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jEfcWj———— gill who coughed e^ier morning I THE FORGOT practising all Dight; yet how true it is that num- ^ers 0* PecP'e spend long weary jST sleepless nights in one continuous JgL COUGH COUGH COUGH ¥ who might have otherwise enjoyed perfect ie JSL IF THEY HAD BUT FRANCIS'S I BALSAM I TO A PRACTICAL TEST BEFOREj W TIME HAS PROVED ITS WORTH. 'TIS NOT A NEW FANGLED REMEDY.—ITS EVER INCREASING SALE IS PROOF iff POSITIVE OF ITS SUPERIORITY. Ml SOLD EVEBYWHERE IN Is AND 2s 6D IOTTLES. AN- -A. THE DAILY DELIGST OF THOUSANDS. THE TEA FOR ALL. ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA GREAT SUCCESS HAYING BROUGHT MANY IMITATIONS OF OUR PACKET INTO THE MARKET. WE TRUST THAT CON- SUMERS WILL SEE THE TRADE MARK IS ON EVERY PACKET. TRADE MARK THE WINGED ANCHOR TRADE MARK WILL BE ON EVERY PACKET IF THE TEA IS GENUINE. AND CONSUMERS MAY REST ASSUKED OF THE QUALITY BY NOTING THIS AiNCHOR TEa ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA PER Is 4d, Is 6d, Is lOd, 2s, and 2s 4d POUI]) SOLD BY AGENTS EVERYWHERE. Vy For Agencies apply to the ANCHOR TEA COMPANY, 22, Beer-lane, and 41, Great Tow. street, London, E.C- 338 Makes Boots and Harness Waterproof as a duck's back apd soft as velvet. Adds three times to the wear and allows -GCi.0 MEDAL ^^■1 Irlnlft Tins, 2d.f 6^ Is. and 2s 6d I °f all Bootmakers, Saddler, m Ironmongers, <fcc. RUPTURE cureDoT^i S. J, RHKK.MMT, Hernia Specialist, sends bis neW —. fun information, port Urea, Id. 64 0HA?8iKif«n! & 26 HMIM I CURE FITS ■And to prove it I will GIVE yon a bottle oflnv remedy for nothing, so that yon may toy it befwe £ ?g £ f made Il^long stady of Fits, Epilepsy, St. Vitus Dance, Ac.. and when 1 *»? ^radical^core. Don't dONTINUB mnnial« ami Jtrfoc carriagre of testi- monialst and FREE Bottle of Medicine, and TRY IT. JL C. ROOT, 28, Endsleigh Gardens, LONDON, N.W. .I RPHE BANGOK AND AKYON PERMANENT L BUJNEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY REGISTERED OFFICE PLAd LLWYD, BANGOR. FAESIDEST \LDF,RMAV JOHN EV AN RORERT3, RANGOR RESERVE FUND INCREASING ANNUALLY £ 2215 Paid-up Shares, £ 10 each Iti — Subect iption Share, 5s and upwards j<er nionfh. f per 8hare2a 6d. Advances repayable (by Monthly Instalments) in 5 lo, 15, or 20 p ara on Leasehold and Free- hold Properties. ADVANTAGES: To Subscriber*. 1. A convenient place far investment, with Abao- ute Security and Good luterast, 2. Investments withdrawable at ANY TIME by Notice or other Arrangement. To Borrowers, 1. Funds always available for advances 2. ISasy scale of Repayments. 3. Moderate Solicitor's Charges (by Specia Arrangement). 4. Premium added TO, and not deducted FROM, advance. 5. Mortgage effected with the utmos Despatch and Secrecy. 6. hasy facilities for Redemption of Mortgagps AT ANYTIME, without any charge. Applications, &c., to be addressed to the Secretary Mr ROBERT HUGHES. Plas Llwyd, Bangor. MX. MISCELLANEOUS. JOHN GRIFFITH HUGHES, Bookseller, tf ^Market street, Holyhead, begs to thank his numerous customers for their past support, and he wishes to inform them that he has Sold his Busi- ness to Mr Edward Jones, Stanley street, of the same town, to whom he hopes they will extend their patronage. 