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MUNICIPAL ELECTIO NS CARNARVON. Polling took place at the British School for the Eastern Ward, and at the Magistrates' Room for the Western Ward. Everything proceeded quietly until the close of the poll at the usual hour, when large crowds of people congregated at both places mentioned, eagerly awaiting the results. The first to be declared was that of the Eastern Waid, where the candidates were Messsrs T. M. Lloyd (C, re- tiring member/, W. G. Thomas (L), T. Wynne (Labour), and J. Ethall (0), the figures being as follows T Lloyd 396 W G Thomas 372 T Wynne 138 J Ethall 82 1 The result was received with hardly any demon- stration, it being a foregone conclusion that the first two gentlemen would be returned. It was a matter of surprise to many that Mr T. Wynne should have received so many votes, and Mr Ethall, who is a staunch Conservative, so few. It was evident that he did not get the support of his party. The plumpers were as follows-Lloyd 144; Thomas 177; Wynne, 42; Ethall 5. In the Western Ward the candidates were Messrs J. R. Hughes (L), R. E. Owen (L), O. Jones (L), Dr G. R. Griffith (0), retiring members, and Mr R. Thomas (C). The result was declared about twenty minutes past nine, as follows:— Richard Thoraas 619 Dr Griffith 453 R. E. Owen 450 J R Hughes 448 <0 Jones 419 By the election of Mr R. Thomas, the I Conservatives gain a seat on the Council, which is now made up of 13 Liberals, 8 Conservatives, and 3 Independents. After the declaration of the poll Mr Thomas was carried shoulder high by a lot of boisterous youths to the vicinity of the Conservative Club, where he de- livered an address. Disappointment was felt at the rejection of Mr O. Jones, who, though he may have only attended the meetings but 11 times, has done more real good to the town than others have done in 52 meetings or can hope to do in twice' that nombtr. The Conservatives would have pre- ferred to see Mr R. E. Owen thrown out because he had the courage and the manliness to show his colours at the time of the election of aldermen. The plumpers were: R. Thomas, 64 Dr Griffith, 20; B. E. Owen, 8; J. R. Hughes, 6; O. Jones, 12. BANGOR. At Bangor the liveliest interest was displayed in the election, the question upon which it was fought being that of town lighting. The present Gas- works are taxed to their utmost, owing to the want of additional storage: cspacity, and the position of the works is such that it is impossible to extend them on the existing site. A section of the Council propose the ictroduction of the electric light as a way out of the difficulty, and the Council at a recent special meeting decided, by a small majority, to apply for a provisional order for the ereotion of electric lighting .works. The other section of the Council support the development of the Gasworks by acquiring additional land, and contend that they are backed by the majority of the electors in opposing the introduction at present of the electric light. Of the retiring members who sought re-election the Mayor (MrJ. E. Roberts) and Mr W. Bayne, in the north ward, oppose the electric lighting scheme, whilst Messrs T. G. Williams and jJohn Williams, in the west ward, and Dr Grey Edwards in the south ward, and Mr W. A. Foster in the east ward, are supporters of that scheme. In the electric light interests Mr David Williams opposed the two retiring members in the north ward. In the remaining wards the retiring members were opposed by Messrs John Pugh and Hugh Jones (west ward), T. J. Humphreys (south ward), and Professor Arnold (east ward), all supporting the development of the gasworks, whose candidatures were supported by the Ratepayers' Association. The polling continued brisk, especially towards the evening, and resulted as follows SOUTH WARD. Dr Grey Edwards, 235; Thomas James Humphreys, 73. BAST WARD. W. A. Foster, 259; E. V. Arnold, 132. NORTH WARD. 'John Evan Roberts, 319; William Bayne, 292; David Williams, 164. WEST WARD. *John Williams, 242 T. Gethin Williams, 237 Hugh Jones, 219; John Pugh, 203. Those denoted by an asterisk are old members. After the declaration of the poll the successful candidates addressed a large crowd by the Town Clock. In the South Ward 309 voted out of 340 on the register, East ward 395 out of 469, North ward, 456, out of 600, and West ward, 462 out of 537.











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