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CAMBRIAN LEAGUE NOTES. (By an old Player.) rsH-lijlii -1 CD p M p < -1- Portmadec 1 [ 1 o[ 0 6 1 2 Dolgelly lj 1 0i 0 6 2 Penygroes. l| 0] 0 1 1 lj 1 Blaenau Festiniog 1 0 ( i 1 l! 1 Barmouth 9, 0 2 0 6 12 0 1 Towyn 0 0 Qj 0. 0 0 C It was Mr Porritt. and not Mr Powell, of Pen- rhyn, who acted as referee in the Portmadoc v Barmouth match. Two more games in connection with the League were played last Saturday, and the enthusiasm is fastly becoming intense. Penygroes visited Blaenau Festiniog, and Dolgelley came over to Barmouth. Towyn have not as yet played a League Fixture. The game at Blaenau Festiuiog was an exciting one. Both clubs were well represented and it is difficult'to sav which is the strongest team. Mr B. Llewelyn Evans. of Portmadoc, refereed with distinct impartiality. The kick off was advertised 2.30, at the Recreation Field, and a fair crowd had assembled to witness the game. The field is a wretched one. and when the weather is unfavour- able I am afraid playing football will be an im- possibility at Blaenau. However, the field is to be improved in many respects, and opposing clubs may in the near future visit Blaenau with the satisfaction of knowing that they will have a game. The play in the first half of the game was of a tame nature, slightly in favour of the visiting team. who lost three or four chances to score. The second half time brought with it a decided im- provement. The home team soou began to press, and in four or five minutes Griffith Morris, who had played a good and steady game, placed them a point ahead. Then there was a change in the visitors' attack. G. P. Roberts, who had hitherto played half-back, taking the place of the centre forward, and in a few minutes scoring. There followed a stiff fight for the lead, the ball visiting each end of the field in turn. Numerous corners were given, but so obstinate was the defence at each end that no further point was notched, the game, when time was called, being drawn with a goal in favour of each eleven. Taking the game through and through, Penygroes, undoubtedly, gsve a better display than their brother quarry- men, and I should not be surprised to find them high up in the League at the close of the season. It is hardly necessary to add that the match was played in a gentlemanly and sportsmanlike spirit throughout, which remark I should be pleased to appead to my notes of the other league match played on Saturday, if that were correct. For the visitors G. P. Roberts, G. J. Jones, and T. C. Parry played well/and H. Williams, their custod- ian, was always ready when called upon. Griffith Morris, G. W. Woods, and W. Thomas, worked well for Blaenan. I think that Dolgelley will be going to Pen- ygroes shortly, and I sball try and see the match. It will. I think, be a toush one, as both, teams are very evenly balanced. The Barmouth and Dolgelley match was another close one. It seems to be me that there is a trifle too much iill feeliug between theae clubs. The fact that they are neighbours, of course, accounts for some partisan enthusiasm, but the conduct of some people at Barmouth on Saturday was alto- gether unwarrantable, and tended to bring this pastime into disfavour in the eyes of our best sup- porters. It is to be hoped that theT e will not be a repetition of such conduct when the return match is played at Dolgelley. Mr J. C. Edwards, of Towvn, refered to every- body's satisfaction, and I was sotry to observe that one of the Dolgelley players deemed it proper to insult him. A suspension for a month or six weeks would not be out of place in such a case. 11 also noticed that Dolgelley did not appear in uniform colours, which is also, I believe, an offence against the regulators of the League. A fair number of onlookers came togethfer to witness -the game, and if they wanted excitement they were amply repaid, but as far as playing football is concerned, I cannot say that they had a r good exposition of the game. Both teams lacked combination, and the game was more like what we were accustomed to see ten years ago-kick and nish. Dolgelley commenced well, and a goal in their favour was registered a few minutes from the start. It was not long, however, before the home eleven equalised. From this point until half time, the visiting team kept the npper hand, and added two goals. Half time score -Dolgflley, 3 Barmouth, 1. Barmouth gave a much better display in the second half, and had they played as well frem the commencement, the game would have been theirs undoubtedly. The visitors scored three more goals, and the homesters added four to theirs, the game thus ending in a win to Dolgelley by 6 to 5. The field was not roped in, and the spectators occasionally interfered with the game by en- croaching. I certainly de not consider that the players are fairly dealt with unless the ground is roped in. If the Barmouth club can not spare the expense, surely they can afford to have a rope ex- tended from corner to corner behind the goals. Even this would be highly beneficial. Next Saturday Portmadoc go to Towyn, and I anticipate a good game. Seeing that Towyn have already beaten Aberystwyth College, I am in- clined to think that they will win on Saturday. Aberystwyth College have,, I am told, applied Mr permission to join the League. Of course, I they are too late, but still they may join next season.







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