1649c \R OKTH TVALES.—ENERGETIC AGENTS IN to represent THE PROVIDENT FREE HOME ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED, whereby LIFE ASSURANCE is combined with the right to advances for HOUSE PURCHASE. Liberal terms.-Apply, Thomas Evans and Co., Auctioneers, Station Chambers, Rhyl. POOLE, P-iRKSTONB, WIMBORJNE, NEW P FOREST I.nd LYMINGTON. — Intending Visitors to this district should Advertise for Apait- ments in the East Dorset Herald and South Hants Chronicle." Large and iucreasing circulation from Dorchescer on the west to Southampton on the east, 4 editions. Thursdays, Id. The charge for advertise- ments of 20 words, in all editions, is: Once, Is; twice, 1 s 9rl 3 times, 2s 6d,-Address, ''Herald Office, Poole. PAKTMENTS.- To all having apartmentsto A let. Do not have them empty when, for Is (or three weeks, 2s you can have a 30 word ad- vertisement inserted in six newspapers circulating in districts which each year send thousands of visitors to Carnarvon. Name of papers, Leyton, Leytonstone, West Ham,Wanstead, Woodford, and Forest Gate, Manor Park and Dford Express and Independent. Address, Publisher, Independent Office, Leytonstone, Essex. OUKNEiV) UUTU .—Intending Visitors to Bourne- mouth, Boscombc, or District shouid .Advertise for Apartments in the. "Bournemouth Visitors' Direc tory" the Oldest Established Bournemouth news- paper Wednt sdavs and Saturdays. Large circula- tion in Hants and Dorset. Twenty words-once. Is; twice, Is 9d 3 times, 2s 6d.— Address, Directory Office, Bournemouth f| O tiE LET OR SO-Ll>, House and Boot thop in a JL flourishing industrial centre in Carnarvonshire. Good connection. Boot makers and repairers kept. Entire stock or part may be purchased. For further particulars apply by letter to No. 1398, Observer and Express Othee, I arnarvOn. \\T ANTED at once, Youth as Junior 1% Clerk.—Apply, in own hand writing, stating age, &c., giving references, to "Newspaper," "Observer and Express" Office. Carnarvon. j llACmnynld^^ (In use &om the year 1836.) BALSAMIC ELIXIR This splendid medicine should be in every household. „ n On the appearance of the Firnt '• ui> Symptoms ot a Cold a good dose flftllPMC of 'hi3 Medicine will, in nineteen I UUUTIO out of twenty cases, carry it off (RECENT before it becomes settled or merges OR CAHOXIC) AND into Influenza. It should also be BRONCHIAL taken when the well-marked symptoms of Influenza appear, prrrTinuo and for 1110 SUBSEQUENT AFrtwUmiJ WEAKNESS of the LUNGS, and other direful effects of this Persevere with this ntedi- alarming disease. cine, Mid y°u Can hardly Rev. F. E. HEAPE, of Derby, fail to get the Cough re- writes: "It always puts my 7- J thf hrnvrhinl 'S3 riKht- drove Out the heved, and the bronchial terribleli7LUENZAlastM symptons to disappear. For HOARSENESS it In that very distressing disease, is invaluable, and ASTHMA-ALSO BRONCHITIS- r