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YOUNG WALES SCHOOL SERIES I LLYFR BACH I. (FOURTH ElJITION) 4. LLYFR BACH II. I SECOND EDITION 4d. BY I L. D. JONES, BANGOP NOW READY. SPECIMEN PAGES OF LLYFR BACH I. f Zffi* BAdf.' Y LLYFF SACH. 39 | ch dd ff 11 th I cat h cath ""t-" 1 d I 0 s dIos + mae mae e f I ffon ^Q11 o gath fach dlos, i ba le yr a hi ? jfr j\ dal yr hen gath ddu a dwg at hon. ly mae y ci ar ol y gath. o yr hen gi cas am ladd y gath fach. if 4" ° j dal y ci i mi, lie mae fy ffon? r gad y ffon yn ei lle/t-(- -r~ w&T~" pam na chaf fy ffon at yr hen gi ? 111 nid aeth y ci at dy gath. 1- H 0, wel, gad i'r hen gi. • Wk These books are now in use in most of the Elementary Schools as well as in some of the County Schools of Wales. PUBLISHED BY PUBTH>fWKLSH NATIONAL PHESS CO LTD CARNARVON. I PRICE THREEPENCE. j PUBLISHED MONTHLY. Young Wales N VflONATj PERIODICAL FOR WALES. DEALING WITH WELSH LITERATURE, WELSH EDUCA- TION, WELSH POLITICS, AND ALL MATTERS PERTAINING TO THE NATIONAL LIFE OF WALES. EDITED BY J. HUGH EDWARDS. I T Throueh Welsh Spectacles Crisp com- ments on curre. t Topics. By W Llewelyn Williams, M.A. (Barristernat-Law). H. Beyond Otla's Dyke: Notes on matters of interest to We.shmen across the Borders. III. Welsh Literary Notes. By J. M. Da- ^1 lV^i>ar Welsh Intermediate Schools' Circle. Conducted by J. Trevor Owen, My Short Stories illustrative of Welsh Life and Character. By S. M. S.: Miss Winnie Parry Rev Hartwell Jones; Artemus Jones, and others. VI Translations from the Masters 01 Welsh Poetry. By J. Bodvan Anwyl. VIT. Portraits and Character Sketches of Leading Young Welshmen. VIII. Illustrated interviews with Promi- "Tx"wiles: Month by Month. By the Editor.. The Special Features include: I. The continuation of the series of Articles on: The Classics of Welsh Literature. By Professor Anwyl, M.A. H. A specially contributed series or Articles on Elementary Education in Wales. By Charles Morgan, M.A. (Principal cf Pupil Teacher Centre's, Cardiff), and by Walter Brockington, B.A. (Member of the Executive of the N.U.T.) I III. A powerful Serial Tale, based upon the Chartist Riots at Newport, entitled "Faithful unto Death." IV. The Continuation of the Brilliant Series, by S. M. S. of Welsh Rural Sketches. V. A series of stirring Welsh Idylls, en- titled "Tales from Babilon." VI. A series of Short Papers on The Land Question in Wales. By Michael Davitt, M.P. J. Lloyd Morgan, M.P. Henry Broadhurst, M.P.; Richard Jones (Perth- eirin). I VII. A series of Papers under the heading "Types among our Countrymen." The Welsh Peasant. By D. Lleufer Tho- mas. The Welsh Collier. By W. Abraham (Maoon), M.P. The Welsh Tinplate Worker. By D. Randell, M.P. The Welsh Quarryman. By D. R. Daniel VIII. Our Institutions: Where they need Reform? Under this heading there will be contributed a Special Article on: The Eisteddfod. By T. Marchant Wil- liams. The Welsh University. By W. Llewelyn Williams. The Welsh Press. By W. Davies (Acting Editor "Western Mail"). Theological Colleges in Wales. By Prof. Tyssil Evans, M.A. The Chu -ch in Wales. By A Leading Clera man. The Welsh Cymanfa. By Rev T. C. Wil- liams, B.A. (Gwalchmai). The Welsh Seiat. By A Prominent Minis- ter. IX. A series of Articles on the Welsh Par- liamentary Party from the standpoint of: (1) A