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COUNTY OF CARNARVON. I ( PARISH O* DOLBENMAEN j PENNANT VALE. I Important to Capitalists, Speculators, Quarry Owners, Miniog Agents, and others. ESSRS W. DEW & SON will Offer r. I'l for Sale by Public Auction, at the Sportsman Hotel, Portmadoc, on Saturday, November 21st, at Oue o'clock. all that Valuable Freehold Slate Quarry, Copper iGae, and Farm DOL-EV AN-GETHIN, better known as DOLGETH, comprising an area of 25a lr 34p or thereabouts, together with all the Machinery, Pliat, Furniture, sod olher Ejects thereon. Slates of Superior Quality are found in the Quarry, and this, together with the 1Iine have been worked by water power, and there are ample Bulldiags for the ftrrying out of the works. t For particulars with Plan and List of Machinery, apply to Mrssrs Needham, Parkinson, Slack, & Needham, Solicitors, 10, ?ork Street, Manchester or the Auction* etrs, Bangor and Llandudno. A copy of the conditions of Sale may be inspected at the offices of the said Solicitors and Auction- eer^ 2746h 34Tm GREAT UNRESERVED FAT STOCK SALE AT ZF- » Madryn Home Farm, ABER, NEAR BANGOR. If ESSES W. DEW AND SON will offer ill for Sale by Public Auction, by orders of Colonel Henry Platt, on Tuesday, Novem- ber 24th, 1896:— 14 Prime Fat Two-year-old Heifers, rising Three-year old. 14 do do Bullocks do. do do do, rising Two-year-old. o.e Fat Cow. 110 do do Welsh Wedders (three and four- year-old). 36 do do Cheviot Ewes. 11 do do Welsh Ewes. A do Shropshire Ewes. Luncheon at 12.30. Sale to commence at one pm. Catalogues at any of the principal Hotels in North Wales; of Mr Owen Jones, Madryn Pann, Llanfairfechan; or of the Auctioneers, Wellfield, Bangor, and Trinity square, Llan- • Sudna 02760 c — — AIR JOHN PRITCHARD. MENAI BRIDGE, 8MITHFIELD. ME JOHN PRITCHARD will hold his Annual Sale of Fat Stock for the Christmas Markets on Monday, Deoember 7th, 1896. Early entries 2713p Bodhyfryd, 2713p TTNyFFRIDD FARM, NEAR BANGOR, 9 MB JOHN PRITCHARD if instructed by the Bigh Bailiff of the Bangor County Court to Sell by Pub ic Auction at Ty'nyffridd Farm, Glasinfryn, on Thursday next, Novem- W 12, at 2,30 p.m., 2 Stacks of Hay (1894), ibout 16 Tens. Bodhyfryd, Bangor. t.2760 e- MR H. T. OWEN. SIR FON. PLAS UOHAF, LLANFAETHLU, 250 ERW 0 DIB PORI rw OSOD. BYDD HT. OWEN yn Gosod trwy Arwerth- • iant Cyhoeddus, dydd Gwener, Tacaw«3ddl3, 1896, Holl Dir y Fferm uchlod i'rv Iboci mewn lotiau cyfleus. DacJufeuir gosod am 1 o'r glech. 2756h SIR FON. TRBMOLGOCH BACH, LLANFIGAEL. BYDD R H. T, OWEN yn Gwerthu ar Auc- tion, holl Stoo ragorol y lie uchod, dydd Mawrth, Tachwead -.17, 1896, yn cynwys 2 Gaseg Wedd, 7 o Wartheg Godro, 10 o Wartheg Blwyddiaid, 1 Hwch Pagn, 8 o Stores, Market Car a Harness, Trol, 2 Beuiant tnalu rwdins, 1 eto gwellt a gwair, Horse Gear, Peiriant Uadd gwair. Machine .Bwyso, yn nghyda holl Offer Hwsmonaeth, Ger CeffyUu, Pytatws, a holl Ddodrefn y TF* Y Sale i ddechreu arn 11.30. 