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THE GREATEST SUCCESS MODERN T!A ,ES! liXJS'. f.r- S ADOKESiSiiS HdSlHici THEY ARE MORE THAN GOOD TO MEN THSY SAVED MY T.TFE. Rra-l this. It will repay you a thousand tolal vou suffer PAIN in the BACK, and LOINS, or between the SHOULDERS, this remedy will effectually fflplQVQ thciflt If you are troubled with IRRITATION of the BLADDER, SUPPRESSION and RETENTION of the WATER, S^QNE, or GR WBL, the ONLY S&FE and EFFECTUAL REMEDY OFFERED TO THE WORLD is QEC'RGE S PILE and GRAVEL PILLS If **ho "Vater is HIGH COLOURED, THICK, and depositing mach SEDIMENT, lose no time Drocurea box of GBORGEV3 PILLS, and you will soon be RIGHT again. °80 Q° TLME' PROCURE A Ifyoar KIDNEYS and LIVER are sluggish and out of > rder, this Remedy will gently STIMULATE these important organs, open their CLOGGED P ASS AGES, and promote the secretion of HEALTHY BILE and other VITAL FLUIDS. If you are a martyr TO INDIGESTION, BILLOU3NES3, ad CONSTIt ATION, you have a SURE remedy in (I FORGE'S PILLS. If you saffer from any Bowel Disorder such as PILES, ^OINSTIPATION FLATULENCE, COLIC, you have her a Remedy you can always rely upon. If vou suffer from PALPITATION and are afraid that your H £ ART a affected, vou will find these Pills an EFU ICACIOUS REMEDi. If you suffer from HEADACHE and GIDDINESS George'? Pills will remove these PAINS sooner than any other known medicine. If you have PAIN AFTER EATING, and feel DROWSY an i L.dTLESS, one Dose of George's Pills will act like a charm If your FOOD TURNS SOUR-md rises into the moutn, a tew doses of this Remedy will make your troubles a thing of the past. If you feel NERVOU3. EXCITABLE, and LOW 3PI3,1 F- perfect ANTIDOTE will be found in George's Pills. If yoa have a DISAGREEABLE TASTE in the moath, a SlNGLii DOSE of George's Pile and Gravel Pills at oed-time will clear the tongue before the dawn of another cUy. If SLEEV fails to give you REST try George's Pills. They will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, and REVIVE your STRENGTH. Y B' If you feel unfit for EXERTION, WEAK, and LIMP, this Remedy will RESTORE your ENERGY and STRENGTH, and will make Labour and Exercise the ENJO YMENT of your life. If yo are troubled with NAUSEA and VO^-AING at the thought of eating, a box of Georere'A Pills will make your meat and drink boLh SAT OUPY and PLEASANT, °' If your BLOOD s impure, WILL keep ..pen all the important outlets of the body and thus give free exit tIO all GROSS HUMO and no more BLvOD IifPQiilTIES will be seen bursting throuerh the bkin in PIMPLES, BLOTCHFC ,SORES, or BOILS. ° In thousands of cases has removed from the Blood, root and branch, RHEUMATIC, SCORBUTIC and SCROFULUS TAIN13 that had defied all other Remedies. If you have a tendency to DROPSICAL SWELLINGS, this remedy, by its action u}:Jn the KIDNEYS and SKIN, will soon bring Relief. If you have DIFFICULTY of BREATHING, this Remedy will prove a triend to youiin the hour need. It is APERIENT and therefore will remove CONS HPATION) It is ANTIBILIOUS, and will, therefore, correct all irregularities of the LIVER] It is DIURETIC, and will, therefore, keep open the WATER PASSAGES. Ie is TONIC, and will, therefore, give ION and VIGOUR to the DIGESTIVE ORGANS. It is BLOOD-PURIFYING and NERVE STRENGTHENING. It is, therefore, ALL YOU WANT. THESE WORLD RENOWNED PILLti ARE SOLD EVERYWHERE Tja Boxes, Is l|d and 2s 9d each. By Post, Is 3d and 3s. PROPRIETOR-J. E GEORGE, M.B.P.S., HIRWAELN AMERICAN AGENT:—R. D. WILLIAMS, Chemist, Plymouth, Pn. Wondertul Medicine. For Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Sick Headache, Giddiness, Fulness and Swelling after meals, Dizziness and Drowsiness, Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, &c. THE FIRST DOSE WILL GIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES. This is no fiction. