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FOOTBALL. NOETH WALET COAST CUP. LLANDUDNO V. HOLYWELL. [lij JEii Avant J. This semi-ilual tie in the above competition was played on neutral ground at Bangor, in glorious weather. EX AV.NT, mindful of his duties to the football lcvmg public, rose in his might from a bed of sickness and supported by three or four enthusiastic admirers, crept wearily to the field of action, tut in spite of the unanimous desire of the crowd, he did not play, but simply watched whnt was going on. And this is what he saw. A crowd of about 1,500 people; eleven young fellows clad in newly washed red jerseys; another eleven your g fellows clad in newly washed white jerseys; a new ball, lying calmly in the middle of the field, ever which the .Referee, Mr Pryee Smith, Ic-pt watch and ward for about 20 minutes, ai.d two linesmen. The names of the youths clad in -vhite and red jerseys were respectively as follows:— j LLANDUDNO. Hill. W Hashes F Jones J Roberts W Hughes E Hughes Webbe H Williams Hedley Bevan Allman Davies o Giliman J William* J 1,1 Williams G Jones W Owen B Jones Ivor Williams W 0 Jones J Jones Tom Edwards ) H T Hughes HOLYWELL. Never hps the Bangor team itself received such a roaring send ff as did the Holywell lot when the referee skillfully blew his whistle, announcing that the set time for the commencement of hostili- ties had come, and when Ivor "Williams was seen I to drive the forward iushicg front rank of the Swifts back that inspiriting roar was renewed, and nerved the Holywell men to a dash for the Swift's goal. J. LI. passed prettily to J. Williams, and in the attempt to stop the rush,J.Robefts handled, and in the first minute of the game, the Holywell men had a iree kick close up. J. Jones put the oau dead into the goal mouth, but there was no Bangor-like tush, and Will Hughes calmly punted clear. Tremendous and continuous cheer- ing greeted every effort of the men from Holywell and hearty jeers of th", Swifts, but the effect on either side was to all intents and purposes nil, and G. Jones getting the ball in a good position, after a bit of do-g;np, passed gracefully to Fred Jones who, without staying to express his gratitude for this bit of hospitality, sent the ball to the other half of the field. From this, H. Williams got the ball and gave to Bevan who suddenly darted off full speed. He was promptly met by J. Jones who kicked the ball simultaneously with the Swift's centte, but the ball darted towards the Holywell goal, end Bevan instantly seizing the situation, flew off thitherwards with it at his toes. Hughes took in the position of affairs at a glanc?, and rushed out of his goal a long way, and was fortunate in getting at the ball a shade before Bevan and the danger was averted, and then Davies shot behind. The goal kick did little to benefit the Holywell men, for a pass back by Willy Hughes to Will Hughes was returned by the latter far up tie field where Webbe centered I weu, and levies, lying as usual close up, tested Hughes with a warm one which he get rid of smartly. Davies got in another in a. second, aad Edwards headed this out, bit only sent it to Allman, who got in a superb shot which landed the ball on the cet. Holywell then broke away, and sent in some weakly shots, but the Swifts backs were quite safe enough for these attacks and repelled them easily. The Swifts were doing the most pressing, but suddenly Ivor Wil- liams got the ball in the middle of his own half, and touching it gently on to Gordon Jones, the Holywell flier put in one of his express runs, right the length of the field. No- body could stop him, and he might very well have run straight into goal, but instead of that, he passed to Oweu at the finish, and Owen shot be- hind. J. lil. got the goal kick, and banged the bell dead in, but Hill cleared well just as he was heavily charged by Giliman. Bolywell were now pressing, and J. Ll. at once returned Hill's clear- ance, and it was got rid of by Will Hughes, and then one of Bevan's rushes carried the war to the other end where a desperate attack was desper- ately met and finally repulsed, and Holywell got a free kick at the other end of the field, and this being sent to Gordon Jones, he hesitated a moment and then shot in dead. Hill stooped and licked apthe ball, but dropped it again, but before he was charged, he picked it up again and threw clear. This was the sort of thing that went on daring the first fifteen minutes of the game, the Swifts, in spite of the evident bias of the crowd, having considerably the best of the game. At the end of the period named, the hwifts got a. throw out, and trom this the ball was sent to- wards the Holywell goal with Bevan full speed after it. Edwards went at it, but though he touched it, the ball skirled back towards his goal, and Bevan renewed the pursuit with redoubled energy, and crossed the ball to the other side of the field. Allman punched it back