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CARNARVON. SUNDAY SERVICES. CHURCH OF ENGLAND Vicar Rev J W Wynne Jones. M.A. Christ Church 8, Holy Communion. 11, Matins. 6.30 Even Song. St David's Rev J. Rees Jones, M.A., (curate). .10.30, Matins. 6, Even Song. St Mary's. Rev 0 Jones, B.A. (cura e). 8.30, Holy Communion. 10, Matins. .6, Even Song. Llanbeblig 10, Matins. 6, Even Song. BAPTIST. Caersalem 10 & 6, Rev Owen Davies, D.D. CALVINISTIC METHODIST. Castle Square 10.30 & 6, Prof. Ellis Edwards, M.A., Bala. Moriah 10 & 6. Rev Evan Jones. Engedi. lQ & 6. Rev W R Jones. Shiloh.. 10 & 6, Rev J E Hughes. Beulah 10 & 6, Rev R D Rowland. CONGREGATIONALISTS Pendref iO & 6, Rev LI Bryniog Roberts. Salem 10, Sunday School Meeting 6, Rev D Stanley Jones WESLEYAN. Castle street 10.30 & 6, H J Quilter. Ebenezer 10, Rev R Nicholls Roberts. 6, Rev J Hopwood. ROMAN CATHOLIC. St Peter and St Paul Rev Father Jones Last week it was reported that a well known local gentleman had failed to fi his own whereabouts. This is not quite so bad as the man, who, having kept too close a friendship with Sir John Barley. corn, inserted an advertisement in a news- paper offering a reward for ioformation as to his whereabouts. THE RETURN OF THE VICTORS.- On Saturday the news spread rapidly that the local Rifle Volunteer Corps had been eminently successful in the shootig com- petition at Conway, and upon their return at night, they were met at the railway station by a large crowd of people who escorted them through the streets, the baud meanwhile playing the stirring "March of the Men of Harlech." THE HEALTH OF THE TOWN.-At a meeting of the Sanitary Committee on Tuesday night, Mr R. E. Owen drew atten- tion to a paragraph which appeared in a daily contemporary stating: thnt an epidemic or scarlet itvur uau Giv-H-r. out III tiistown, and that the authorities contemplated closing the schools. Dr Fraser, the medical officer of health, and Mr E. Roberts, the sanitary inspector, explained that the state- ments contained in the paragraph in question were highly exaggerated. Dr Fraser was asked to publish a contradiction, pointing out that the authorities did not see the slightest necessity for closing the schools. CHASED BY AN INFURIATED BULL —The other day two young women went to gather blackberries in a field off Llanberis road, and whilst they were busy picking the berries they heard the bellowing of a bull, and turning suddenly in the direction whence the noise came they were terribly alarmed to find the animal rushing head- long towards them. They screamed and ran but knew not whither. A number of cyclists saw the intensely exciting chase, but could render no assistance beyond urging the girls to run towards them. Fortunately they did so, and ware helped over the fence, which was rather high. Not a whit too soon did they reach the safe side of the hedge for the infuriated bull was almost at their bee's. v WEDDING.—The marriage of Miss Theiesa Vaugban and Mr S. W. Parnham was solemnized on Tuesday morning at Llanbeblig Church. Both bride and bride- groom are very well-known in the town. A large DunAwr of relatives and friends witnessed the interesting ceremony, which was performed by the Rev J. W. Wynne Jones, vicar. The bride, who was given away by her father, was attended by Miss Florence Moore, Mr Alfred Thomas the best man. Mr J. Williams (organist of Christ Church) played the Wedding March" as the wedding party left the church. In the course of the day Mr and Mrs Parnham left for Rbyl, where the honeymoon will be spent. Both bride and bridegroom were 1h3 recipients of numerous and costly presents. A number of the I bridegroom's friends have decided to present him upon his return with an address acknowledging the valuable services he has rendered to charitable causes in the town. REGA1TAS PAST AND PRESENT.— It is surprising what a greit change the whirligig of time has made in the regattas I held under the auspices of the Royal Welsh Yacht Club. In the window of the estab- lishment of Mr Hagh Williams, cabinet maker, there is shown a programme of events of a two days' regatta held in August, 1847. Each day a chief prize of JE40 was offered, but now, with only a oue- day regatta, tte chief prize only amounts to half that sum. Then there were magni- ficent fireworks, together with grand balls, at which the representative county families were tripping it on the light fantastic toe, but now, alas we must be content with a few stray crackers, the smell of chip pota- toes, and the throwing of bits of coloured paper called confetti. POOLE'S MYRIORAMA.—During last week Mr Joseph Poole's Myriorama occu- pied the boards at the Pavilion. Needless to say that such a well-known and highly interesting entertainment attracted large audience nightly. In addition to being shewn the principal sights of the world, com- mencing with a magnificent view of Princess street, Edinburgh, one of the most handsome streets in Europe, the audience were given a glimpse of the blockade of Crete, the Turko-Greek war, and the China and Japan war. The exhibition of pictures was supple- mented by a variety entertainment, amongs the artistes being Engist and Orsa, musical grotesques; West and Selby, i na comic con- juring sketch; Herr Vogeler, tight wire artiste; Miss May Finch, serio-comic song and dance artiste. The performing cocka- toos of Mdlle. Aladina were truly wonder- ful, and remarkably well-trained, whilst Mr Felix Somers, the facial king, amused the audience with a unique performance of "People we know." M. De Henan painted with his feet better than many can with their nimble fingers, and the Saletos father and children gymnasts, gave an excellent turn. The living pictures portrayed by the im- proved cinematograph were exceedingly good. ._r. THE NURSES' INSTITUTE.