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one Box of these Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be WORTH a GUINEA A BOX. BEECHAM'S PILLS, taken as directed, will quickly restore females to complete health. They promptly remove any obstruction or irregularity of the system. For a" cWedk, Stomach; Impaired Digestion; Disordered Liver; they act like magio :—a few doses will work wonders upon the Vital Organs; Strengthening the muscular System; restoring the long-lost Complexion bringing back the keen edge of appetite, aad arousing with the ROSEBUD OF HEALTH the WHOLE PHYSICAL ENERGY of the hnman frame. These are "faets" aamitted by thousands, in all classes of society, and one of the best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitated is that Beteham s Pills hate the Largest Sale of any Patent Medicine in the world. Full directions with each box. -Itnpared eesfy by THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire, England. Sold everywhere in Boxes, 9sd., Is. ljd., and 2s. 9d. each. HOLLOWArs PILLS & OINTMENT THE BEST MEDICINES FOR FAMILYFUSE. N ——————-—————————— THE PILLS purify the Blood, correct all disorders of the internal' orgius, and are invaluable in all complaints incidental to Females. THE OINTAfiiNT is the nu>3t reliable Remedy for Chest aad Thro it A. ecrion, Bheu- matism, Stiff Joints, Old Wounds, Sores, Ulcers, and all Skin Diseases. Manufactured only at 78, NEW OXFORD STREET, LONDON. sold by all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. N.B. Advice gratis at the above address, daily, between the hours of 11 and t, or by letter. =; STILL IN THE FRONT. T E R W E R I N, PURE TEA & COFFEE. SALES INCREASING WEEKLY FBOM HUNDREDWEIGHTS TO TONS fiEALTH R^ < — {; Nutritive, anal jpi-estible- The t Retained when all other Foods are rejected. It | Deserving of the HIGHEST prais I is invaluable."—London Medical Record. | Practitioner. I j Senger's Foodf: 'old in Tins by Chemists, etc., everywhere. 8AVE3 HAND-LABOUR. A T?5% I /ENUS SOAP; W MM! JL W WASHES EVERYTHING- JI H ST YT H EJ PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT, ESTATE AGENT, AUCTIONEER,* AND VALUER. OFFICE —39, BANGOR STREET, CARNARVON. Sales of every description undertaken. Inventories and Valuations made. 'Probate, Administration, Bankruptcy and other Accounts prepared. Loans and Mortgages negotiated' Auditor for the Carnarvon Corporation, Carnarvon Harbour T. ustees. ancl other Societies and Companies. DRUNKENNESS CURED WITHOUT the knowledge of the Patient It is the most certain and inexpensive Cure. It is perfectly harmless, and tasteless if given in a cup of tea, coffee, or any food. It never fails. It has cured and restored happiness in thousands of families. It cures cases of however long I standing in men or women. Remedy sent for Is 3d, post free. Mr DEACON, Medical Botanist, York Housft. 265, High road, Tottenham, London. A SAFE INVESTMENT. GOOD SECURITY. THE SWANSEA IMPERTAl. PERMANENT BUILDIIsG SOCIT TY is prepared to RECEIVE MONET in sums of JE50 a d upwards. The Interest is paid regula ly eaah half-year; cur rent rhtes on application. The society is old-established (1878), and has always enjoyed the fulles4: confidence of the public, and is doing a good and safe First-Class Mortgage Business. Fullest particulars free on application to the Secretary, HENRY F. HOOD, St. James' Crescent, 8 C RUPTURECUREDO™^ (J T O HERMAN, Hernia Specialist, lends his new w Book of fall information, port free, 7<L 64 & 26 SFFIYFFIK TOOTHACHE CURED INSTANTLY BY TATT\TRIIN I Prevents Decay, aves RTTNl Fih S Extraction, U U 11 L IJI kJ Sleepless Nights Prevented. Neuralgic Headeache and Nerve ^1 TTT \7 T? Pains removed by 3unter's IV Hi 11 V 1 l\ Ci Nervine Of all Chemists, Is ljd. (twing to the extensive decay in two double teeth I suffered for days excruciating pain. I was recom- I mended to try Bunter's Nevine. I did so. To my joy, the pain quickly and entirely ceased. I have since repeatedly derived thegreatest posslblerelief in severe neuralgic headache from four to five drops of Butter's Nervine,taken upon a lump