Welsh Member. By D. A. Thomas, M.P. (2) A Scotch Member. By J. H. Dalziel, M.P. (3) An English Member. By J. Samuel M.P. (4) An Irish Member. By Timothy Healy, M.P. 01' (5) A Conservative Member. By J. M. Maclean, M.P. (6) A ParUmentary Pressman. By T. Artemus Jones. > X. "Voices from the Past. Under this heading there will be specially contributed, by various well-known writers, articles 3n the following subjects: —Llewelyn's Cam- paign,—Owen Glyndwr's Policy,—Vavasor Powell as a Statesman,- e Politics of Huw Morris,-Archbisho Laud's Welsh Policy,—The Dream of John Penrv,-David Morgan the Jacobite,—Sacheverell and the Welsh,—"S. R." and the Land Question,— Wales under Sir Henry Sidney ,.e Car- narvon Election, 1796,—Chartist Riots in Wales. Special contributions have also been pro- ¡ mised from the following: -1. Among our Men of Letters: Sir Lewis Morris, W. Ed- wards Tirebuck, Owen Rhoscomyl, Dean Howell, Alfred Thomas, Dr. Kuno Meyer, Allen Raine," E. Vincent Evans, R. Morris Lewis, Rhys J. Huws, T. H. Thomas, Ernest Rhys, Elvet Lewis, Prof. J. Morris Jones, M.A., J. Arthur Price, R. Williams, F.R.H.S., David Davies (Swansea), Gwilym Hughes (Cardiff), Charles Ashton, R. A. Griffith, J. O. Jones, W. Eilir Evans, Pr Morgan. Davies, J. E. Thomas.—II. Among Welsh Educationalists: Right Hon. Lord Rendel, Principal Rhys, M A, Ll.D., Principal T. C. Edwards, D.D., Principal J. Viriamu Jones, F.R.S., Principal H. R. Reichel, M.A., Principal T. F. Roberts, M.A., Principal Owen Pry?, M.A., Principal W. Edwards, D.D. (Car- diff), Professor W. Lewis Jones, M.A., Prc- fessor J. E. Lloyd, M.A., Professor D. Mor- gan Lewis, M.A., Professor Edward Ed- wards, M.A., Professor Ellis Edwards, M.A., Professor Brough, Ll.D., Dr Isambard Owen, A. C. Humphreys-Owen, M.P., T. Darling- ton, M.A., if.M.I., W. Cadwaladr Davies, Miss E. P. Hughes, Miss Anna Rowlands, B.A., Ivor James, W. Jenkyn Thomas, M.A., D. Thomas, B.A., H.M.I., J. Austin Jenkins, B.A., D. Samuel, M.A., T. Mor timer Green, L. D. Jones, Tom John, Rhys, Morgan, M.A., J. E. Powell (Wrexham), H. Holman, M.A., H.M.I., Thomas Owen (Aberystwyth), E. D. Jones, M.A., Owen Owen, M.A., W. Edwards M.A., H.M.I. -111. Among Welsh Politicians Thomas E. Ellis, M.P., D. Lloyd George, M.P., J. Herbert Lewis, M.P.. Alfred Thomas, M.P., Ellis Jones Griffith M.P., J. Herbert Ro- berts, M.P., William Jones, M.P., Samuel Moss, M.P., Brynmor Jcnes, Q.C., M.P., J. Bryn Roberts. M.P., S. Smith, M.P.. Alfred Bryn Roberts. M.P., S. Smith, M.P.. Alfred Spicer, M.P., R. McKenna, M.P., W. Bo- wen Rowlands, Q.C., Major E. R. Jones, Dr Emrys Jones.—IV. Among Leading Ministers Revs Hugh Price Hughes, M.A., J. Ossian Davies, John Thomas, M.A. .(Liverpool), Ptedr Williams, Thomas Stephens, M.A., H. Elwyn Thomas, Dr. Cynddvlan Jones, John Hughes, M.A., J. Puleston Jones, M.A., Richard Hughes, B.A., W. J. Nicl^lson, J. E. Hughes, M.A. EXTRACTS FROM PRESS f REVIEIVS: "It only remains fcr us new to congratulate the Editor of "Young Wales" upon having produced the very best magazine that has been issued in Wales in recent years.—"The*! Manchester Guardian." t "In point of style; appearance, and general 'get up,' 'Young Wales' will compait3 very favourably with anything of the kind which has been published in Wales. Its usefulness will increasa with every month of usefulness will increasa with every month of its existence."