2759b «B. J. G. SONES. ?CWN OF CAXNAXVOll. Important Sale of over 100. Freehold and Leasehold Messuages or Dwelling- Houses and Freehold Building Sites. ME J. G. JONES will offer for Sale at the Sportsman Hotel, Carnarvon* on Tuesday, the 1st day of December, 1896, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions sa shall be there and then pro- duced, the following Property, ia several lots, viz: — All those Freehold Messuages or Dwelling Houses, being Nos. 7 and 8, Siloh Terrace 9 Houses, being Nos. 48 to 64, South Pen'rallt; 11 houses, being Nos. 7 to 20, Spring Place; No. 48, North Pen'rallt; 4 Houses, Nos. 1 to 4, Rathbone Court, and • No. 10, Castle Ditch, Carnarvon. All those Leasehold Messuages or Dwelling Houses, being 4 Housen, Nos. 38 to 43, North Pen'rallt, 44,houses in Williams St.reet; 20 houses in Clarke Street; 8 houses, being Nos. 1 to 8, Eryri Terrace; 5 houses, being Nos 1 to 5, Mary Street, and 4 houses on Oadmmt Road, Carnarvon, and 2 Free- hold Building Plots of Land in the Town 0: Carnarvon. For further particulars see posters, or apply- fo Messrs Carter, Vincent, and Douglas Jones, Solicitors; Hugh Jones and Co., Solicitors, or the Auctioneer, Tower Buildings, Carnarvon. 2770x PUBLIC NOTICE. AIR KDWAJJD J. THOMAS, of Castle bgoaro, Carnarvon, begs to announce that he .aas succeeded to the business of his Mr JOHN THOMAS, AUCTIC.N Jb. 0R, &c., and that in future the jjinn will be earned on as heretofore under the name of Messrs J. THOMAS & SON. EDVAKD J. THOMAS begs to thaiik all his father a uidiftends and clients for their tana support in the past, and assures them that he will endeavour to carry out all work entrusted to him to their entire satisfaction. 2767j TYWYN, ABERFFRAW. t TJHODDIB BHYBUDD TRWY HYN A fodcais ar gael ei wneyd at Fwrdd Atnaethyddiaeth, yn unol a darpariaethau IM5-I882,SM archeb amodoler rheoleiddiad Tywyn, Aberflraw, yr hwn syddyn mhlwyf ABEDB"W,> Sir Fon, Gogledd Cymru. ROBERT JONES, Tir isaf, ir. Bodorgan, R.S.O. QFD»bwy!lgnr Aberflraw a Llangidwwadr, 2765h THK PENBHYN OUARHY DISPUTE. I j AN APPEAL TO THE PUBLIC. t IN the face of the very great privation which I tL this dispute cannot but bring to three j thousand quarry men, and their families, a General Committee, consisting of Quarryrnen and Trades- I men, has been formed, in order to take dvery popsiblesteps towards alleviating the sufferings of the Winter which has already set in. The Committee desires to make it 'quite clear that it in no way interferes in the dispute, beyond assisting the families of the district in cases of real and pressing need, and that assistance will in no c:\se be given in the form of money, but only in the form of food and fuwl. The Committee, through its officers, beg most respectfully and most earnestly to appeal to you for help. All contributions will be thankfully received, and officially acknowledged. Subscriptions can be paid in through — The National Provincial Bank of England, The Metro- politan Bank of Wales, or the Treasurer. We have the honour, on behalf of the Com- mittee, to remain, Yours faithfully, W. H. Williams, Chairman, Douglas Hill, Bethesda; John Edwards, J.P., Treasurer, Bethesda; George Brvmpr, C.C Secretary. Bethesda. 2750 JUHI STANSEELD, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, GREAT GEORGE STREET, LEEDS. TO WHEELWRIGHTS. BUY YOUR SPRINGS DIRECT FROM THE MAKER. 1000 PAIRS IN STOCK. CART SPRINGS. Ii inch. „ Eyes Down 2ft 10m x 3 plates up'to 4ft 6ia x 6 plates, prices from 6s to 158 6d per pair. CART SPRINGS. LY inch Eyes Down 3fc x 4 plates up to 4ft 6in x 8 plates, prices from 8s Od to 20s Od per pair. CART SPRINGS. 2 inch Eyes down 3ft x 4 plates up to 4ft 6in x 9 plates, prices from 9S to 24s per pair. CART SPRINGS. 