of white sugar'^ — Rev Anbury C. Price, B.A. (late Fellow of ft etc Cohege, Oxford). Fret and Sweat Saved. ,o Comfort enhanced by using YEA8T. Try it and prove it. With this nneqnaJled Home Manu- factured Yeast, the finest Bread, Bans, Tea Cake*, &c-T can be nnfailingly produced with ordinary care. The Baker counting his make by many sacks weekly, and the House- wife using a stone of flour or less weekly, are equaUy Mtisfied and delighted with II D.C. I. Yeast. Ask for D.C.L" always. Use it always. If yon can- not get it in your neighbourhood, send us Four Penny Stamps for Sample and Book of novel and useful recipes. Srtt Mattu/acturtrs:— THE DISTILLERS CO., Limited, EDINBURGH. Shopkeepers selling D.C.L." are recommended M W Showcaidi, t* be obtained frOM all AgwH. WHITE STAR LINE. KOYAL MAIL STEAMERS. jIVERPOOL to NEW VORK, via Queeastow- every Wedntsdav. -TEUTONIC. Dee 18, 1895 BRITANNIC Dec 25, 1895 Cotton not Carried on Passenger Steamers. Second Cabin will be carried on the voyape marked thus* STEERAGE PASSAGE at Lnw rates Outfit free of charge to New Vork. Bc-aton, Potlg delphia, and Baltimore. The splendid vessels of ^bif -Lie are nil of the largest c'ass, uniform in model »nd arrangements, and unsurpassed in the lompleteaesfe of their appoin'ments. Saloon and Stateroom amidships. Ar.ilv to R. Owen, Ship and Insurance Broker, and W. J. vVilliams, 7, Market street, C a narvon; M. Goldie, 217, High street, Bangor;). E. Parry, late merchant, Dolwyddelen and 3laen&u Fesciniog; William D. Jones, Old Bauk. Jolyhead; William M. Jones, Church street, Llan efni; R. n. Roberts, Rock Cottage, Penygro s, R.O., Talysarn; W. 0 Williams. Globe Shoe Ware louse, Liarrwet; or to ISMAY, IMRIE, and Co., 34, 'jeadenhall ptreet, London, E.C., and 10, Water-ire«t, Liverpool. AMERICAN LLNE SOUTHAMPTON—NEW YORK SERVICE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW YORK DIRECT Every SATURDAY. Highest Class of Accommodation for Saloon, Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers. Steerage Outfit Free. LIVERPOOL-PHILADELPHIA SERVICE. EVERY WEDNESDAY. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA Calling at Queenstown every Thursday. Steerage Outfit Free. Passengers and goods are landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvama J Railroad, which has the Shortest and most Direct Route to all places in theWettern States. Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE & Co.. I Southampton or Liverpool, Or to LOCAL AGENTS — Messrs W. J. Wil- liams, 7, Market street; Richard R Stythe, 39 Bangor street, Carnarvon T. S. Ingr,am, 3. High-street, Ebenezer W. T. Jones Pwllheli E Jones, 173, High-street, Bangor U. Hughes, 8, Ma ket street, Amlwch; H. J. Willianic, bouglas Tetrace Richard Roberts, Old Post 0ffie6, Bethesda; 0. Jones, Old Post Office, Penygroee W. Jones, Rosehill-s-treet, Conway; J. T Williams, Meirion Terrace, Blaenau Festiniotj; T. Evans & Co., Station Chambers, Rhyl; 'J. R. Statia. Stutien Hoad, Colwyn Bay. ESTABLISHED IN 1856. FOR THE PROTECTION of TRADE ST UBBS' MERCANTILE OFFICES (STUBBS' Ltd.), 42, Gresham Street, LONDON, E.C. Subscribers, by obtaining timely information, may AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. EVERY TRADER SHOULT) READ STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE, With which is issued a Supplement containing LISTS OF CREDITORS Under All the Important Failures. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS Contain more than srf EIGHT MILLION ENTRIES DEBTS RECOVERED PROMPTLY And paid over to Subscribers on Tuesday and Friday in each week. ■RPANCHES at Aberdeen, Birmingham, Brad- ford Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, CHARLES SpS'fET CHAMBERS, CARDIFF, 1 and 2 IwANSEA ARCADE SWANSEA, Cork, Dub- lin Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow Hull, Leeds, Liverpool London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nor- wich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Shef- fieST7B-OFFICES.