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^^iLLilFS | ART OOI1FETITIQ1, 11,000 In mm* I For ORIGINAL PAINTINGS in OIL and WATER L* COLOR, BLACK and WHITE, and PHOTOGRAPHY. j £ For particulars apply to 'Art Dept. MELLIN'S FOOD WORKS, Peckhatn, I/mdcu, S.B.; enclosing id. stamped addressed envelope and post card unaddresscd. 1 P.S. For Children under n only id. stamp is required. iV»VeV»V^5W»V»W»Ve'eyeVevI THE WORLD'S GREATEST y COSTUMIERS. g iPI fitrngfowftbNUn flr THE LONDON MANUFACTURERS. ll| V THE HALF-GUINEA COSTUMES OF THE DAY. 1 ■J3> NEW DESIGNS -18 10/6 JW /m LONDON MADE J JNI BETTER STYLES AND BETTER Jll ISk Mm I W VALUE THAN EVER. |i| IVS^ K J j 1 ¥ Made in our Celebrated y • £ mVaL ml A I SPECIALITE SERGE, IM. unsurpassed for wear and durability. All shades: Black, Navy, Cinnamon, Fawn, Brown, Drab, *> IL^ Grey, Petunia, Bronze Green, Myrtle, Ruby, Design No. 300. Design No. 260. Electric-Blue, &c. WRITE FOR PATTERNS which will be seat Post Free together with our new Illustrated "SKETCH BOOK/' shewing all our latest Novelties in COSTUMES, JACKETS, CAPES, 4c In ordering Costume, please give number of Design selected, also the following measurements :—Neck to waist at back, round bust under arms, length of skirt in front, inside sleeve and size of waist. Money returned if not approved. Each costume securely packed and sent carriage paid, gd. extra. ALLEN FOSTER a CO., 17, ROSOOE STREET, LONDON, E.C. THE LONDON MANUFACTURERS Please mention this aaoller. lGLOBE FUBNISHIYG OMPANY Complete House Furnishers, Wholesale & Retail, 12, 14, 16, & 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVER- POOL. FURNISH FOR CASH, OR ON THE HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM AT CASH PRICES. THE GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, the oldest-established and by far the most extensive Furnishers on the Hire Purchase System in the Provinces, supply every requisite for the complete Furnishing of Cottage, Hotel, or Mansion, con- siderably cheaper than the majority of those firms who sell for cash only. This we are able to do through having a very large capital at command, and being the bona fide manufacturers of the prin- cipal goods we sell NO SECURITY REQUIRED, NO EXTRA EXPENSES. ON OUR HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM. The fair and eqnitable manner in which our business is carried on, and our reasonable terms and low prices, are so well-known throughout the North of England and Wales as to render further comment unnecessary. General terms, which, however, can be altered to suit the convenience of customers, Payments Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly.c- Amount of Purchased 10 PaymentsJEO 3 6 per week I JE20 0 5 0 £ 30 010 0 „ JEMM) 017 « „ ( „ JMOO 400" An inspection of our stock will at once satisfy I intending purchasers that we give better value and offer easier payments than any other house fur- nishers on the Hire Purchase System in the Provinces. All goods are Delivered Free in our own private I vans, and no expenses of any kind are incurred by II' customers. Furniturfe sent to any part of England or Wales. The trade supplied. Shipping orders executed j with despatch. V CAUTION.-As some firms adopt various means- such as copying vur Prospectus, &c.—with the I evident intention of inducing the public to believe they are connected with us, please note our Address. FURNISH FOR CASH, OR ON THE HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM. New Prospectus, Large Illustrated Catalogue, Press Opinions, and Price List sent post free on appli- cation. Kindly mention this paper. I GLOBE FURNISH TNG- COMPANY, 12, 14, 16, & 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVER- I POOL. Business Hours, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m. to 6p.m Railway fares allowed to Country Customers' PIMPLES ON THE FACE CAN be r°moved by taking the world- renowned medicine, FRAZER'S TABLETS. Trey will cure ECZEMA, ACNE, PSORIASIS, BLACKHEADS. AND ALL AND EVERY SPECIES OF SKIN BLEMISH. They ward off, or break up, colds, chills, RHEU- MATISM, and neuralgic attacks by action onthe blood vessels,by which all the nerves and muscles affected are strength- ened. By gentle expansive action on the I inner skin, the blood and skin are freed from wait matters and impurities. ¡ PHYSICIANS