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CARNARVON (BOROUGH). The adjourned licensing sessions for the borough of Carnarvon took place on Monday before the Mayor (Mr Edward Hughes), and other magistrates. Upon the application of Mr Nee (Messrs Nee and Gordon Roberts) the license of the Snowdon Vaults was trans- ferred to Sergeant-Major Morgan, of the An- glesey Engineer Militia, and that of the Commercial Inn to J. Conlan. Mr H. Lloyd Carter applied for the transfer of the license of the County Vaults to Henry Thier, who was already on the premises, and also for a transfer of the license of the Anglesey Inn to Robert Bray, formerly manager of the South Beach Hotel, Pwllheli. Both appli- cations were granted. The bench also, upon the application of Mr Richard Roberts, granted the renewal of a wine license in res- pect to the Priory Provision Stores; they also transferred the wine license of the Star Tea Company to the manager of the com- pany, and confirmed a similar license already temporarily granted to Thomas Davies, grocer, Bangor street. Mr Nee applied for a transfer of the license of the Temperance Mawr (which had been refused at the annual sessions) to Evan Evans, who was described as having during the last twelve months been on and off in the employ of Mr Arms- den, Market street, who with others had for- warded testimonials as to the good character borne by the applicant. Mr J. T. Roberts who appeared to oppose, asked whether Mr Nee intended to put the applicant in the box, to which Mr Nee replied in the nega- tive. Mr Roberts then observed that Evans was brought there to save the license, and if it was transferred there would be an appli- cation to have it renewed, though as thmgs at present stood it would expire in October. He, moreover, was prepared to call evidence to supplement that given at the last court as to the way in which the house had been conducted in the past. The bench retired, and upon their return, the Mayor announced that they had unanimously decided that the applicant had failed to satisfy them as re- gards character, and that the house was of a disorderly character, and license would not be granted. At the annual sessions, appli- cations for the renewal of the licenses of the I lanfair Arms and Star Vaults were ad- journed n order that the Mayor and -t cilior Gregory might have an opportunity of inspecting the back doors. In the report which the two justices now brought up, they recommended that the doors be completer; blocked. Mr R. Gordon Roberts formally applied for the licenses of both houses, and maintained that as no objection had be* n taken to them the licenses ought to be re newed. The clerk of the court (Mr Charles A. Jones) said that he did not understand at the last court that the state of the back dcors was regarded as an objection. Even- tually the bench renewed both licenses, and recommended the closing of the back doors. MENAI BRIDGE. At Monday's adjourned licensing sessions, Dr John Roberts, who was in the chair, proposed a vote of sympathy with Lieuten- ant Colonel Robert Ap Hu Williams in the serious accident which befell him whilst in- specting the Carnarvon harbour works on Saturday.—Mr Thornton Jones, on behalf of the solicitors practising in the court, ex- i I pressed their deep regret at th.? deplorable accident and the hope that Colonel Wil- t liams would be able in a short time to re- sume his magisterial duties.—At the invita- tion of the Chairman all who were present in court testified their acquiescence in the I rote of sympathy, and the Clerk (Mr Jones Roberts) was requested to convey'the same to Colonel Robert Williams. Subsequently the Chairman read a telegram stating that Colonel Williams had passed a satisfactory night, and was progressing fairly.—The re- newals of the licenses of the Cross Keys Inn, Menai Bridge, and the Bull's Head, Myn- addfwvn, were opposed by the police and re- fused. Mr W. Thornton Jones supported the applications. CONWAY AND LLANDUDNO. On Monday the adjourned brewster ses- sions for the Conway and Llandudno divi- sion were held at Conway, under the presi- dency of Mr H. Kneeshaw. The applica- tion of Mr Crockatt, of the Avondale Re- staurant, Llandudno, for an extension of time on Friday evening on the occasion of the pavilion band's forewell supper was granted. Mr Johnson applied for the re- newal of the license of the Blue Bell Inn, Conway, which was objected to by the pol- ice on the ground of the wooden gate lead- ing to the yeard. Mr Johnson observed that that would be remedied by the owners, who would erect an iron gate which would meet the requirements of the police. On this understanding the license was renewed. Mr Johnson applied for the renewal of the licenses of the King's Arms Inn, Llandud- no, to Peter Robinson, and that of the Par- ade Hotel, Llandudno, to Mrs Turnbull, which were objected to b ythe police because of offences against the licensing laws in a former case by a previous tenant. The lic- enses were all renewed. The renewal of the license of the Fores- ters' Arms, Gyffin, was granted to Thomas Williams, on the application of Mr John- son, on the condition that certain sanitary arrangements were carried out. The lic- enses of the Mountain View Hotel and Vic- toria Inn, Penmaenmawr. were also renewed on the same condition. Mr Horatius Lloyd, instructed by Messrs Chamberlain and Johnson, applied for a pro- visional license to Mr Moses Godber, of the Ferry Farm Hotel. Mr David Owen, who appeared to object on behalf of certain persons, observed that h ewould not press his objection, provided certain alterations were made in the plans. Mr Lloyd consented, on behalf of the ap- plicant, to have the plans carried out ac- cording to the suggestions. On this under- standing a provisional license was granted. Mr Johnson applied for a full license to sell medicated wine on behalf of Alfred H. Burton, chemist, Llandudno. Granted. Mr Johnson applied for a full license on behalf of Mrs Dicken, Promenade Restaur- ant, Llandudno. Mr David Owen objected on behalf of the Temperance Association. Refused.