—Blackburn, Cambridge, Derby, Exeter, Gloucester, Grimsby, Halifax, Hanley, TWdersfield, Ipswich, Leicester, Limerick, Lon- donderry, Middlesbro', Newport (Mon.), North- ampton, Oxford, Preston, Reading, Southampton Stockton-on-Tees, Sunderland, Swansea, Walsall, Waterford, Wolverhampton, Worcester, York, tEKMS.—JB1 Is, £ 2 2s, £ 3 3s, £ 5 5s, according to requirements. PROSPECTUS forwarded on application to aay of the aboveoffices x ONE FACT WORTH A THOUSAND OPINIONS THE ENORMOUS INCREASING DEMAND FOR I x rrUDOR JVLLLIAMS1 BALSAM OF H()NEY HAVE YOU TRIED IT? IF NOT, THEN TRY IT NOW MY DEAR FRIEND. Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey. Thousands of Children have been Saved from an Untimely Death by the prompt use of TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY. No Mother should neglect to keep this infallible Remedy in the house ready for any emergency. Remember that it is wiser to che,. k a slight Cough at the commencement than to allow it to develop into a lingering complaint. Ask distinctly for Tudor Williams Balsam of Honev and see that you get the right article Thousands of Children Cured from Whooping Cough and Bronchitis when all other remedies fail Persons suffering from Difficulty of Breathing should give it a trial. ° READ ON. NOW COMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AND STMOEOVB When you are distressed with a miserable cold bunged up, throat sore, limbs aching with » n08<! feeling of smoothering, a few doses of the Eoney will clear the wretched symptoms awav before you know it. There is nothing like it • market; it is thoroughly up to date; it trickles „ the system. A true friend, prompt and reliable JUST ANOTHER WOR^ When you ask or send for Tudor Wilham < Balsam of Honey, do not allow anybody to you to purchase something else. If yOU Pursuade throw off the genuine article and take on s^mPly one. Wonderful Cures daily. Thonaar.^ ,8, *alse monials to hand from all parts of the world ^esti- KEAD ON FURTHER SPONTANEOUS TESTIMONY WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDERATION SIR,—My wife desires me to sav thnf Williams' Balsam of Honey has proved a n?°Ur r^U(^or medicine in our large family (eight childre ?8t Valuahle as a cough or a cold makes its appearan 80011 Tudor's Balsam is at once administered ^ose of ment is followed up until the cold disar^l lts treat- using the Balsam in our family the child^ar?; prostrate with colds for several weekf h + Ve ^een taking doses, as directed, they seem to suff now- ^7 inconvenience. During the short time th*7^ery little them the action of the Balsam is marvell *8 uP°n little ones take it readily and ask for mor °U8' an<* Brett, C.M., Headmaster Severn TunrLel Se-h W-iter J I Marsh 16th, 1892 nei School. I READ ON STILL FURTHPtj THE PUBLIC SPEAK HTQHLV TR- OVER THE WORLn 1T ALL Dowlaif, GluMorlan, T I • Dear Sir,—I must write to say thoi. 1892. Williams' Balsam of Honey for Oo«»h ■ ^°Ur Tudor ever had in the house. My boy DAvW 'V'16 We which ►hook him from top to toe, Co i a cough nights for it, and neither could anyon b 8'eeP at house sleep beoHUbe of his baikin^. *er e'8e the the Balsam af Honey positively cured if-W of wonderful cure.—David Joaes. (J,- > it ia a I Merthyr Tydvil." Sh Constable Sold by ah Chemists and Stores all ov < Is, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d bottles. Saiaple w+re ^orld in paid for Is 3d, or 3s from the Patents sent post ,t D. TUDOK WILLIAM* MEDICAL HALL. ABERD^S. j H. SAMUEL'S lA/fi'MARVEL' 1U/0 WATCH. STARTLING AND INCREDIBLE! In well-finiahed, splendidly strong case, chased, or plain j as preferred; Looks equal to REAL SILVER. Similar to Watches often sold in shops at JB5. Goes to one-fifth of a second. Forwarded with key and full printed instruc- j tions, Safe and free by post this month on receipt of 10/6. If not approved, send it back and the full amount will be refunded. A handsome ALBERT CHAIN ENCLOSED FREE if this announcement is sent with "k the order. TRAVEL THE WORLD TO CirauTir IDISCOVER such value. H. Samuel's fiurric«<5 frenowned "Acme" Watch, a gigantio success. Highly finished J-plate, jewelled movement. Specially strengthened plates. Accurately Jilted protective dust excluding cap. Strone SflLin STERLING SILVER CASES, stamped. LADY'S size, richly engraved and Dial elegantly tinted or plain. For- warded Post Free (Registered) a few hours after receipt of order, with Key, full instructions, and FIVE YEARS' WARRANTY. Worth 3 guineas. H. Samuel's Price. 