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CARNARVON COUNff COURT. I WEDNESDAY.—-Before his Honour Judge' Bi Horatio Lloyd. TRESPASS. Mrs Sarah Jones and Mr D. R. Roberts, Pen- ygroes, sued Mr Henry O. Parry, of the same place, for closing a road which led to the back of Auckland. House, which belongs to Mrs Sarah Jones, and to buildings belonging to Mr Roberts. Mr Lloyd George, M.P., appeared for the plain- tiffs, and Mr Evan R. Davies, Pwllheli, defended. The plaintiffs said that they claimed the use of ibe road according to the lease, and that they have been using it for years, and Mr Jol n Davies and Mr Watkin were called to prove this. The defen- dant said that the part of the road which he had closed belonged to him under the deed by which the ground, on which his house stands was con- veyed to him, and that he had the right of closing it. His Honour gave judgment in favour of the plaintiffs, the defendant to pay 5s damages and all costs. A SHIP'S ACCOUNTS. Mary Williams, Bodlondeb, Portdinorwic, 1). Charlotte Roberts, Menai street, of the same place. —Mr Richard Roberts appeared for the plaiatiff, and Mr D. Lloyd George on behalf of the defen- dant.-The plaintiff, as managing owner of the schooner Menai," claimed the sum of £51178 7d as her share of the profits of 6-16ths of the schooner for the last fii years, the defendant being owner of the remaining shares of the vespel, she being the ship's husband," ajid her husband master of the vessel. Mr R. Roberts stated that the action had been remitted from the High Court to the County Court, the "Menai having in the meantime fonadered in the Sound of Mull. Mr EHis Roberrs, ship broker, Carnarvon, had been appointed by both plaintiff and defendant to prepare the accounts and arbitrate between them. It took him a considerable time to search the accounts, for which plaintiff and defendant paid him, he acting as sole arbitrator between the parties. Upon the presentation of his award, the defendant took exception to the amount found by Mr E. Roberts to be due from her to the plaintiff. Before the action was remitted, Messrs Lloyd George & George, the solicitors for the de- fendant, opposed the award. Mr R. Roberts stated that the case involved a considerable time to vouch the accounts and suggested to his Honour that the matter should be gone into before the Registrar as arbitrator.—Mr Lloyd George asked his Honour to order that the whole of the papers should be left at the office of the Registrar, and that all the items which were not disputed should be agreed upon, so as to reduce the issue to as narrow a compass as possible, ard that Mr C. A. Jones take the disputed items as Registrar of the court.—Mr R. Roberts thought that his Honour would hardly impose this task upon the Registrar, as it would entail some considerable time-that the matter should be referred to the Registrar as arbitrator, for him to present his award to the court. -His Honour remarked that a great deal of consideration was shown towards the Registrar, but none to him, for they were quite ready to keep him there all day (laughter). However, the best thing would be to refer the items in dispute to the Registrar for him to report to the Court, and he made an order accordingly.- Mr Lloyd George then asked His Honour to order that the papers should be left in the court for the inspection of the defendant.—Mr Ellis Roberts mentioned that he had a lien upon the papers for the considerable work which had devolved upon him since his award for attendance upon the de- fendant and her solicitors.—His Honour stated that the lien would hold good, and the papers would be left at the Registrar's Office until the charge was ( paid. —————————=——



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