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Portmadoc. THE TRADE COMMITTEE.—Ttie first meeting of the Trade Committee was held on Friday evening, when Mr R. Davies was elected chairman; Mr J. R. Prichard, secretary; and Mr W. Jones, treasurer. FOOTBALL.—Penrhyn F.C. had a match on Saturday with a team from the local F.C. The play was lively enough. Score: Portmadoc, b; PBorhyu, 1* TEMPERANCE.—The Rev J. R. Williams, Rhyd- bach, was the chief speaker at the pleasant Satur- day evening on the 30th ultimo. There was a very good meeting. FOOTBALL.—Our local football club's first eleven visited Dolgelley last Saturday, aud returned home victorious, the score being as follows:—Portmadoc, 2 Dolgelley, 1. DR BARNARDO.— Several boys from Dr Barnar- do's Home, under the charge of the Rev W. B. Wookey, gave a most interesting entertainment at the Town Hall last Monday evening. Mr J. R. Prichard, J.P., presided, and delivered a suitable address, dwelling upon the grand work done by Dr Barnardo. Mr Wookey gave a des- criptive address concerning the rescue of the lost and the forsaken. Various scenes were shown on a canvas through the means of an excellent lamp. There would have been a gr<at many more people present but for the Monthly Meeting of the Calvinistic Methodists being held the same time. Votes of thanks were passed to the following kind friends for entertainiug the children and Mr Wookey during their stay :—Mrs Ivor Jones, Mrs S. P. Owen, Mrs Brsmwich, Mrs Ellis Jones, Snowdon street; Mrs W. R. Owen, Clogy berth; Mrs Heritage, Lombard street and Mrs D. Morris, The Oakeley's. Mr and Mrs Morris gave £2; Mr Prichard, £ 1 and a little girl, õs, to- wards the Homes. After paying all expenses the total amount came to about £10. POLICE COURT. Nov. 29th.—Before Messrs Robert Rowland (chairman), J. T. Jones, J. R. Prichard, Dr S. Griffith, and Mr J. Davies. TRANSFER. Mr John Humphreys (Messrs Jones and Jones) asked for the transfer of the London Vaults licence from the late David Roberts, New Shop, to David Roberts, the son, on behalf of Mr W. Morris Jones, solicitor, the executor.—Granted. BEDDGELERT ROWDIES. P.C. Richard Davies charged Henry Williams, Beddgelert, with being drunk and riotous on the bridge at Beddgelert on the 2nd ultimo. Defend ant admitted the offence. There was a previous conviction against him. Fined 10s, and costs,9s 6d. The ahairman told the defendant that he was tarnishing the fair name of Beddgelert. The Bench felt that it was time to put an end to this rowdyism.—John Jones and William Owen were also charged by F.C. Davies with being drunk, fighting, and using bad language. Defendants denied the fighting. William Owen was fined 5s aud costs, 9s 6d; J. Jones, 2s 6d, and 9s 6d costs. --William Owen Williams was summoned for a similar offence by P.C. Davies. He was the originator of all the rows on the night in question. Defendant said that he could not understand why he had been brought there at all. Fined 2s 6d and Is 6d costs. EJECTMENT. Mary Ann Morris, 3;), High street, refused to leave the premises, and John Elias, the landlord, now asked for an ejectment order. As an import- ant witness was absent the case was adjourned. THE FOREIGNER FROM HOME. Paul Raoril, an orton seller, charged Francois Rignant, another vendor of onions, with assault. Defendant had also threatened to throw complain- ant over the bridge into the sea, The threat was made whilst the parties were returning from Mass at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Tremadoc, on Sun- day morning. Defendant had left the count, y, and gone to France. He sent a letter to Sergeant Roberts, enclosing 2|d. The case was adjourned sine die.

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