues cf New and Second-Hand Tents and Marquees Free on Application. Estimates given for Hire of above Andrew Potter, Tent Works WOLVERHAMPTON. Maker to the Queen and Prince of Wales H Æ __I: c, Young Wales, JUNE, 1898. Edited by J. HUGH EDWARDS CONTENTS William Ewart Gladstone (a tribute), by Thomas E. Ellis, M.P. Parliament's Tribute, by T. Artemus Jones. The County School Circle, by J. Trevor Owen, M.A. Beyond Offa's Dyke, by T. Eynon Davies "Scientific and Technical Education in Wales," by R. E. Hughes, M.A., B.Sc. Welsh Literary Notes, by J. H. Davies, B.A. Reminiscences of Mr Gladstone, by D. Lloyd George, M.P. The Fascinations of Comparative Philo- logy, by W. T. G. L. In Memoriam W. E. G., by Lester Mills The Marriage of Mr T. E. Ellis, M.P. "Faithful unto Death," by Rhys Rhydd orchor ■ K-K, iife PRICE THREEPENCE. PRICE 2s. 6d. BY POST, 2s. 9d. THE VISIONS OF THE SLEEPING BARD, being ELLIS WYNNE'S "GWELEDIGAETHAU Y BARDD CWSG." Translated by R. GWYNEDDON DAVIES. All orders to be sent to the Welsh National Press Company, Carnarvon. THE LIFE OF WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE, (In Welsh), by J. 0. JONES, (Ap Ffarmwr), Editor "Daily Express," Nottingham. Price, Is, by post, Is 2d. Orders should be sent in at once. May be had of all Booksellers or direct from the Publishers, Welsh Nation hi Press Co (Ltd.), Carnarvon FOR STUDENTS OF ELOCUTION v* The best booi will be n- y 0 M Eloeutioii alid Oratory," by REV. T. C. EDWARDS, D.D. (Cynonfardd). Price, 2s. 6d. Post free, 2s. 9d. All orders to be sent to the Welsh National Press Company, Carnarvon. LITTLEHAMFTON.—Intending Visitors to this rising seaside resort seeking Apartments, could not do better than advertize their wants in the "Littlehampton News," published every Saturday, price one penny; 20 words, 6d; three insertions, Is. Offices: -18 and 19, High street, Little- hampton. CHARLES PELHAM & CO., Proprietors. Jfefck/ COlD LN CANADA. KLONDYKE. All who desire informatlen respecting Klondike and the GeldftelfU of Ontario un" vritisli Columbia should write to si i»u 00^6 A £ 9.. 19, Jame8 8tM Liverpool,. 'for their MAPS and LEAFLETS regmdiiifl: the «1-ovc a»,d the ACRICULTURAMCSOUirOM CANADA, *h>*> >n vest rota. ■■ v ~y '• pRITCHARD gROlriERS, COED HELEN FERRY, CARNARVON. YACHT and BOAT BUILDERS, Oar and Scull Makers Largest Boatbuilders and Boatowners in the whole of Wales. All Classes of Boats on Sale or Hire. Repairs promptly attended t). R. D. ROBERTS, COAL MERCHANT, CARNARVON. All kinds of Steam and House Coal always on hand. Wharf: Railway Coal Yard. Residence: Bodowyr, 15, Tithebarn street THE PHARMACY. J. F RANCIS, Dispensing Chemist (Exam.), POOL STREET, CARNARVON. Special attention paid to Dispensing of Physician's Prescriptions. ROBERT ROBERTS, CHEMIST, BANGOR STREET, CARNARVON, OFFICIAL &c. U NIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH WALES, BANGOR (A Constituent College of the University of Wales). Principal:—H. R. REICHEL, M.A. Next Session begins October 4th, 1898. The College Courses are arranged with re- ference to the degrees of the University of Wales and include most of the subjects for the degrees of London University. Students may pursue their first year of medical study at the College. There are special depart- ments for Agriculture and Electrical Engin- eering, a Day Training Department for men and womenl and! a department for the training of Teachers in. Secondary School. Sessional Fee for ordinary Arts student, kll Is; ditto for Intermediate Science or Medical student, £ 15 15s. The