4 2l inch, Eyes down 2ft lOin x 6 plates up to 4ft Sin x 10 plates, prices from 17s to 298 per pair. VAN SPRINGS. IF inch Eyes up 2ft ,8in x 5 plates up to 3ft 6in x 8 plates, prices from 98 6d to 19s per pair. VAN SPRINGS. 2 inch Eyes up 3ft lOin x 5 plates up to 3ft 8in x 9 plates, prices from 10s 6d to 22s per pair. VAN SPRINGS. 21 inch c Eyes up 2ft 10ill x 7 plates to 4ft 6in x 10 plates, prices from 16s 6d to 35s per pair. Mail and Collinge Axles.. Patent and Improved Cart Arms. Swan Neck Scroll Irons. Ii x 38 to 2t x i, prices from 5s 6d to 9s 6d per [set. Dumb Jack, Bridge, Spur, Ell :Flap,. and Globe Scrolls. All aizes kept in stock., Carriage Lamps, Best Quality, from 10s 6d per pair. WRITE FOR ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST Be prepared for the wintry season of the yea and write for Illustrated Price List of Steel Frost Nails, Screws, and Cogs. Illustrated Price Lists of all requisites connected with Wheelwrights, Coach Builders, Blacksmiths, Engineers, Contractors, and Builders, on enquiry. The largest and best selected stock in orkshire. The daily delight of Thousands. I The Tea for all. A. NO HORTEA ANCHOR TEA I, ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA Our great success having brought many imitit- I tions of our packet into the market, we trust that consumers will see the Trade Mark is on every Packet. I TRADE ciiertil ki .I I MARK. 4 1 The Winged Anchor Trade Mark will be on every! packet if the Tea is genuine, and Consumers may rest assured of the quality by noting this. ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA Is 4d, Is 6d, Is lOd, 2s, & 28 4d per Pound. SOLD BY AGENTS EVERYWHERE. M- CAUTION.—Beware of spurious and un- scrupulous imitations of our packets by small local houses throughout North Wales. WMCTW For Agencies apply to the ANCHOR TEA. COMPANY, 22, Beer Lane, & 41, Great Tower-st, London, E.C. TEA! TEA! TEA! y TEA GQREU YDYW Y "CLIO" BRAND (REGISTERED). DTLAI AWB Bydd yn dymuno cael pleser wrth yfed cwpanaid o De da blasus brynuTea y "CLIO BRAND." Mae yn cael ei werthu mewn pacedi yn nnig am bnsiau Is 4c, Is 6c, Is 10o, 28, a 2e 6c y pwys. Os anfonir blaendal telir cludiad 5 pwys ac uchod. T Y Blawd goreu at wneyd bara neu deis- enau ydyw y" CLIO BRAND." Cofiwcb y cyfeiriad lie geUwch brynu y Tea a'r Blawdiau goreu am yprisau iselaf hefyd. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Caws, Jams, Lucky Bags, ac amrywiaeth mawr 0 Oonjeotionery at eu had-werthu. W G. EVANS, 299, HIGH STREET, AND WELL ST., BAN GOB. Telegraphic Address. "Produw," Bugor WINTER PASTURE.-Tantw, Dwyran, Anglesey,—Abundance of food. I Horses, 2s fld per week. Foals, 28 3d. Bullocks, 2s 3d. Yearlings, 2s.—Write to Williams, Ty'nygoedan, Dwyran, Anglesey. 2737h ri^EA VANMAN.—Waited, a Capable .JL Canvasser who can talk Welsh one able to drive preferred. Liberal terms to right man, who can influence trade. Photo, with full particulars and salary eXDaoted.— No 2740, Obsorver" Office. h LLANLLYFÑI SCHOOL BOARD. WANTED, a qualified Assistant Teacher for the Penygroes Boys' School. Salary, JE60. Applications, with four recent testimonials, stating age, qualification, and experience, to be sent to me not later than 'the 30th instant. J. HENRY THOMAS, Clerk. Carnarvon, 5th November, 1896. 2748b TO WELSH BOOK COLLECTORS. FOR SALE.—Br Parry's Welsh Black Letter Bibles. 