—The lal- ance-sheet of the local branch of the Dis- trict Nursing Society shows that the total receipts for 1896-97 amounted to JE176, in- cluding £ 85 proceeds of the bazaar, £ T2 subscriptions, &c. The expenses included E30 salary for the nurse apartments, £ 26; board and laundry, zC34, &c., and there re- mained at the close of the financial year a balance in the bank of L77. An appeal is now made for subscriptions for the current year. Any sum will be gratefully received yb the nurse, who will pass it over to the committee; and subscriptions are also re- ceived at Lloyd's Bank. Miss Pugh, :3ryn. menai, North road, is the energetic secre- tray. The good work done through this branch will appeal strongly to subscribers the work is steadily increasing and there is no doubt that the nurse is being more and more appreciated in the town. COUNTY MAGISTRATES' COrRT. Ol Saturday before Captain Wyiin Griffith, Dr Taylor Morgan, Messrs J. Davids (Gwyneddon), R. Roberts, and J. Evans. DRUNK. -John Hughes, Abercastc'i wa £ fined 5s and onsts for being drunk and disorderly at Pen Mr on the 17th inst.-T Burton was fined 2s 6d and costs for being drunk on licensed premises at Portdinorwic, ALLEGED FALSE PRETENCES.— A respectably dressed young girl named Maggie Thomas, Cross road, Penygroes was charged with obtaining a watch and chain from John Bankes, jeweller, Portdinorwic, by false pretences. It appeared that prisoner went to Bankes' shop and told him that she was in service at Fodol Ganol, and that her employer, Mr R. Thomas, had sent her there for a watch and chain. Mr Bankes askef her who was to pay for them, and she told him that Mr Thomas would do so. The watch and chain were then given to her and a bill was sent to Mr Thomas. Afterwards it was found that the girl had never been in service at Fodol Ganol, and a warrant was issued for her apprehension. P.C. Jones (31) said that he went to Penygroes on the 22nd inst., and found the prisoner in the house with her mother. When charged, she denied that she was at Portdinorwic on the day in question, and said that she had never a watch and chain in her possession. Dur- ing the conversation between witness and prisoner, the irther went to a drawer and produced a watch and chain, which the con- stable identified as the property of Mr Bankes. On the application of D.C.C. Harris she was remanded until Saturday, bail being allowed. BOROUGH MAGISTRATES' COURT.— Pritchard, J. Davies (Gwyneddon), R. Ro- On Monday, before the Mayor, Messrs J. R. Pritchard, J. Davies (Gwyneddon),R. Roberts, J. P. Gregory, J. R. Hughes,Dr Parry, and Dr Griffith. CLAIM FOR WAGES.—Seymour Smith, hhographer, claimed the sum of £3 6s from T. Litherland, Caxton Printing Works, wages due. Mr Carter appeared on behalf of the plaintiff, and Mr R. Roberts for the defendant. Smith said that the defendant engaged him as a machinist in January last, and he was to receive 33s a week wages. After he had been n his service for some time, witness got married, and in a week afterwards his wages were reduced to 26s, a veek. This he refused to take, and, accord- ing to the rules of the society to which he belonged, he gave the defendant 14 days' notice to leave. This notice was received by the defeidant about eight o'clock on a Mon- L'aj morning, and when witness went to v/ork about half-past nine on that mornine, a note was handed him from the defendant stfting that there was no need for him to jv e a fortnight's notice, as he would not want his services after the following Sab ii"- d;iy. Witness owed defendant the sum of 15s for wedding cards, and when the Satur- day came, witness went to defendant for nis v, oges. He told him that if he would gtö. his wages in full for that week, he WO'li. meet the defendant asregards the 15s. How- ever, the defendant would not do ths, and witness refused to take 18s. There was a cori!.r«.r claim for £1 Is Id which was mV!t\ up of los for the wedding cards and Gs Id for loss of time. The bench rave judgment for plaintiff for the full amount less 15s BOYS IN TROT--BLE.Two brothers named Thomas and George Maclin, 14 and 11 years of age respectively, were charged wl"lb breaking into the shop of Mr Thorman, ironmonger, Bridge street, on Sunday morn- ing, the 19th inst., and stealing therefrom a a number of knives. On the application of Mr Carter, for the defence, the charge was reduced to one of larceny. D.C.C. Harrs prosecuted. P.C. 52 said in consequence of information received he went to 19, Moun- tain street, and the boys' mother handed him four knives. He received abuut twelve knives altogether from d^ierent boys, to whom they were sold by defendants. When he charged them with stealing the knives they both. pleaded guilty.—Evidence as to the boys' character was given by Mr Wright, headmaster of the National Schools, and Mr J. Williams, organist of Christ Church, where the defendants were members of the choir. — The bench dismissed the charge against George the youngest, and Tom was ordered to receive twelve strokes with the birchrod. The bench were of opin- ion that the elder had led his brother to commit the offence. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. -James Dart was fined 2s 6d and costs for being drunk and disorderly.






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