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THE GUARDIANS AN I) THE RATE COLLECTOR. The fortnightly meeting of the Carnarvon Board of Guardians was held at the Workhouse on Satur- day, under the presidency of Mr J. J. Evans. of Guardians was held at the Workhouse on Satur- day, under the presidency of Mr J. J. Evans. The following letter, signed by Messrs Henry Hughes, R. M. Griffith, John Roberts, and Edward I Williams, overseers of the parish of Llandwrog, was read:—"We beg to inform you that the district auditor has certified that there is the sum of £442 Is 9d due from Evan Williams, the late assistant overseer. We understand that Evan Williams has entered into a bond with the Guard- ians in the sum of £ 10U0 for the proper discharge of his duties, and that he furnished sureties who have bound themselves to pay kny balances or losses occasioned by Evan Williams. We, there- fore, feel it to be our duty to call upon you to enforce the bond so far as the balance certified by the auditor is concerned." The Clerk (Mr J. H. Thomas) said he had placed the matter before the Finance Committee, and it was their opinion that the Guardians should en- force the bond. M. T. W. Williams asked if any report had been made by the auditor upon the matter. I The Clerk No, only a certificate. Mr T. W. Williams thought it would be advisable to refer the matter to a committee. Mr J. Menzies What are the legal obligations of the Board ? The Clerk The Board have nothing to do with the collection of the rates. The bow provides that the assistant overseers appointed by the parishes should enter into a bond with the Guardians, who, if the auditor certifies that a certain amount is due, are to enforce the bond. Mr J. Menzies: Suppose these sureties were to fail or run away ? The Clerk: The parish of Llandwrog will have to make good the amount. It will not fall upon the Union in any way. £ J The Chairman: The overseers of the parish of Llandwrog ask us to put the bond in force. The Rev O. Williams: And if we do not the blame will be attached to us. Mr D. P. Williams: I think this is a matter for the parish of Llandwrog to take into consideration. We baveonly to admirister the law, and we are merely intermediaries between the parish and the bondsmen. If there is any irregularity, I think the parish should move in the matter and not the Board. Mr J. Menzies: How is it that the system of audit is so deficient that a man is able to defraud the public to such an extent ? Has it gone on for years ? The Clerk: I do not know. Mr T. W. Williams suggested the advisabilisy of placing the matter before the parishioners in order that they might pronounce their opinion upoa it. Three of the sureties were responsible for £ 320,andif the Guardians were to enforaa the bond they would in all probability deprive these men of even their beds. Undoubtedly the subject ought to be the consideration of somebody in addition to the four overseers. Mr R. B. Evans thought they would create a ba 1 impression on the other parishes if they did not enforce the bond. The Rev Mr Davies said that the present diffi- culty proved that the Board ought to dispense with individual sureties and compel the assistant overseers to find a guarantee society as surety. Mr J. R. Jones suggested that the parishioners should levy a voluntary rate to wipe off the deficiency. Mr H. M. Jones said he knew of many people in the parish who would be willing to a voluntary rate being made in order to help the sureties out of their present difficulty, and he, therefore, sup- ported the suggestion made that the matter should be left in the hands of the parishioners. After further discussion it was resolved, on the motion of Mr D. P. Williair s, that the parishioners be informed that the Board had adjourned the father consideration of the matter .for a fortnight, and that in the meantime the local guardians should endeavour to bring ubout a satisfactory settlement of the difficulty. A committee was appointed to enquire into the bonds of the assistant overseers in all the parishes in the Union._


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