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CASTRT0N HARBOUR TRUST. The ordnary monthly meet ing of the Trust was held on Tuesday, the Hon. F. O. Wym, .chiurman) Dresidincr- There were also prcsent Mr J. Menzies(vice-chairman), Major ap Hu Williams, Maior F. Turner, Captains Owen, and J. Elias, Messrs J. Rees, R. Norman Davies ▼ Tasn rri Da v-'es, C. H. Rees, R. Thomas (Mayor of Ca-nlrroa)^ Tpritehard, T. M. Lloyd, J Party Joaes, B.AG. J. Roberts, JotaDav.es, J.Trevor Hughes, J- Bodvel Roberts, J. Dodsworth R. Newton, O. li. Rees, M. T. jkcrns. T. Hughes, Owen Roberts, and J. Bowen together «.tn Messrs W. Bowen Jones, C.E. (surveyor), and Henry Owen (clerk). STATISTICS. The usual statement presented by the Finaice Committee showed that the receipts of harbour dues &c., during November were as Imports, £ 75 6d exports. £ i ■ > ° £ 78- — passing tolls, £ -4 15s yards, w ar^ i<3s fc r making a total of £ 274 los, as a £ During the corresponomg period of } g October the quantity of s*;eS, •?. +^e COrres- tons, as compared with 749o tons m the corres ponding month of last year. QUALIFICATIONS OF MEMBERS. Mr C. A. Jones had given notice to add to the usual declaration made J neces- a clause to the effect that they possessed 1^ "^e8 sary property qualifications, viz., a • to the sum of £ 2o a year, or £ o P T0nes's pertv. When the Chairman called Mr Jones s pen,.v. t»uc not present, and in name it was seen that he was nt M order that the motion should not fall thro g ,1 Issard Davies proposed it and Maj P ^ThVyiceSirman thought th.t, as the clause in question had been obsolete for so many years, it was not wise to revive it at present. Mr Issard Davies pointed out that the pas sin<>• of trie motion would not alter the fact of the necessity, which was at present in fotce accoiumg to their Act. ,1 There being no amendment, the motion was carried. A GAS OR BELL BUOY. An application being made that the Trust should provide a gas or a bell buoy in the place of one of the existing buoys on the bar, it was re- ported that a gas buoy would cost at least £100, and the Trust did not feel inclined for the expen- diture of so greit a sum. The chairman sugges- ted that Mr G. Farren should provide one himself, since he took so much interest in the matter. GAS LEAIAGE. Discussion arose on a letter received from the Town Council, enclosing a minute of the Gas Committee of that body relative to the question of gas leakage on Trust property. The Committee complained that there was no means of checking the amount of gas with which the harbour was provided, as there was no reliable record kept of the hours the lamps were kept lit. the whole matter depending solely upon the lamplighters. The Committee suggested whether it would not be better to use meters in order to check the leakage. „ Mr Menzies thought that a correct record of the hours were kept, dnd that the committee were in this matter misinformed. The leakage bad also been tested some years ago. He thought It would be very much better to provide electric light for themselves (laughter). The Chairman: Look at Bangor. They are in great trouble about the matter. Mr Menzies thought it would be better for them. This gas question had been before them a few years ago, and he had become heartily tired of it at the time. Major ap flu Williams asked what would be the cost of lighting the hmps with oil, and when he was told that it would be very much cheaper than gas he said that they might think of the advisa- bility of utilizing oil, which gave just as good a light. On the motion of Mr Menzies, it was resolved to adjourn the matter until the surveyor should have looked up the former correspondence on the ™It was resolved that the sarveyor should at the same time make an estimate of the cost of laying new pipes along the old harbour. THE COED HELEN FERRY. Mr Wawn, M.Inst., O.E., Rhosdican, had re- plied, accepting the offer of the Trust at the last meeting to advise them writh regard to the ques- tion of erecting a bridge across the Coedhelea Ferry. It was proposed to submit two sketches of bridges across the ferry. The matter was referred to the Works Committee. Mr Bodvel Roberts thought that it would be inadvisable on their part to proceed at all in this matter until the ferry right was in their own hands. If Mr Lloyd Hughes was ready, as ic was sa.id, to dispose of the ferry rights to the Trust, then they should proceed first of all to secure the ferry. Mr Issard Davies explained that Mr Lloyd Hughes had consented to dispose of the rights to the Trust if he approved of the plans. The Chairman also explained that "Mr Lloyd Hughes had said that he did not wish to oppose the scheme. He, however, must have the plans, and approve of them, and also he would receive a deputation to submit the plans to him before he would allow the scheme to be proceeded with. He (the chairman) did not think that the Harbour Trust was called upon to make a bridge over the ferry. The only thing they were to see was that it did not obstruct or injure the navigation of the port. Therefore, the plans should first be con- sidered. At the conclusion of the work of the Trust Mr Wawn was invited into the room to place his sketches before the Trust, and explain them. Mr Wawn produced