1620; early issues of Dysgedydd, Drysorfa, Cronicl, Eurgrawn, Seren Gomer, Gwyliedydd, Haul, Lleuad yr Oes, &c., &c.; Welsh Poets, Geiriadu'ron, Bywgraffiadau, and various other Welsh Books, too numerous to mention, now out of print.-Apply, Books, "Genedl" Office, Carnarvon o "As tike as Eggs-women say so." —WINTER'S TALE. Every Meal Made Attractive and Tempting BY THE USE OF BIRD'S CUSTARD i POWDER | A delicious accompaniment to evert i Sweet Dish, Pudding, or Stewed Fruit- all the year round. • WOECCS1 10 TROUBLE! HO RISK I » ;:¡;¡iIII"8"" T"a —MM —AW pi WMG H| CLARK'S I 1 SCOTCH TWEEDS! Send for Prices Lis* once. I A.NY LENCITH CUT. j Patterns sent on approval Post I T REE, on application to— J Lg GLAfllf BROS., Scctct: Twied Manfctr* ,«J A || GALASHIELS, N.B. |K A rents M an tea. Picast nunlton ihis Harcr THE ROYAL NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES: GREAT SUCCESS. NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS FRUIT I FRUIT I FRUIT I WRITE FOB PRICE LIST. FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK The Wholesale Fruit Merchant The Commission Agent, ooks after his own business personally Employs no travelling agents so by this means can sell cheaper Can buy right, so by this means sell right. Ships only sound stuffs guaranteed. Has been brought up in the Fruit an.i Vegetable line.—Life long ex- perience. Serves more people in Wales than any other firm in Liverpool. Serves everybody and anybody at wholesale prices. Keeps all sort of English and Foreign Fruits, Cherries, Plums, &c. The Great Onion Salesman. JOHN FITZPATRICK, WHOLFCSALE MABKET. CAZNEAU STREET, LIVERPOOL. N.B.-Money Orders must in all cases accompany' .Z orders from strangers, or good references to avoid any delay. Please na me this paper 'bou pride, v tseftg ablo to Bitmd. appetumw To& Cake*. a%. A do 14 blt ust atiob"so&l oi3j^?- I r 3 r 0 1 &Xal 4044 -to 1J LIME BTREE I (Within 8 Minutes' Walk of L. and N. W. and Central Stations) SUPERIOR COMMERCIAL AND FAMILY HOTEL, Recently reconstructed, and now under entire new management). FINEST COMMERAL ROOM IN THE I KINGDOM. Commercial Tariff: Bed and Attendance, 2s 6d. SPACIOUS AND* SPLENDIDLY-EQUIPPED RESTAURANT. Moderate Charges. GEO. C. SANDERSON, Sole Proprietor. And Commercial Hotel Workington. 2196 OALlER SYLW AIL AGORIAD Y GWALIA HOTEL UPPER WOBURN PLACE, LLUNDAIN, 0 dan arolygiaeth BERSONOL YB HEN BSBOHENOO, a pherchenog presenol Y GWALIA HOTEL, LLANDRINDOD. Mae y ty uchod wedi ei adgyweirio, ei brydferthu, a'i 4dodrefnu drwyddo o'r newydd. Saif mewn man canolog a chyflem. Telerau rhesymol, Perchenog: MR EDWARD JENKINS. Telegrams: Gwynfa, ".Lonaon ¿ ¡ WEST KIRBY NEW HYDRO- PATHIC HOTEL, 35 MINUTES FROM LIVERPOOL. MAGNIFICENT HYDBO. on banks of the Dee. Splendid inland and sea view; charming viewa of Wales; MILD DRY CLIMATE Tennis, deep sea fishing, "wild fowl shoot- IF»G; CLOSE to HOYLAKE GOLF LINKS Billiards, Baths — Turkish, Russian, Vapour, Electric, Ger- man. Marble, Nanheim, Needle, Sitz, Ascending Spray, Spinal Wave, Medicated Shower, Packing rooms, Salt Water /lunge, Hot, Cold and Sea Water Massage and Medical Gymnastics. Sani- tation perfect. TERMS from 2J Guineas; WEEK ends from 16s. Medical superintendent, Dr Wil- kinson. Tariff and FULL particulars from MaMgweM. 2502b MISCELLANEOUS. WANTED.—A Small House in or near Car- narvon.