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FJESTINIOG UNION BOARJPOF* GUARDIANS. The Board met at the Workhouse,Minffordd,on ruesday, Mr John J ones, Ynysfor, being chairman, iiid Mr Owen Jones, vice-chairman. MISCELLANEOUS. Caroline Lewis had returned into the house. A. few weeks ago she was taken to Penmachno to service, at the request of a certain party, who had since got tired of her. Richard Evans took com- passion upon the girl and sent her back to the workaoase. not knowing where else to send her. The guardians condemned the conduct of the first party, but highly praised what R. Evans had done. Dr J. R. Jones, the house doctor, said that the girl was still suffering from an old complaint. She would probably get better by being attended to in the house.—An old woman at Portmadoc was still addicted to drink. The other day she was found in the woods near Tremadoc, sleeping with an empty bottle on her bosom. The Chairman said that the attention of the police ought to be called to such a case. Mr C. Roberts said that be was sure if he were found drunk aud asleep in some woods that the police would soon have him up.-It was resolved to draw the attention of the Pwllheli Board of Guardians to the case. The woman be- longed to Pwllheli.—Nurse Roberts was leaving, and she asked for a recommendation, which was at once given her. Mr C. Roberts said that she had done her work very well and very kindly. Nurse Williams commenced her duties the same day. She was called before the Board, and the Chairman and Mr William Jones gsve her some very good advice. Mr William Jones said that the state of the wash house was so bad that unless something be done to it at once a fever would break out. It was resolved to attend to the matter at once. THE HOUSE MISUSED. Robert Roberts, a young man, whose mother and sister were in the house,came before the guard- ians. Replying to the Chairman and others, he said that he had been in service and had used the uoney he had earned to pqy for his clothes. There were £ 2 2s remaining. He had a watch and a guard.-The Master said that the young fellow had come to the house complaining of being un- well.—The Chairman said to R. Roberts that the board had power to send him to gaol if he did not go out to seek work. The money he had in his possession should go towards paying for lodging* in the house. Such men as he should be put in the labour cells. -Mr O. Jones proposed that the man should pay for his own lodgings as well as those of his mother.—Mrs Morgans raised an im- portant question. She said that Mrs Casson and herself had not seen the name of this man down. Mrs Morgans condemned making the house a place for people to come and spend their holidays in. There were many ratepayers at Fes- tiniog aud elsewhere who struggled hard to live, and it was cruelty to make them pay rates towards keeping such men as R. Roberts.—It seems that the man had come there because his mother was in the house.—The Chairman advised that in future all such people's names should be entered in a book. BONA-FIDE CASUALS. A request was received to the effect that the Board should support an application that the rules governing casual paupers should be so altered as to enable Boards of Guardians to make a difference between the treatment of bona-fid* casuals and the treatment of confirmed casuals.-The Chairman re- marked that it was a very good thing. Suppose a workman wanted to go from Festiniog to South Wales to search for work. It would not be fair to treat him when he came into a workhouse, as casuals were now treated.—Several guardians sup- ported the request, and a resolution to that effect was passed.—The Dolgelley Board of Guardians wanted to know if this Board were willing to co-operate to carry out the ticket system, in accordance with Mr Bircharu's suggestion.—JL resolution in favour of the ticket system was ad opted. THE TALSARNAU PEOPLE ONCE MORE. Mr Thomas Davies, Talsarnau, moved that the resolution recently passed offering the House to an old couple at Talsarnau should be rescinded, and that out-relief be granted them. This led to a long and warm discussion. As the case has been before the Board several times, the facts are well known to our readers, and need not be repeated here. It was stated that the two sons had paid up the arrears (24s), and ttilt they were prepared to help their parents. A proposal was made to give 10s a week, the sons to pay back 4s of that amount. By a majority of 12 against S, the pro- posal was carried. Mr Owen Jones, Mr C. Roberts, and Mrs Morgans strongly protested against anything being allowed, on the ground that the two sons of the old people were in a position to keep them. THE GLASLYN DISTRICT COUNCIL. This Council met after the B )ard, and I esolved to pay Mr Thomas Roberts, the clerk, £ o5 per annum for his services, conditionally on the Deu- draeth District Council paying him E45