RECOMMEND FRAZER8 TABLETS They aet on the natural functions in so safe and gentle a manner that their in- fluence in CONSTIPATION is invaluable. For children's ailments, and to keep their health in good order, Frazer's Tablets have no equal, whether for safety, gentle- nest, pleasantness, or efficacy. They render the bio d of both children and adults so pure and healthful that diseases and disorders of all kinds are kept at bay. CAPTION. Beware of worthless imitations offered as just as good as Frazer's Tablets." There is nothing to equal Frazer's Tablets. Purchasers are requested to note that Frazer's Tablets are now itade oval in shape, and are packed in pale grE-dn boxes, with the words, Frnzer's Tablets, in gold letters on the lid. Frazer's Tablets of all chemists, price Is 1in. per box. or post free Is 3d, from Frazer's Tablets, Limited, 186, Fleet street, Lou- don, W.C. FRAZER'S TABLETS LIMITED, 186, Fleet Street, London, B.C. ( J. A WONDERFUL MEDICINE FOR LADIES (Married or Single). Dasmail's World-Famed Specific. The only Safe and Effectual Remedy on Earth for correcting all Irregularities and Removing all Obstructions, from whatever cause arising. Before ordering elsewhere do not fail to send stamped addressed envelope for particulars, &c., and then udge for yourselves. Thousands of genuine Testimonials have been received, proving it with- out a doubt to be the most astonishing medicine isco veered, and really the Ladies' True Friend." B.,wcu of Copyists-many have recently sprang up, dtyling themselves Madame So-a.nd-So,' Ketired Physicians, Specialists, &c. They have no medical knowledge or experience. A. DASMAIL, Box 711, Langdale House, WALTHAMSTOW, LONDON. Est. nearly half Century. 4216d AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE, PUBLISHED MONDAY. TWOPENCE. ESTABLISHED 1844. fFiHE Fanner's Paper, which has for many years JL stood ao the head of the English Agricultural Press. It is unequalled as a comprehensive practical Journal. The price places it within the reach of all farmers. All branches of farming-crops, hops, Hve stock, and dairy—are fully discussed by leading practical authorities. Market intelligence and reviews of the grain and cattle trades are special features. Prompt replies given to questions in all departments of farming. Veterinary queries answered by a qualified practitioner. Subscription3 months, prost free, 2s 9d 2 months, 10s lOd. VINTON & Co., LIMITED 9, New bridge street, Ludgate Circus, London, E.C. ^=— -= This Journal has a greater circulation BYMANY THOUSANDS per week than any other Agri- cultural or similar paper in the United Kingdom. An Agricultural, Rural, and Domestic Journal. For the Country Gentleman, Farmer, Rural and Suburban Resident, and all interested in the Farm, the Dairy, Live Stock, the Stable, Poultry, Garden, or the Home. One Year, 6s 6d. Half-year, 3s 3d. A JOURNAL FOR EVERYBODY. N. B. c, Farm, Field, and Fireside" offers a greater number of pages of well-printed useful information in a handy, compact form, Illustrated, stitched and cut, for the sum of FCR ONE PENNY. -TO Specimen Copies can be obtained from News- agents, Booksellers, and Bookstalls, or direct from the Publishing Office, I, ESSEX STREET, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. THE "FARMERS' GAZETTE." (ESTABLISHED 1842). We have not so good a If arming Paperan this side of the water"—Thus recently wrote a well-known English County M.P., of great repute as an Agricul- turist. The Farmers' Gazette is the only purely Agricul- tural Paper published in Ireland. The Farmers' Gazette permeates through every part of Ireland, and is also largely read in England and Wales. The Farmers' Gazette m an invaluable medium for giving publicity to Auctions, gales, and all kinds of an- nouncements. The Farmers' Gazette is a stric^r'tuft and non-religtous paper It is thoroughly up to date, is edited by practical men, and contributed to by the leading authorities on Agri- cultural, Horticulture, and all matters affecting the Farm, Field, Stable, Kennel, and Poultry Yard. The Farmers' Gazette is published every Fridayat 23, BACHELOR'S-WALK, DUB- LIN) price 3d. THE OFFICIAL IRISH TRAVELLING GUIDE: the largest and best known Guide in Ireland, is also published at the same offiee. Best for advertising Hotels, &c., &c. Hotels, &c., &c. » „