—"South Wales Daily News." "'Young Wales' bids fair to become a power in Welsh politics."—"Western Mail." "The Editor of 'Young Wales' continues to show unequalled energy and judgment; and, unquestionably there never has been I in Wales an English Monthly so successful and so deserving of, success as 'Young Wales.—"The London Kelt" (the organ of the Welsh people in the Metropolis). "Of especial interest to thoughtful Welsh- j men is that excellent periodical 'Young \Vale.' "The New Age." CULEMAVsi* >" WINOAMIS I oft I Ltebig's Extract of Meat & Malt: Wine | 18 1DE FINEST TONIC IN TIn: WORLII, '? OVER FIVE THOUSAND TESTIMON I IALS Have been rceived from Medical Men SIX GOLD MEDALS AND ONE SILVER MEDAL Have been awarded. Sold in Bottles, 2s 9d atd 4s 6d everywhere, Sole|Manufscturer8 COLEMAN & CO., Ltd., NORWICF and LONDON. A 2s 9d tJottlo sent Post Free cn rectij of 33 Staums. Every Man's Own Lawver: I A HANDY BOOK J OF THE PRINCIPLES OF LAW AND I EQUITY. j —-—. BY A BARRISTER. ) Comprising —The Rights and Wrongs of I Individuals, Landlord and Tenant, Vendors and Purchasers, Leases and Mortgages, Prin-' cipal and Agent, Partnership and Companies, I Masters, Servants, and Workmen, Contracts I j and Agreements, Borrowers, Lenders, and Sureties, Sale and Purchase of Goods, 1 Cheques, Bills and Notes, Bills of Sale I Bankruptcy, Railway and Shipping Law, Life, Fire, and Insurance, Libel and Slander, Criminal Law, Parliamentary El- I ections, County Councils District Cotincils ections, County Councils District Cotincils Parish Councils, Municipal Corporations, Public Health and Nuisances, Copyright, Patents, Trade Marks, Husband and Wife Divorce, Infancy, Custody of Children' Tru,sftees and Executors, Clergy, Church- • wardens, &c., Game Laws and Sporting1 Innkeepers, Horses and Dogs, Taxes and Death Duties. Forms of Wills, Agreements, Notices, &c. 32nd Edition, carefuUy revised and en- larged, including the Legislation of 1894 to which is now added a CONCISE DICTIONARY OF LEGAL TERMS. CROSBY LOCKWOOD & SON, LONDON. ¡. B m Jgs& RINGS, BROOCHES, BRACELETS, PINS, ":ff;?L PENDANTS, NECKLACES, HEAD ORNAMENTS. STARS, STUDS AND LINKS, SPECIAL "ENGAGEMENT" RINGS OF SELECTED GEMS. At Maker's Lowest Nett Cash Prices, saving 33 per cent. Selections Sent on Approval. Illustrated Book of Jewellery of all kinds, Watches, Clocks, Rings (with Card Sizes), Plate and Cutlery, post free. Steam Factory: 62 & 64, LUDGATE HILL, E.C.; 25, OLD BOND ST., W.; 28, ROYAL EXCHANGE, E.C., LONDON. I ESTABLISHED IN 1836. I FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE MERCANTILE OFFICES (STUBB'S Ltd.), 42, GRESHAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. Subscribers, by obtaining timely information, through -S'T U B B'S THE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENT MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. Every Traders should read STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE, With which is issued a Supplement contain- ing LISTS OF CREDITORS j Under All the Important Failures. 