25s. A Handsome Free Prize included this month. Magnificent and perfect. H. SAMUEL'S WORLD-FAMED ENGLISH LEVER, absolutely unparalleled. Interchangeable, jewelled movement, Chronometer Balance, adjusted for heat and cold. PATENT SAFETY WINDING PINION. H. SAMUELS "IMPREGNABLE" damn and dust- FesistlnecajJj^ Timed to a second. uxtra MASSIVE SOLID SILVER rasesJ CQVERNMFMT Government Hallmarked, crystal glast) FIVE YEARS' WARRANTY. Worth I GUARANTEE. T5.5s.,H.SAM0EL sprice £ 2.12 6. A Month's Free Trial allowed. Full amount returned if dissatisfied. A Splendid Free Prize with each. FULL PRIZE LIST sent on a separate sheet with H. SAMUEL'S splendid royal quarto CATALOCUE of nearly 1,500 Artistic } engravings and Marvellous Reductions. Gold Brooches, 36; Gold Scarfpins, 1/6; Watebes, 7/ .e el Alberts, 1/ Household Cutlery and Plate in guaranteed quality. Hundreds of Remarkable Testimonials. This j splendid Book of Bargains sent Free to any address. f TAKE WARNING! Common and worthless Watches glut ? the market in imitation of H. SAMUEL'S celebrated Watches and are dear at any price. Send for the BEST VALUE IM i THE WORLD direct to H. SAMUEL. I H. 8AMUEL'S CELEBRATED WATCHES. 1 Reader of the.. < MSSRKVER & RX LJRFC;SST> SPECIAL FREE BONUS AWARDS. .THIS COUPON sent with the order entitles THE purchaser tol 1 either of the Watches described above at the reduced PRICES quoted, and abø recelue with each, during the next 21 days, a Special Handsome and Valuable Free Gift. M stated above, in accordance with the list enclosed with H. SAmusi: j uuutruted Catalogue. (Signed) H. SAMUEL, Manchester. Sterling Silver "Acme" Watches 25s. Od. j Magnificent English Lever Watches £ 2. 12s. 6d, I V H. Samuel's Marvel" Watch 10s. 6d. 1"O. Orders to be payable to H. Samuel, at General Post Office, | Manchester. I H CiMTTrT J Largest English Watch Manufacturer. 97,99,101. 89.12I> Market St., Manchester!. | — .4 MOSEY LENT PRIVATELY To Farmers, Tradesmen, Lodging-house keepers, and others, in sums of £ 10 up to jEoOO, ON BORROWERS' OWN NOTE OF HAND, without sureties, at much lower rates than usually I charged. Repayments arranged to meet Borrow- ers' requirements. Extensive business done for 25 years past. NO BILLS OF SALE TAKEN. For prospectus and terms apply personally or i write to F J j GEORGE PAYNE, Accountant, J 3, Cresceht Road, Rhyl. Head Office:- 20, Kennedy Street, Manchester. | Established 1870. MONEY JLiiiiiNX PRIVATELY. J^HE CHARING CROSS BANK Established J_ 1870), 28, Bedford street, Charing Cross, London, W.C. Assets £ 465.0 2 5 0 > Liabilities. lb5,C5250 < Capital and Reserve 300,000 o C Advances made upon approved Promissory Notes Loans of £ 30 to £2,OUO granted at a few hours notice in town or country, male or female, on mortgage af furniture, trade and farm stock, plant, crops, &c., j without removal; also on deeds, policies, and reversions, stocks, shares, and merchandise of every description. Special facilities to all requiring banking accounts. Three per cent, interest allowed on the minimum monthly balances of Current Accounts when not drawn below JE20 Deposits of £ 10 and upwards received on terms as under: 4 per cent, per annum, subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal. withdrawal. 5 „ > 6 6 „ » -2 Special terms for larger amounts Interest paid quarterly, free of Income Tax. Depositors have no liability whatever, and are amply secured. Write or call for prospectus. A WILLIAMS, ^VTSI.