—Apply, X. GenedP' Office. OR NJOOD~ HOUSEMAIDS," Waitresses, Generals, Nurses, &c., &c., apply to Mrs J« D. W illiams, 1, Ogwen Terrace, Bethesda, North Wales. 2715d 7TENERAL SERVANT WANTED, in quiet U house, country district near London, for family of four (two children). Must be clean, willing, and good-tempered, and have excellent references.—" M," Rose Cottage, Sudbury, Harrow (Middlesex). 27l7h PORTMADOC. A PARTMENTS to be let with or without attend- ance. Comfortable home.— O," Observer Sub-office, Portmadoe. o 2655 AS SEMBLY ROOMS, AMLWCH FOR TERMS, &c., apply to M1 W. H. Thomas, Lewis's Buildinsrs, Amlwch ¥ IVEHPOOL.— SHAFTESBURY TEMPER- I f ANCE HOTEL, Mount Pleasant, n«-ar Central and Lime eiraet Stations, and about ten minutes walk from the Landing ^tage. 100 rooms. Moderate charges. Electric Light. A nrat Class Family and Cmmercia Hotrl. A PARTMENTS.-To all having apartments to A let. Do not have them empty when, for Is (or three weeks, 2s you can have a 30 word ad- vertisement inserted in six newspapers circulating in districts which each year sencl thousands of visitors tu Carnarvon. Name of papers, Leyton, Jbeytonstone, West Ham, W anstead, Woodford, and Forest Gate, Manor Park and Ilford Express and Independsnt. Addrets, Publisher, Independent Office Levtonstone, Essex. DENTIST.—Wanted an Apprentice. Also a Lad, 14 to 16 years of age, for the workshop. Wages, 3s 6d per week.—Apply to R. Ranleigh Jones, L.D;S., R.C.S., Dental Surgeon (opposite Prince of Wales Hotel), Carnarvon. 2768J LONDON Visitors Require Apartments. If you want to let your rooms, send an advertise- ment for insertion in the South Eastern Herald," the Woolwich Herald," the "West Kent Argus," and the Brockley News and New Cross Review." Advertisements appear in the four papers at one price—20 words, 6d; three insertions, Is six insertions, Is 9d; thirteen insertions, 3s 3d; 2d for each; additional eight words for one insertion. Over 60,000 readers in South London. SPECIMEN copy gratis. Head Office—68,J Greenwich Road, London, V3.E. A SAFE FOR CHILDREI. IN #*V<AS OF HOREHOUND. TRIRTY YEARS' REPUTATION. g fSTOPS I COLD J Sold Everywhere. m 2/9 per bottle. fCURESA I COUGHJ A SAFE AND SPEEDY REMEDY For INFLUENZA, and all CHEST & LUNG DISEASES 303, HIGH ST., BANGOR. ROBT. WILLIAMS PAWNBROKER, JEWELLER, OUTFITTER, & GENERAL SALESMAN. j MONEY ADVANCED ON Gold, Silver, Plate, Jewel- leryr, Precious Stones, &0., OLD GOLD, SILVER WAR MEDALS. COINS BOUGHT. i Cash prompt for parcels received by post. Unredeemed pledges for Sale as under. Guaranteed Bargains and excellent value £ 1 Is.—Silver English Lever, capped and jewelled. Worth treble. 48 6d.-White-metal keyless Watch, in good order. 4s 6d.—Hall-marked silver Match Box. 158.—Silver keyless Watch, quite new, keeps ex- vqt time. A real bargain. £ 3 15S.'—Eighteen carat ladies half-hoop Ring, 5 pure white diamonds, cost £ 8 10s. 12s 6d.—Night and day, field, marine, or opera Glass, covered, real Russian leather, 8 lenses. X2 10s 6d.—18 carat gold Brooch, diamond centre, splendid stone. A very massive brooch. £ 15.—Gentleman's large, single stone, lustrous diamond Bing, 18 carat gold setting. Genuine forfeited pledge. 7s 6d.—Set of fish Knife and Fork, bone handles, in cas. 68 6d.—Pair of cuterlass Decanters, perfect con- dition. 12s 6d.—Very old English Accordeon, in perfect condition. 