1 THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS Contain more than NINE MILLION ENTRIES. DEBTS RECOVERED PROMPTLY And paid over to Subscribers on Tuesday and Friday in each week. BRANCHES at CHARLES STREET CHAMBERS, CARDIFF, 1 and 2, SWAN- SEA ARCADE, SWANSEA, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, r Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, I Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Notting- ham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Sun- derland. ham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Sun- derland. SUB-OFFICES.—Blackburn, Cambridge, Derby, Exeter, Gloucester, Grimsby, Halifax, Hanley, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leicester, Limerick, Londonderry, Middlesboro', New- port (Mon.), Northampton, Oxford, Preston, Reading, Southampton, Stockton-on-Tees, Walsall, Torquay, Waterford, Wolverhamp- ton, Worcester, York. TERMS.Cl Is, £2 2s, £3 3s, £5 5s, ac- cording to requirements. PROSPECTUS forwarded on application to any of the above offices. TOOTHACHE CURED INSTANTLY BY TUTXT rrevents 13 U 1\ lrjli gaves Extraction, Sleepless Nights IVF.'RVTIVR Prevented. Neural- Sric Headache and Nerve Pains removed by Bunter's Nervine. Of all Chemists, Is I -lac "Owing to the extensive decay in two double teeth I suffered for days excruciating pains. J was recommended to try Bunter's Nervine. J did so. To my joy, the pain quickly hnd en- tirely ceased. I have since repeatedly derived the greatest possible relief in severe neuralgic headache, from four to five drops of Bunter's Nervine, taken upon a lump of white sugar."— Rev A ubrey C. Price, B,A (/ate FeUow of New College, Oxford.) THE GREATEST SUCCESS OF MODERN TIMES! ( :> G E ORG E S CEOPGE'S _j 1 PILE AND GRAVEL PILE AND GRAV Muni j THEY ARU MORE THAN GOOD" TO MEN.^THEY SAVED MY LIFE 1 r Read this. It will repay you a thousand fo"(I! j If you suffer PAIN in the BACK and LOINS, orbetween the SHOULDERS, tbi« remedy will e"ectuall v remove them. If you are troubled with IRTUATION rf the RUDDER, SUPPRESSION .4ta RETKNTJON of He BLADDER, STONE or GRAVEL, the ONLYJSAFE ard P, FFE r; J UAL REMEDY OFFERED TO TfTF. WORLD is GEORGE S PILE & GRAVEL PILL If the Whter is HIGH COLOURED. TAlrIC and depos ing much SEDIMENT lose no time, p»oourea box cf Gli-ORGE,s PILLS, and vou will soon be RIGHT again. If ? ou KIDNEYS aDd LIVER are sluggish > nd out of order, this Remedy wil gently STIMULATE these imp-t tint orsran, open their CLOGGEt.) PASSAGES, 8Ua I promote the secretion of HEALTHY BILE and other VIrAL FLUIDS. If you are a martyr to INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS, and CONSTIPATION* you hare a SURE remely in GEORGE'S PILLS. If vou suffer from any Bowel Disorder such as PILES. CONSTIPATION FLAT- ULENCE, COLIC, you have here a remedy you can alwarb rely upoa. If you Suffer from PALPITATION and are afraid that your HEART is affected* you will nnd these Pills an EFFICACIOUS RFMFDY. If you suffer from HEADACHE and GIDDINESS George's Pills will remove these PAINS sooner than any other known medicine. If you hhve PAIN AVTER EATING and feel DIOV SY and LISTLESS, one Dose- of George's Pills will act like a charm. If your food TURNS SOUR and rises into the mouth a f"w doses of this Remedy will make your troubles a thing nf the past. If you feel NERVOUS, EXCITABLE, and LOW SPIRITED, perfect ANTI- DOTE will be found in George's Pills, If you have a DISAGRFE 4BLE TASTE in t, e mouth, one qINOLE DOSE of George's Pile and Gravel Pills at bed-times will clear tie tongue before the dawn of another day. In Ii SLEEP fail to give you REST try George's PiUs. They wil- make your bed easy j sleep refreshing, and REVIVE your STRENGH. 