^ISRIIR A LIVERPOOL &ENTLEMAN having a lal-ge i amount of uninvested capital at his command, ,) will LEND same in the strictest urivacy in tsump ct JE20 TO jElOOO to ary respectable person (male or femala) in ay I parrot the Unit d Kingdom, on the security wf their I OWN WRITTEN PROMISE TO REPAY, without sureties, r'el y, or law charges. Also oir dteds, mortgages, »nd dock bonds. AT 5 PER CENT. INTEREST. The amonub borrowed can be reptid by easy in s*a!ments> expending ov"r a period t f from oue to five jeara, or capital can remaiu so loog as the in. ter. st is paid. As this < ffice is a boua-i fie private concern, and not connected wnh any loan office it is requested that habitual borrowers will not Kpply For further partioula-s call or wd o to the actuil lender, WILLI^M CAMERON, Melville C ambars 50A, Lord St>eet, Liver- ool. Telegfams ■!< VNAME Liverpool j Tel^phf! eN". 1197. HUY RAPHAEL'S Ai MANAC EUR 1896. CON rAINS Hints to Farmers and Gardeners- t birthday Information for every day, and the Fate of any Child born during the year. V\ hen to buy, sell, court, marry, set fowls, fish, hire servants seek employment, speculate, bake, brew, travel re- move, or do anything else. The best ) Almanac published. 128 pages, price 6d, post free 'd' Raphael's Book of Fate. Is. Raphael's Book of Dreams, Is, Foulsham, 4, Pilgrim Street, Ludgate Hill E.C and all Stationers and Bookstalls. EG6S i SOMETHING QUITS NJiiW. We manufacture only one article, and were it no good we sh uld lose your custom, our own money and have to close our factory. CUNNIMvH aM'S DKSLCCATEI; E G FC-Oi) MAKES DELICIOUS CAKES AND CUS- TARDS. Packet equal to 36 eggs, Is. Trial Packet (with choice Recipes) equal to 12 eggs, 6d. Certified Pure and Effective.—LAWKE.VCE BEIAXT, I' I'.C.8., F.R.M.S. The advantage of IJUNNINGHAM'S DESICCATED EGU FOO ■ > over Custard Powder is, it not only makes richer Custard, but can be used in place of eggs for making cakes. J SOLD BY GROCERS AND THE STORES. Wholesale: Cunningham Man'i'g Co., 11, Licnt street, London E.C | lV POoL. oHAFTESBUKY TEMPiiR- I ANCE HOTEL, Mount Pleasant, near Central hndLim- street Stations, and about ten minutes walk from the Landing Stage. 100 rooms. Moderate charges. fcHectric l.ight. A First lass F«toi.'y, aod Commercial Hotol ( pkd,,pera w, I U b<.at hsaor m-nt and lowest prices at Milli' g' °1' I Hounds difcrjb, Li n on. Clocks, watches, knives j coomr. t. pens pipes, (jur-:es, violins,accord ansJubilee Jew^ilery 1'iuetr.ilJBl (Catalogues to be had free. Established 1875 "g^FMItfRATinN! ALL who desire information tbout ranada, the North West Territories, and British Columbia, should write to # ALLAN BROTHERS & CO., 19, "antes Street, LIVERPOOL, for their Handbook of Information, WHICH IS SENT FREE. THE DAILY DELIGHT OF THOUSANDS. I THE TEA FOR ALL. f 1 ANCHOR TEA i ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA | ANCHOR TEA oua GREAT SUCCESS HAVING BROUGHT MANY IMITATIONS OF OUR PACKET INTO THE MARKET. WE TRUST THAT CON- SUMERS WILL SEE THE TRADE MARK j IS ON EVERY PACKET. i » i 1 TRADE < I TJ* ^l' r MARK -1w, THE WINGED ANCHOR TRADE MARK WILL BE ON EVERY PACKET IF THE TEA IS GENUINE. AND CONSUMERS MAY REST ASSURED OF THE QUALITY BY NOTING THIS ANCHOR TEA IV ANCHOR TEA ANCHOK TEA ANCHOR TEA PER Is 4d, Is 6d, Is lOd, 2s, and 2s 4d POUND SOLD BY AGENTS EVEKYWHERE For Agencies apply to the ANCHOR TEA COMPANY, 22, Beer-lane, and 41, Great Tow street, London, E.C. ass DR. JONES, D.D.S. (*)■ &0- I SURGEON DENTIST, I Opposite the Market, Bangor. DR. JONES visits LLANGEFNI every THURS- DAY, at Lledwigan- oad. LLANERCIIYMEDD from 10 to 1, and AMLWCH | from f> to 5, with Mr T'tighes, Stationer, 8, Market street, TUESDAYS, May 21st, June 18th, and July 16th. EBENEZER AND LLANBERis, First TUESDAY after I Pay-day. I BETHESDA, First TUESDAY after Pay-day. BANGOR every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays. HAMILTON &- JOIN ES, A.P.S., L D.A.S., From LONDON, Apothecaries' Sail, Market Place, BABGOR ALALALALALALA Our Mail ► Order Dept. Serves purchasers > at a distance as f well as if they came to the shop in person. 