ng Cun.n ——— For HOARSENESS it In that very distressing disease, is invaluable, and ASTHMA-ALSO BRONCHITIS- r ng Cun.n CONGREVE S BALSAMIC ELIXIR VHLtNUlU has given wonderful relief. (See W -v—•—n the case of LADV G. BROMLEY f/lD TUC IfniAP in Mr. Congreves book.) H Un_lmt glllCE AN EXCELLENT PREVENTIVE OP to Ministers and irabiir Speakers going out in all weathers. WARMING, COMFORTINP AMD VERY MTASANT taken RO«ng*r In TII» way OFA TOEEOG* COS'GRKVB'S BALSAMIC KLDUB may ba had of nil Madlor. Vtooon tn DotOai as i«. IKL. a. ihl. *A~ u»_ aw M*. '—— MESSRS W. DEW & SON. By Order of the Trustees of the Will of the Late George Augustus Huddart, Esq,, Deceased. NORTH WALES. COUNTIES OF CARNARVON AND MERIONETH. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, being the remaining Part of the "BRYNKIR ESTATE," comprising Valuable FREEHOLD FARMS, FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS (in many cases with early Rever- sions), FREEHOLD TENEMENTS, ACCOMMODATION AND BUILDING LANDS, COTTAGES and HOUSES, situate in the Parishes of Llanllyfni, Llan- fihangel-y-Traethau, Llanfrothen, Pen- morfa, Ynyscynhaiarn, Dolbenmaen, and Llanfihangel-y-Pennant, comprising 4500 Acres, or thereabouts. MESSRS w. DEW & SON will OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUC- TION, at the PARISH ROOM, CRICCIETH, on MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY, the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th days of December, 1895, commencing each day at 11.30 prompt, the following Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, VIZ. FIRST DAY'S SALE, MONDAY, DECEMBER 16TH. PARISH OF LLANLLYFNI „ SQ. Lots. &■' R* YDS. l-Eithinog Ganol (part of) 113 0 10 0 2 and 3-Cae Efa Llwyd Fawr (part of) 66 1 30 0 4—Accommodation Lanf* (formerly part of Cae Efa • Llwyd Bach) 7 2 39 0 õ-Bryn Hwylfa Cottage 010 0 I 6— Eithinog Ganol (part of) 2 0 15 > 7 to 11—Eithinog Uchaf 115 3 34 O 12 and 13-Hendy (parts of) 3 3 2 0 14 and 15—Garreg Wen Isaf (parts vf) 33 4 0 16—Bryn Myfyr, Garreg Wen (part of) 0 1 H 0 17 to 52 and 60 to 220-In the Town of Penygrces, Freehold Ground Rents, in- cluding almost the whole of the Penygroes Building Leases, comprising about 66,405^ square yards. SECOND DAY'S SALE. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17TH, 1895. PARISH OF LLANLLYNI. 221 to 261—Cottages, Gar- dens, Building Sites, in the Town of Penygroes, contain- ing 19,839 sq. yards, or 4 0 16 0 PARISH OF LLANLLYFNI. 262 to 273-Llwynfuches (parts of) 20 3 0 0 274 and 275—Ty'nywer- glodd (parts of) 3 1 13 0 276 to 280—Llwynfuches (parts of) 7 2 32 0 281 and 282-Ty'nywer- glodd (parts of) 1 1'21 0 283 to 302-Llwynfuches part of) 27 3 32 o 303—Besigaia, Ty'njwer- glodd (part of) 0 0 39 0 304 to 311 — Ty'nywer- glodd (parts of) 10 0 3 0 312-Penrallt 37 3 5 0 313, 314, 315—Llwynda Bach (parts of) 26 2 14 0 31P—Llwyn Onn 0 2 33 0 THIRD DAY'S SALE. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER J 8TH. ] PARISH OF LLANFIHANGBL- I' Y-TRAETHAU. 