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COMMON DISEASES. | 4.- THE LIVER I hver ic th largest organ in vhe tody, 1 nd has multifarious duties to peiforiu ']1 u> infernal "lonomv of the digestive sys- | en After the stomach it is -he in ;«t based of all nit digestive organs. It is •learned and hardened by the abuse of alco- Lol and its functions are hindered and \m- aired by the tannic acid, the outcome of --ea drinking. Errors in diet lead to a h- linished secretion of bile. It becomes tor- pid and sluggish and the defects react on he blood-current—<lelt-.terious products are I •arried into the circulation—the skin be- comes muddy and yellow, the tongue furreU. jife becomes a burden, and the victim say> I Life is not worth living." He Hies to drugs, )lue pill, and other quack nostrums, and inds a temporary relief, and a rebound to a tat worse than before: destroys his di- gestion by nauseous medicines and liver pills I Tnd wonders whv he continues dull, languid, .;nkY and out of sorts. He never pauses I to consider the why and the wherefore, but continues to either doctor himseh, or is. doc- tored hv others into a confirmed meuincnoly tored bv others into a confirmed meuincnoly .nvalidwho invariably shuffles off the mor- tal coil of a miserable life, through making ) lis stomach a receptacle for all the so-called liver otirps in the pharmacopoeia. There is only one method to maintain the iiver iaGOd working orderfi and that is at- tention to Diet and Exercise. Happy is the man or woman who dees not know they have liver! Unless this mighty organ duly per- forms its principal function of secreting bile, a who!, army of troubles arise. It cannot be done with medicine. It can, however, be done with a perfect Joed beverage, such as Dr Tibbies i-Coco*, which possesses exceptional vitalising pro- perties. It will save your digestion part of its work, and is far more nourishing and susienant than tea or the ordinary cocca, vhilst it possesses a tonic and recuperative force possessed by neither. Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa is pleasant and pal- atable, and embodying as it does, the num- erous principles contained in Molt, Hops, Kola, and Cocca, it imparts nourishment and builds up strength. As a Food Bever- age it is invaluable. Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa is made up in 6d jackets, and 9d and Is Gd tins. It can be obtained from all chemists, grocers, and itores, or from Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa, Lim- ited, 60, 61, and 62. Bunhill row, London, C. As a test of its merit a dainty sample tin if Dr Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa will be sent free oa pplication to any address, if when writing a oostcard will do) the reader will name the ■North Wales Observer and Express."




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