cost of liv- ing in lodgings in Bangor averages from E20 to JE30 for the Session. The new Hall of residence for women students in Upper Ban- gor-fee, thirty guineas for the Session-is now open. At the Entrance Scholarship Examination (beginning September 20f), more" than 20 Scholarships and Exhibitions, ranging in value from £ 40 to L10, will be open for com- petition. One half_the total amout offered is reserved for Welsh candidates. For further information and copies of the Prospectus, apply to JOHN EDWARD LLOYD, M.A., Secretary and Registrar. 805 CAPTAIN GEORGE LEWIS DECEASED. Pursuant to the Statute 22nd and 23rd Victoria Cap. 35 Sec. 29 intituled "An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees." NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN that all cielito s and persons having any claims or demands against the Estate of George Lewis lafe of Mount Norris Gors Holyhead in the County of Anglesey deceased (who died at, Mount Norris aforesiid on the 19th day of,,April 1898) and whose will was. proved by Olpbert Bond Lewis and.Mary "Gecr&iLewil;t né Executors thereinnamed on the 23rd day of June 1898 in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice are hereby required to send in the particulars of their claims cr demands to me the undersigned the Solicitor for the said Executors on or before the I st day ol August next. And notice is hereby also given that after that dnte the said Executors will proceed to distribute the Assets of the deceased among the parties entitled thereto having regard only to the claim of which the said Executors shall then have had notice and that they will not be liable for the assets Or any pal t thereof so distributed to any person of whose debt or claim they shall not then have had notice. Dated the 28th day of June 1898. T. R. EVANS, Victoria Terrace, Holyhead, Sjlicitors for the said Executors. 802 CARNARVON LOCAL GOVERNING BODY. CLERK OF THE WORKS. WANTED, a Clerk of the Works in connection with the erection of the New Schools. Wages S2 2s per week while employed. The Person appointed must devote the whole of his time to the duties of the post and be on the ground during the whole of the working hours. Applications, with not more than four recent testimonials, to be sent to me not later than four o'clock next Monday afternoon. J. HENRY THOMAS, Clerk. Carnarvon, 28 June, 1898..804 L TO BE DISPOSED OF, IRONMONGERY BUSINESS in one of the best Market Towns. in North Wales. Position in centre of market; flourishing business; excellent opportun- ity.—Apply 0. B. I, office of thisf>apev-> V 198 L '■"« 1*. ■—I < .1 D I. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the erection of proposed New Sunday School and Dwelling House for the Committee of Ccfnywaen C.M. Chapel, Ebenezer, Cwmyglo, R.S.O. Plans and Specification to be seen at the Chapel house. Sealed Tenders to be delivered to Mr Edward F. Morris, Bwlchochaf, kbenezer Cwmyglo, R.S.O., on or before 6 o'clock on Monday, July 4th, 1898. The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. ROWLAND LLOYD JONES, Architect. 14. Market Street, Carnaivon, June 20, H98. 776 i jQ 0 U GL AS SEA J' RIPS. The Magnificent New Paddle Steamer, "ST. ELVIES." Every Wednesday and Thursday (commencing Thursday, 30 h June), weather and other circum- stances permitting, Lea vesMenai Bridge 9-0 am ) Leaves Douglas 3-45 pm „ Bangor Pi r 9-10 am Ai rives L'nd'duo 7-0pm „ Beaumaris 9-30 am » Beaumaris 8-0 pm „ l landudns 10-30 am Bang'r Pier8-20pm Arrives Douglas 145 pm „ M'ai B'idge 8-30 pm Allowing about Two Hours on Shore at Douglas. FARES. 