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Testimonials from al parts. Ooiy on trial <-olicited.—Apply to W. boddy, BI adord I Y Boxes by pes ji ii ±iuuAi«, A!IT.~W C H FOR TEEMS, &c., apply to Mx W. H. Thouiaa Lewis's Buildings, Amlwch I A TRILOGY OF BOOKS ABOUT WALES: ITS HISTORY, LEGENDS, FOLK-LORE, FTFE I By MARIE TREVELYAN. %W Li L-1 Lll:j lilh 999AD6 15= I I I -1 1 I. Dedicated by gracious permission to Her Royat Highness The Duchess of York. GLIMPSES OP WELSH LIFE AND CHARAC- TER. Crown 8vo. 408 pages, vellum cloth, illuminated, price 6s.; gilt edges, 6s. 6d. "There are stories of ancient supersti- tions and customs, of poets aud musicians,, of pioneers of dissentr of eccentric persons, of folk-loreand ghosts, some of which are new to us, and, new or old, are told in a spirited style. Spirited also- are the pictures of religious festivals, of the old Welsh Tory Gentleman, the Welsh farmer, the hiring fair, the Eisteddfod, and other national products and institutions."—Saturday Review. Glimpses of Welsh Life and Character has been a theme of admiring conversation since the first day of its appearance."— iFestem Mail, Cardiff. No longer can it be said that gallant little Wales is without its historian. Altogether a delightful book. "-Briyhton Herald. II. Dedicated by permission to the Right Hav1 >■>. Lord Windsor, Lord Lieutenant of Glamorgauslure. FROM SNOWDON TO THE SEA: Stirring Stories of North and South Wales. Crown 8vo. 432 pages, cloth, emial^zoiied, price 6s. gilt edges, 6s. üd. This is one of the best collections of Welsh tales we have yet seen. It is a book which every lover of romance should purchase."— Newcastle Chronicle. Rich in the traditions, folk-lore, and romances which have been woven into stories by this able authoress. "-Hheffielcl Independent. The stories are told with much patriotic en- thusiasm, and are gay with a local colour, which adds greatlyto their realism.Bradford Observer. These tales have the additional merit of being a real contribution to an understanding of Wales and its people." -Newcastle Leader. (:) III. Dedicated to the Immortal Memory oj Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, last Native Prince of Wales. THE LAND OF ARTHUR: Its Heroes and Heroines. Crown 8vo. 440 pages, cloth, illuminated, price 6s. gilt edges, 6s. 6a. We warmly commend the book. Get it at once. It is as interesting as a fine novel, and in- finitely more instructive. Here is a text-book for day schools on Welsh patriots and warriors. Let the Cymru Fydd' Society help its circulation beyond the Principality. The work will tench the Saxon that the Celts are the original inheritors of this country-the grand old Britons."—Dundee Courier. There is much that others besides historical students will find of interest in this popular ac- count of the early annals of the Principality."— Daily Telegraph. Never deficient in spirit and colour."—Glasgow Herald. "This volume completes the Trilogy of books about Wales, and all readers of Glimpses of Welsh Life and Character,' and 'From Snowdon to the Sea,' will promptly avail themselves of the opportunity to renew acquaintance with an author whose intense enthusiasm and wide range of his- torical and traditionary lore are matched by a singularly fascinating and picturesque style."— Manchester Courier. "Any one who has read and loved George Borrow's works will find in Miss Trevelyan's books the record of a later Wales up to date. She has a keen and enthusiastic eye for local character and traditian. To.Datl. Marie Trevclyan has again shown her anxiety to celebrate, in a fitting style, the notable per- sonages and incidents of the earlier history of Wales."—Brighton Herald. Full of old-world romance and chivalry."— Christian World. 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