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It is ANTIBILIOUS, and will, therefore, coriectall irregulaiities of the LIVER. It is DIURETIC, and will, therefore, keep open the WATKR PASSAGES. It is TCNIC, and nill, therefore, give TONE and VIGOUR to the DIGESTIVE: ( R AN0, ft is BLOOD-PURIFYING a:5d NERVE STRENGTHENING. it is, therefore, ALL YOU WANT. THESE WORLD RENOWNED PILLS ARE SOLD EVERYWHERE In Boxes Is. licl and 2s. 9d each By post Is. 3d. and 3s. PROPRIETOR— J. E, GEORGE, M.R.P.S., HIRWAEN. AMERICAN AGENT:—R. D. WILLIAMS, Chemist, Plymouth, Pa. a YOUNG WALES SCHOOL SERIES BY PROFESSOR J. E. LLOYD, M.A., BANGOR. LLYFR CYNTAF HANES, (FIFTH EDITION) 1/3. AIL LYFR HANES, (SECOND EDITION) 1/6.. j .e NOW READY. | SPECIMEN PAGES OF LLYFR CYNTAF HANES 34 35 V. CiESAR'S VISITS. 1 ]|[ Gwnaethant eu lit. they did their they tiaye their tatt, u p Croesi yr afon a lit. crossing the river the river was crossed- wnaed was done 'ft TrgA Ar eu hunion lit. on their straight straight on /p, if Gadael ar ej oj lit. leaving on his track leaving behind him ( j jj n \i!S> fav Extending stretching out estyn II I VlK (I Authority government, power, awdurdod con trol « -y 11 I Exploit performance go r chest ^Cl a|jf Subdua conquer, bring under darostwn- authority ^7-^ Penetrate to enter into, to pierce treidiio Hesitate to be in doubt petruso —CaYaJry horse-soldiers gwyr meirch Infantry foot-soldiers gwyr traed c Hindrance opposition rkuystr Fortress place strengthened for amddiffyn/a Llong Rufeinig. defence Wrought worked (wright—a gwneud 'tJ V. YMWELIADAU CESAR. H»0<1 DCSMCAT' II/R* Shattered broken up in pieces torri yn deilchion Acth yn drech lit. it went mightier it grew mightier Tribute a fixed payment, tax teyrnged Ltiiyn ar ei ol lit. follow on his track followtd him Haras3 to trouble, to torment, klino, toad Aeih a hi yn ol lit. went with her back took it back to annoy Aeth yn frwydr lit. it went a battle a battle ensued | i. Er cymamt gogoniant Carthage a Marseilles a r. Great as was the glory of Carthage and Mar- <1 threfydd masnachol eraill ar lan y Mor Canol, bu raid seilles and other trading cities on the shores of the. iddynt blygu o flaen milwyr Rliufain.. Nid oedd hon Mediterranean, they were forced to bow before the .7 ond dinas fechan ar y dechreu ar lan y Tiber yn y soldiers of Roiiie. At first Rome was but a little city r Eidal; ond, gan mor fedrus a dewr oedd ei meibion on the banks of the Tiber in Italy,; but, so skilful and 1 mewn rhyfel, aeth 'yn drech na'i chymdogion oil, brave were her sons in war,, that She grew stronger thaiv nes estyn ei hawdurdod dros yr oil o'r Eidal, ac ar ol all her neighbours, extending her authority over thr hynny cyn belled a'r Yspaen ac Affrica. whole of Italy, and afterwards as far as Spain and Africa- These books are now in use in most of the Elementary Schools as well as in some of the Vour. ty Schools of Wales. Published by the Welsh National Press Co., Limited, Carnarvon. I BOOKBINDING. THE BEST & CHEAPEST PLACE IN NORTH WALES, 9 FOR ALL KINDS OF BOOKBINDING IS THE "GENEDL" OFFICE CARNARVON t Send for Price List for all kind of Bindings k