1ST SALOON- 21W SALOON. Sing e Return Single Return Menai Straits & Douglas 4s Od 5s 6d Ss 6d 4s 6d La d dno& Do'glas 3s 6d 6s Od 3s Od 4s Od Children under 12 years. Efalf-Fa, e, Through Rail and Boat Tickets are issued to Douglas (via Llandudno) from the principal North Wales Station on the L. & N. W. Railway. Return Tickets are available until end of Season, For particulars of Circular Tours North Wales, Douglas, and Liverpool,—see special bills Apply to C. D. HTTMPHEEY3, Stationer, High Street,-also Pier Gates, Bancoror to the LIVKB- POOL AND NORTH WALKS STEAM SHIP Co,, LTD T, G, BREW, Sec,, 20, Water Street Liverpool, WANTED, &c WANTED, a Sharp Youth as an Ap- prentice.- Apply to Edward Hughes, Ironmonger, Carnarvon. 803 L AGENTS Wanted to push first-class Machinery Oils. Liberal Commissiou. —Box 31. Post Office. Liverpool. 801 L BIBL TEULUAIDD Hatdd, iimraeg, agos yn newydd, cymwj s ar bwlpud, &c. Cynygir am 7s 6c.—D. W. Davies, Bookseller, Carnarvon. b "YT AGNIFICENT FAMILY BIBLE (English), worth £3 too, offered for 17s 6d. Inspection invited at D. W. Davies, Bookseller, &c., Carnarvon. 782b TXTANTED for First Class Hotel, in Carnaivonshire, first and second laundresses. Must be good worke's. Wages £ 20, and S14 to ;C16 respectively. -Reply stating age and experitneo, to Mrs Paul, High Street, bangor. 783b A N energetic and trustworthy Man Re- quired, with good references.— Address, A. J., Office of this Journal. 785 r WANTED, a good Pantry Maid and Laundiy Maid, at Waterloo Hotel, Bettwsycoed. WANTED, by August or early in Septem ber, a laige roomy House, an table for Ladies' High Class School. Must be high, and have garden. Rent up to £ 90.—Apply, Scholastic," office of this paper. TO BE SOLD.-Small two-manual Pedai Organ. For particulars apply, Arthur F. Haslam, Menai Bridge. 442 F°it SATJE, the "GENINEN," complete from commencement.—For terms, apply to J. W., H Observer", Office, Cu. narvon. G E N TS WANTED. —Jewellery, watches, pipes, clothing, toys, hard- ware,furniture wringers, cycles. Whole- sale, Book free. Henrv May, Birmingham. CYNHELIR Y BUMED A RDDANGOSFA CEFFYLAU, CWN A D OFEDNOD, YN AMLWCH, DYDD MERCHER, GOP. 27ain, 1898. AMRYW DDOSBARTHIADAU. GWOBRWYON ANRHYDEDDUS. Derbynir Entries hyd Dydd IAU, Gor- phenaf 2lain, 1898. Anioner am Schedules ac Entry Forms at DAVID JONES, Bull Inn, Amlwch, r Ysgrifenydd. a pWLLHELI JJEGATTA & SPORTS, Will be held on BANK HOLIDAY, AUGUST 1, 1898. For farther particlars apply to E. J. BUTTERFIELD, 754h Hon. Sec. TLEYN AND AGRICULTURAL gOCIETY. The next Show will be held on the 1st September, 1898. Prizes offered for the best Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs: Green Crops, Butter, Honey, Poultry and Dogs. General Open Classes. Entue&close Wednesday, the 24th August. Complete Schedule of Prizes to be Coin obtained from the Secretary, MR JOHN WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Pwllheli. 793 CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. JULY TRAIN SERVICE. IMPORTANT ALTERATIONS. LONDON, BIRMINGHAM, &c. The 6.0 a.m. Train from Birmingham (Snow Hill), and the 7.65 a.m. from Shrewsbury will have a connection to Aberystwyth, Bar- mouth, and Pwllheli. A FAST EXPRESS, with Through Car- riages, will leave London (Euston and Pad- dingtcn) at 9.30 a.m., Birmingham (New Street) 11.35, (Snow Hill) 12.4 noon, Wol- verhanipten (Queen Street) 12.9, (Low Level) 12.28, reaching Aberystwyth 4.20, Barmouth 4.35, and Pwllheli 5.45 p.m. A NEW EXPRESS, with Through Car- riage3, will