317—Hen Gae Porfa (part of) Oils a 318—Plas yn Penrhyn Mansion, Bronmadoc, and Ty'nycoed 46 0 13 n 319 to 325-PIas-yn-Pen- rhyn (parts of) 38 1 23 n 326—Old Gate House 0 1 25 n 327 to 329—Plas-yn-Pen- rbyn (parts of) 6 0 4 0 330—Bodhyfry d 1 1 0 n 331—Bryntirion (part of) 1 0 34 a 332 to 333—Plas-yn-Pen- rhyn (parts of) 3 0 0 n 334 to 336—Beudygwyn (parts of) 31 3 8 0 337—Brynderwen 0 1 ft n 338 to 347-Building Land (paris of Bryntirion) 0 1 9Q a 348—House and Garden 0 (in lease) ••• 0 0 0 snn 349 to 358-Building Land 0 (parts of Bryntirion) 0 1 90 a 359 to 383—Do i n in 2 384—House and Garden in Lease o a a 385 to 389—Building Land (parts of Bryntirion) 0 n A 390—House and Garden in House, Shop, 290 Grarden in Lease 392 to 401—Building Land 3°° (parts of Bryntirion) n 1 o« a 402 Cottages and Gar- dens in Lease 403-Cottagcs and Garden; 1380 Do ar en, „, 180 .s-ti-f■r ease TWTTDYRTH DAY'S SALE. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19TH. 41 ft RISH OP PENMORFA. 417-TwAa^r(partof) 1 2 38 0 au.d o« 9 o M"00 ss2? 2 421 r,Jmawr (Part of 2 0 25 0 4 rf", Lo 6 1 34 o Mand on. 0 ,i i M o 4^rwyn Der^ o o 22 o • VVern Ddwyryd (part 3 3 18 J 4^4—Tanrhiw i 0 13 0 436—Penygarn- (parts of) ,7g 5322 0 fnarf „°8arn Cottages 4^ l ,eJln ^chaf 0 1 23 0 ^S-^FEUNUCBAI 0 115 0 Noi»^h, Lot 447.—Plas coed) ydd(PartofDrwsdeu- g 0 Lptto~0use and Garden in n Jjease 0 0 12 0 441 P^EiSH OF DOLBENMAEN. 44o 0lwgan Uchaf 230 3 32 0 (piteoO0 .?"D?1Wr 91136 0 jrfridd Tyddyn 7 g j u 0 449-Bronmoel Farm 6 1 19 0 PARISH OF PENMORFA. 450 Hendre Bach 381 0 5 0 01- PARISH OP LLANFIHANGEL-Y-PEN- NANT. 451—Rhwng y Ddwy Afon 334 2 30 0 452—Tyddynmawr 444 1 2 0 453—Cwm Trwsgl 150 0 27 0 454—Blaen y Pennant 662 2 14 0 PARISH OF LLANFIHANGEL- Y-PEN- NANT AND PENMORFA. 869 3 26 0 PARISH OF PENMORFA OR DOL- BENMAEN. 4">6—Ffridd on Llwyd Mawr 753 1 30 0 457 to 460—Llystyngwyn part of) 166 3 35 0 461 —Llystyn Gwyn and Llystyn Isaf (part of) 17 3 6 0 462 to 465-Llystyn Isaf (part of) 38 2 35 0 466 -Brynkir Arms Ion 0 0 32 0 467-House, Shop, Garden, &c.,inLease 213 468 to 471—House and Garden, &c., in Lease 692 Plans, Particulars, and Conditions of sale may be obtained at any of the principal Hotels in North Wales; of the Vendors' Solicitors, Messrs Sandilands and Co., No. 12, Fenchurch Avenue, London, E.C.; Messrs Jones and Jones, Portmadoc of Messrs Thomas Roberts and Son, C.E., Portmadoc of the Estate Agent, Mr Wil- liam Watkin, Muriau, Criccieth at the Auctioneers' Institute, 57, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.; or of the Auctioneers, Well- field, Bangor, and Trinity Square, Llan- dudno. =- MR JOHN PRITCHARD. MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD7 £ IMPORTANT TO BUTCHERS, CATILE DEALERS, AND OTHERS. MR JOHN PRITCHARD begs to announce that his Fourteenth Annual Great Christmas Fat Stock Sale will be held on Monday, December 9th, 1895, commenc- ing at 11 a.m. most punctually, and will comprise— 70 Grand Prime Fat three-year-old Bullocks, Heifers, add Cows, in ripe condition. 2 Grand Fat twe-year-old Bulls. 