straight and hard into the goal, but Hughes got his foot to it, and for an instart kept it out of goal, but Bevan had followed hard alter it, and meeting the re- bound, he banged it safely into the net. Three hundred and fifty Llandudno voices greeted the achievement, and anncunced the score to be- LLANDTTHNO, 1 GOAL; HOLYWELL, 0. Buddenly darting off with the ball Gordon Jones and Owen beat Fred Jones, and Owen shot well into goal. Hill cleared somehow, and then J. LI. banged the ball back into an empty goal. Will Hughes turned up from somewhere, and sent the ball flying straight up in the air, and there was a rush, bat the ball did not come down where it was expected, but dropped peacefully behind the goal. The corner kick dropped the ball in the goal mouth, but with a terrific sweep of his arm, Hill swept it far up the field, and the next moment it was sent behind. J. Roberts soon afterwards tripped Gillman, and the free kick was splendidly put in by R. Jones, but Ned Hughes headed out of the goal mouth, and an attack on the Holywell goal was commenced. There was a spell of wild kicking by the Holywell backs, and then, six minutes after the first goal had been scored, H. Williams darted into the ruck and got the ball right in front ofgoa;. He shot as he was turning round and the call sped straight for the mark. Hughes got it all right, but dropped it, and it passed clear over the fatal line and into the net. I LLANDUDNO, 2 GOALS; HOLYWELL, 0. There was no more scoring before half time, but the Holywell lot ought to have at least drawn level if not got ahead for their front rank got many chances, and some slackness becoming ap- parent in the play of the Swifts, the Holywelliang had as a matter of fact more of the play than their opponents. However, HALF TIME came with the sene still reading :— LLA.-mrDNo, 2 GOALS ;^HOLYWELL, 0. The first fifteen minutes of the second half were chiefly taken up by assaults on the Swifts' goal, but though several gocd shots w^re sent in, there really was never any serious danger of the Holy- well men scoring, and suddenly, Webbe got hold of the ball in the middle of the field, and though several times atsauecl roughly, he stoatly stuck to his prize, and bartering his way through all op- position, he finally got in a good centre and Bevan darting at the ball fairly headed it off the goal- keeper's hands right into the net. XLASDRP^O, 3 GOALS HOLYWELL, 0. The Swifts then put on seme pressure, but some n'ca passing between the Holywell centre and Gordon Jones carried play to the other end of the field and this being continued, Fred Jones was j clean beaten and Owen ran into the corner while j Goidon ran into the goal mouth. Owen did his share of the subsequent business all right, and dropped the bill right in the goal mouth where Gordon and one or two of his mates were waiting for it, but the splendid chance was missed, and the only outcome of a promising bit of play was a corner, which was placed against the side of tne net. The pressure on the Llandudno goal was then resumed for some time, and for the next twenty minutes was unequally divided. three parts of it being in the Swifts' half; of the field, and the pother part in the Holywell goal. The Swifts were by far the most dangerous when they got up, and at the end of the time mentioned, they fought their way out of their own hali into the middle of the Holywell half, and here J. Roberts sent in a long shot along the ground which passed straight into the Holy- well net, disgracefully beating Hughes. LLANDUDNO, 4 GOALS; HOLYWELL, 0. !In less than a minute from the restart Hughes got a terific shot from someon# which he did well to puc over the bar. Ned Hughes put the corner in perfectly, but J. Jones headed out under the bar. and then J. Roberts forced another corner off the Holywell men and this Allman headed over. Gordon Jones handled the goalkick, and Fred Jones placed the freekick over to Webbe, who in- stantly headed it into goal. J- Jones at once fisted it out, and fisted it out, and A FFXALTY KICK II was at once claimed and awarded, Fred Jones took charge of this, and Hughes came out to the 6 yards line to deal with it. Fred, however, gave him no chance to do so but swept the ground with a diagonal shot which tore along past Hughes and landed the ball into the far corner of the net. LLAXDUDNO, 5 GOALS; HOLYWELL, 0. Holywell were now a hopelessly beaten team, but the crowd badly wanted to isee them scoring a goal before the game ended, and gave them ua- limited encouragement and once they did get up to the other end and Giliman spanked in a beauty which Fred Jones headed out right under the bar, but they never seriously menaced the Swifts' citadel, and when the whistle sounded the cease firing the Swifts were on the point of getting another goal by the looks of things. However, the FINAL RESULT ¡ was LLANDTJDXO, 5 GOALS; HOLYWELL, 0.




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