leave Euston 10.25 a.m., Pad- dington 9.50 a.m., Birmingham (New Street) 12.30, (Snow Hill) 12.48 p.m., arriving Aber- ystwyth 5.25 p.m., Barmouth 6.7, and Pwll- heli 7.40 p.m. The 1.30 p.m. from London (Euston and Paddington). will be continued through to Aberystwyth, arriving latter station 9.35 p.m. A FAST EXPRESS, with Through Car- riages and Conductors will leave Aberyst- wyth 8.50 a.m., Pwllheli 7.15 a.m., and Bar- mouth 8.35 a.m., for Wolverhampton, Bir- mingham, and London. THE LONDON FAST EXPRESS, with Through Carriages will leave Aberystwyth 12.45 p.m., Pwllheli 11.15 a.m., and Bar- mouth 12.30 p.m., for Birmingham (New Street and Snow Hill), London (Euston and Paddington). A NEW EXPRESS, with Through Car- nages will leave Aberystwyth 2.15 p.m., and Barmouth 1.50 p.m. for Wolverhampton (Queen's Street and Low Level), Birmingham (New Street and Snow Hill), London" (Euston and Paddington); MANCHESTER AND LIVERPOOL. A NEW FAST EXPRESS, with Through Carriages and Conductors will leave Man- chester London road 10.45 a.m., Central 10.10 a.m., and Liverpool (Lime Street) 10.30 a.m., arriving Aberystwyth 3.35, and Bar- mouth 3.50 p.m. The 11.50 a.m. from Manchester (London Roa-d) and Liverpool (Lime Street) will be accelerated, and arrive at Aberystwyth 5.25. Barmouth 6.7, and Pwllheli 7.40 p.m. A NEW EXPRESS, with Through Car- riages and Conductors will leave Abervst- wyth 12.5 noon, Pwllheli 10.10 a.m., and Bar- mouth 11.40 a.m., arriving Manchester (Lon- don road) 5.45 p.m., Central 5.30 p.m., and Liverpool (Lime street) 5.50 p.m. A NEW EXPRESS, with Through Car- riages 'will leave Aberystwyth 2.15 p.m., Barmouth 1.50 p.m., arriving Manchester (London road) 8.5 p.m., and Liverpool (Lime street) 8.20 p.m. SOUTH WALES. A NEW EXPRESS, with Through Car- riages and Conductors, commencing July 30th, will leave Aberystwyth 9.35, Barmouth 9.5, and Llandrindod 12.5 noon, for Newport, Merthyr, Cardiff, &c. A NEW EXPRESS, will from July 30th leave Cardiff, Taff, 10.33 a.m., Newport, B. & M., 11.10, Merthyr, B. & M. 12.0 noon, for Builth Wells, Llandrindod Wells, WITH THROUGH CARRIAGES AND CONDUC- TORS FOR ABERYSTWYTH. The 1.10 p.m. Train from Cardiff, 1.30 p.m. from Newport, 2.37 p.m. from Merthyr, and 4.10 p.m. from Brecon, will be run on to Builth Road and Llandrindcd Wells. o:- There are numerous alterations in the Local Service. For full particulars see Time Bills. C., S. DENNISS, I General Manager. Oswestry, June, 1898. MESSRS. W. DEW AND SON. 1 COUNTY OF CARNARVON, Near to I Bethesda. I Highly Important to Quarry Owners, Agents* I and Engineers, Capitalists, Speculators, I &c., &c. I TUTESSRS W. DEW & SON will Offer for I HI- Sale at the British Hotel, Bangor, I Friday, July 15th, that exceedingly valuable I Freehold. Slate Quarry, well-known as the I "Tanybwlch Slate Quarry" together with the ■ Farm, Offices, Sheds, Workmen's Cottages, M etc., comprising in all 35a. lr Op., or there- I abouts. I The Slate Veins are the same as those of I the renowned Penrhyn and Llanberis Quar- I ries. I Particulars an(rplans are in course of pre- 1 paration, and may be obtained in due time of I W. Thornton Jones, Esq., Solicitor, Bangor, I or of the Auctioneers, Bangor and Llan- I dudno. 790. 1 MR W. JOY HEWETSON. I LLANFAIRFECHAN. 1 COUNTY OF CARNARVON. 1 SALE of a most Eligible FREEHOLD SEMI- I DETACHED PRIVATE RESIDENCE or | LODGING HOUSE, situate in one of the I most flourishing Watering Places on the 1 North Wales Coast within five minutes' I walk of the Railway Station, and com- I manding excellent sea and mountain views. 