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LICENSING SESSIONS CARNARVON (COUNTY). At the adjourned brewster sessions for the Carnarvon County Police Division on Satur- day, Captain Wynn Griffith presiding, Deputy Chief-constable Harris presented a supplemented report, in the course of which he stated that the police had taken cogni- sance of the remarks of the bench with re- gard to the back doors of public houses, and steps had been taken to prevent traffic through back doors—Mr )1. E. Nee applied on behalf of Captain Lunn for the transfer of the license of the Penygwryd Hotel,Llan- beris, to Robert Lloyd Morris.—Mr J. B. Allanson. who represented Mr Assheton Smith, the ground landlord, asked who Cap- tain Lunn was.—Mr Nee Mr Allanson has no locus standi in this ca^e.—Mr Allanson: But surely it is right that the bench should know who Captain Lunn is. Where is he ? What is his address ? Where does he sleep ? (laughter).—The bench thought they ought to know these things.—Mr Nee explained that he would be pleased to give the whole information to the clerk of the justices, so that the particulars might be put on the license.—The transfer was then granted.