two sketches, the one for a bridge across the present ferry, in a straight line from the Aber ferry house to the Eagle's Tower. The bridge was to be 10 feet wid% all composed of iron. This would provide passage not only for foot pas- sengers but also for one carriage or cart of mode- rate weight at a time. It was argued against this scheme that it would impede the progress of vessels up to Mr De Winton's works, especially such large steamers as had been up to the works in the past, and which the Chairman hoped would come therr in the future. Mr Bodvel Roberts also called attention to the point which juts out at the landing place of the present ferry, remarking that it ought to be re- moved. Captain W. H. Owen also feared that it would impede the navigation of the river. In the past steamers 300 feet in length had been able with a little difficulty to find a passage up the river. Mr C. H. Rees asked if they should not keep in view the desirability of having gates on the har- bour as in other places, but the Chairman said this was impossible, as the harbour would at once be filled with mud. The other scheme was a bridge straight across from the quay te a peint a little higher up the river than the Rowing Club boathouse. This bridge would be in a straig] it line with the road which communicates with Castle square. Several of the members preferred this scheme, and it was re- marked that this was the position which had been chosen as the one where the tramway once pro- posed was to cross over to the quay. THE SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor presented his report, which was as follows:—The storms of the early part of the month did not materially affect the breakwater at Aber- menai, but it was severely tested by the gres.t gale of the morning of the 16th, on which day there was a 19 feet spring tide. The gale was at its height with the turn of the Liue tc ebb, and after indications shewed that the water covered some portion of the bank at .its lowest level. The ex- tension made this summer at the -Belan, and has recently been considerably strengthened by the tcivelling westward of a quantity of shingle from the point in front of Belan, and had not this ex- tension been cariied out the recent gale would no doubt have affected a gap at this part. During the gale of the 10th the ^io. 1 red buoy in the south channel broke its moorings and drifted ashore midway between Llanddvvyn and Aber- menai, and the outer buoy on the bar also dragged its moorings on to the south bank. No.l red buoy was replaced on the 21st, but the black buoy was only recovered near the bank upon a second attempt after great difficulty on the 25th. The old cow and calf green buoy in front of Llanfair Hall has been taken up and replaced by a red buoy, j The red buoy in front of Llanfair Church, having been damaged, has been replaced by a fresh buoy. ( The channel buoy at the dock eutrance has also been renewed. The four mooring posts have been I provided for Portdinorwic beach and put down i l position, and the notice board requesting masters of vesfels not to anchor in the fair way of the Moel y Dor. Ferry has also been put up. I Captain W. H. Owen called attention to the neer of doing something more to the breakwater at ibermenai. He said that the sea had washed I over the stakes and shifted some hundreds of tons or sand, and something should be done to arrest the movement. He thought the stakes should be raised two feet. MHjor ap Hu Williams was of the same opinion, and that it should be done at once. Mr Menzies said that, though it might sound egotistical, he was p;ll1d to end that, notwithstand- ing the pessimistic fears of some members, this work, which was his scheme, had stood one of the greatest storms they had had for some time. He suggested the work should be left until the sum- mer, At first Major Williams was not disposed to this course, but it was subsequently resolved to let the matter drop for the present. Major ap Hu Williams pointed out to the need of further dredging the new dock. One side, the one nearest the Victoria Mill, had already been dredged, and the other part should be proceeded with at once. Captain W. H. Owen agreed with this, and said that they might find a call made upon them in case a ship strained on the high sandbank which was in the middle of the dock. They now had a gutter at one side, and a high bank in the middle. Mr Menzies thought that it was impossible to find enough money to do the whole work, as it would mean dredging out a space of five acres. The dock was being continually silted up with sand. After some discussion, it was resolved to refer the matter to the Works Committee. THE ANGLESEY FERRY. A communication was re id from the Ferry Com- mittee of the Town Council relative to improve- ments of the above ferry. The resolution of the Trust had been considered, and a meeting of the committee had been held in Anglesey last week, when it was resolved that the surveyor should pre pare plans of the corresponding improvements which the committee were prepared to advocate at Talyfoel, copies of which plans would be submit- ted to the Trust at an early date. I The matter was deferred pending receipt of plans.



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