'S Modern and ample accommodation to- V gether with a fine Fruit and Kitchen Gar- M den. Total area, 13892 square yards. M 2 MR W. JOY HEWETSON has been in- structed to SELL BY PUBLIC AUC- ll TION at the Queen's Hotel, Llanfairfechan, I. on Friday, the 8th July, 1898, at 6.30 p.m., I all that Semi-detached Freehold Private V Residence or Lodging-House, known as H WHITEFIELD HOUSE, LLANFAIR- I FECHAN. 1 Accommodation: -Basement, Kitchen, ■ Back Kitchen, Servants' Bedroom, Pantry, ■ W.C., and outside Coal House and Meat I Safe. I 1st Floor: -Hall, Breakfast Room, Din- ■ ing Room, Sitting Room, and Butler's I Pantry. I 2nd Floor:—Drawing Room, three Bed- I rooms, and W. C. I 3rd Floor: -Four Bedrooms. # I 4th Floor: —A large Garrett, partly parti- I tioned. I The property is let on a seven years' lease I at the rent of 250 per annum, which Lease I expires on the 24th June, 1900. I For further particulars apply to the Auc- I tioneer, 20, Cooper street, Manchester, or I to Messrs Hughes-Pritchard and Rodway, I Solicitors, Bangor. I YN AWR YN BAROD. 1 y GENINEN 1 GOKPHENAF, 1898. CYLCHGRAWN CHWARTEROL CENEDLAETHOL. CYNWYSIAD. "Cyfraith Moses, a'r Prophwydi, a'r | Salmau." Gan y Parch Emrys ap Iwan. Monwyson. Gan y Parch Richard.Morgan (4-) Y Celt Qymreig a'r Bwlpud. Gan y Parch R. Gwylfa Roberts. Llenyddiaeth Gymreig y Triugain Mlynedd Diwedaaf. Gan y Parch Griffith Ellis, M.A. Hiraethog. Gan y Parch William Hugh Evans (Gwyllt y Mynydd). Son am Ysgolion Cymru. Gan y Proffeswr John Rhys, M.A., LL.D. "Methodistiaeth Galfinaidd a'r Eglwys yn Nghymru." Gan y Parch R. H. Morgan, M.A. Hunan-ddiwylliant yn ei berthynas a'r Deffroad yn Nghymru." Gan Syr Lewis Morris. Cyfenwau Cymreig. IV. CyfenwauNor- manaidd, &c., Cymru. Gan Mr T. E. Mor- ris, B.A., LL.M. (Morus Glaslyn). Ceinion y Gynghanedd. Gan Alafon. Fy Nghylch-fywyd. Gan Feiriadog. Tudalen yn Mywyd Myfyr Emlyn. Gan Mr D. James. Perygl Newydd Cymru. Gan Gildas. Parthau Cymru. 1. Sir Gaerfyrddin. Gan Watcyn Wyn. GWEDDILLION LLENYDDOL- Llythyr oddiwrth J. W. Pritchard, Plas- ybrain, at Ddewi Wyn o Eifion. Nod Angen Duchangerdd. Gan Greuddyn- fa.b. Englyn. Gan Nicander. Manion Barddonol. Gan Mr J. Griffiths, Mr R. Rees (Isfryn), Mr W. F. Evans, Mr Richard Jones, Mr Ellis John Williams, Per- yf, Gwynedd, Berw, Glan Coron, Mr Owen Parry. PRIS SWLLT. ;1 CYMRU imwsFm isefa, issis ":{.> OWEN M. EDWARDS, M.A. RHYDYCHEN. "0:- CYNWYSIAD: Wyneb-ddarlun,—Ar ol y frwydr. Hanes Cymru. Diwedd Llywelyn Fawr. Rhobet Robedsh. Gan Peleg 1. Jones. Hen Athrawes Plant. Gan Asiedydd (Darlun). Brwydrau Addysg yn Nghymru. Gan Carneddog. Ymesgusodiad. Can o waith Eben Fardd. Louisa Oakeley. Gan Glaslyn. Cipolygon. Cofgolofn Tan y Castell, gan Mrs M. A. Joseph Cae'r Gors, gan y Parch R. R. Morris; John Evans Llwyn Ffortun, gan W. Jones, Gelli. Rhai o Broffwydi Israel. 1. Gan Levi. Cynydd Tri Ugain Mlynedd. Gyda. dar- luniau o Gofgolofn H. Richard, Hiraethog, a Gohebydd. Gan J. Thomas, Lerpwl. Cyflwr y Fanawaeg. Gan y Parch D. Lloyd Jones. Ton,—"Mae Cymru'n dod i fyny." Gan John Price. Pererinion Cae Einion,—eu priodas eur- aidd. Disgwyl. Gan J. R. Tryfanwy, Porth Madog. Esther Huws. Gan y Parch O. F. Jones, Wigan. » Inco Brydydd,—bardd anghofiedig. f Dafydd ab Siencyn. IV. J)iflaniad yr allwladwyr. Caneuon,—Y Ddeilen Wyw, gan Elwyn; Edeyrnion yw'r fan, gan H. Myllin; Bryn Awen, gan Anthropos; Y Tymhorau. gan Ap Ceredigion; Y Gwcw, gan H. Hughes; Unigedd, gan O. Erin- Colygfa. o ben Moelwyn, can J. Ll. Humphreys Diwedd Oes. gan Henry Mvllin. Llvfrau. At Ohebwvr. I