6s 6d.—HH 11-marked silver curb Albert, with silver seal attached. 68 6d to 20s.—Gent's hall-marked silver Alberts. 22s 6d.—Full sized Bedsteads, brass rails, top and bottom, 4ft. 6in. by 6ft. 6in. Forfeited pledge. lis 6d.—Full suit of Oilskins, double through- out, Sou'wester included. ;CIO. -Gold keyless Watch, 18 carat, warranted. Eminent Liverpool maker. All latest improve- ments. 3a 3d.-A pair to clear 50 full-sized Bolton Sheets. 17s 6d.—Best electroplate 4 liquor Goblets and Tray, in oa«e. » 8s 6d.—Best eleclzoplate 6 Serviette Rings, in | case. 12s 6d.-Set of hall-marked Salts and Spoons, in case. The Cheapest Shop in Bangor for GOLD & SILVER WATCHES, CHAINS, RINGS, WEDDING & KEEPER RINGS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Readymade Suits, Trousers, Jackets, Vests, &c. Men's Shirts, wool and cotton, in great variety. Workingmen's Trousers, in drab, white and brown moles, readymade or to order from 4s lid.' Blankets, Quilts, Sheets, at very low prices. Inspection of our large and varied stock is specially invited. NOTE THE ADDRESS- „ 303. HIGH STREET BANGOR. t rfliabe fuks. W. CREAMER & CO.g Fcrs can always be relied upon .Every article being their own manufacture and guaranteed. Being actual M auufacturers they are able to give customers the ad- vantages of a practical kuowledge and experience. All Goods at strictly maker a Prices. W. CREAMER & CO'S Magnificent Stock of Furs and Seal&kin varments Is one of the largest and mof-t attractive in the world. A visit of inspeetion respectfully asked. PRACTICAL FURRIERS & SKIN MER- CHANT S. 56, Fold Street, Liverpool. OR 9 TO "HgyjHjgjSiKnt" VHM JXPRESSIOHFLH^^ W Q&Y ",tOP. It Write for liit oz music and full particular*. (Mention this paper) j. M. DBAPBB, Orfanette Works, Blackburn. f GOVERNMENT ARMS, ACCOUTRE- ME NTS, CL0TH1NC, *T0RES,&C. Government ClothingGreat Coats, j/6; Scartet Tunics, i/3; Jackets, i/r; Grey Capes, x/io; Glengarries, id.; Waterproof Hoods and V^apes, xod. Police Clothing:—Great Coats, 5/6; Trousers, 1/0; Leggings, 2/ Lanterns, 9d.; See. Arms aa actually used by the French during the Franco-PrusBl*n WarChasse- pot breech-loading Rifles, 8/- eacK; Swords, with brass handles and steel scabbards, 1/ Lances, 4/ Navy Police Clothing:—Great Coats, 5/6; Trousers, 1/0; Leggings, 2/ Lanterns, od.; &c. Arms as actually used by the French during the Franco-pruaajsn WarChasse- pot breech-loading Rifles, 8/- ead; Swords, with brass handles and steel scabbards, 1/ Lances, 4/ Navy Boarding Pikes, 3/7 J &c. British Government Camp Equipment: -Army bell Tents, 40-ft. in circumference, with pole, pegs, peg mallet, and i-in. Unas, in bag complete, ready for use, 17/6 each Brown Army Blankets, 7-ft. by 8-in., 1/6; Waterproof Sheets, 3-ft. by 6 ft., x Mess Tins, 3d. j &c. British Government Hamu. Rea", Cart Harness, 41 15s. 6d.; Gear Harness, jCi is.; Trooper's Riding Saddles, complete, 19/6 each; Bridles, a/3; Head Collars. 1/9; Leather Surcingles, 1/3; Nose Bags, ventilv 1:, complete with buckle and strap, 3d. t&c. New HarnessFull-sue Gig, complete, & its.; Demy Hogskin, Riding Saddles, complete, £ x 5s.; etc. Curtaiias, Carpets, fto.:—White Lace Curtains, < yds. long, 50-ins. wide, 2/4 per pair Carpets, c-yds. by 3-yds., 3s. each; Rugs to match, 8a.; sc. O llhutrattd Prist Littfrte on mffRcmHo* U JARPIWB, Nottingham.