200 Fat Shearling Shropshire Sheep, two- year-old Cr. ss-bred Anglesey and Lleyn Welhers, and Mountain Wetbere. ILThe Auctioneer invites fpeciul attention to this i-ale, t<s it will include some of rhs best animals ever exhibited at a Ceul try Fat Struck Sale. Most of the animals have been fed on corn all summer, and specially prepared for this Sale. The following: well known feeders will he represented: Mets! s J. Rice Roberts; J. Chambers, Castellior; D. E. Hughes, Cae- mawr; Thomas Roberts, Aber; G. J. Roberts, Trefarthin; W. Janes, Treivan; Thomas Lewis, Gartherwen; — Parry, Crem^yn — Giffit-he, Cefnccch; Wm. Evans, Ty Cioas; — Williams, Garnedd Goch J. Williams, Bryngof; R. & J. Coulthard; H. Ellis, Wig R. fierce, Treferwydd; and Col. PIatt,Madrya. The ueuai keep will be allowed. Bodhyfryd, Bangor. 1488 MR H. ROBERTS. BYDD MR HENRY ROBERTS yn gwerthu ar Auction yn Pentyrch Ucha, Llangybi (eiddo Mr R. Roberts), ddydd Iau, Rhagfyr 12fed, am 12 o'r gloch, yr holl stoc, sef :— Ugain o ida corniog yn cynwys buchod yn min lloi, tarw cymreig, bustych, heffrod, a 9 o loi; 1 gaseg wedd gampus yn codi yn 7; 1 ceflEyl cryf, 7 o wyn, hwch focha a 9 o lafnau, oddeutu 10 tunell o datws, a 2 acer o swedes. Yr holl offer amaethyddol. Coel fel arferol. 1494d DENBIGH SMITHFIELD. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1895, I (FAIR DAY). 80 to 100 magnificent Prime Fat Beasts, 500 Ripe Fat Sheep and 150 Fat Pigs and Calves. Sale at 10.30. CLOUGH & CO., Auctioneers. 1482r ISTEDDFOD GADEIRIOL EISTEDDFOD GADEIRIOL LLANGEFNI. DYDD LLUN Y PASG, 1896. Gwobrwyon ardderchog mewn Rhydd- iaeth, Barddoniaeth, Cerdcloriaeth yngbyda lluaws mawr o Gelfyddydwaith. Rhestr Testynau, Amodau, &c., lie trvvy y post, oddiwrth yr ysgrifenydd cyft'redinol, yP O. J. WILLIAMS. 1443d Llangefni. ^rY^sThODGES KIDNEYS. Prices on application to HENRY DENNY & SON S. LIMITED, BACON CURERS. LIMERICK. Quick route to Wales by which Goods can be delivered the day after Killing. 1 Our Mail Order Dept. Serves purchasers u at a distance as I well as if they i came tothe shop > r in person. Ii3>dl6S are Invited tn [ J BOX OF PATTERNS, comprSV0' » J pleto range of the latest specianf. com" ► KNITTING WOOLS, "1,1 J KNITTED UNDERWEAR J SHAWSWATER DRfes > i sent post free on approval ► < direct from aI to any address ► j FLEMING, REID" Co., < The Worsted Mills, > ^altolZp"eSUa"mtee'1 > j A ■yess* B..t, free on f GO > o IDa. i I i 2¡f CD i j » nSfiSafrSisf I ?lh,eautiful hardwearing^ergre i T Lutas teathlev & „ undle« Carriage Paid. -J. R. REES,- HAIRDRESSER, Begs to inform the public that h3 has opened a NEW HAIRDRESSING SALOON at 38, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON. Ladies' Combings made up. Gentlemen attended to at their residences. 1457 JG L I A s I L L I A M S, PURVEYOR OE MEAT, 1 AND 3, BANGOR STREET, CARNARVON. All orders jjunctaally attended to. 1126 EWIS -0 ILLIAMS jr^EWI S ^TILLIAM? AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, LAND VALUER MORTGAGE BROKER, &c., &c., GROVE HOUSE, BANGOR STREET, CARNARVON. WATCHES, OLMOKS, and all kiiids of RINGS, &e. The Best and Cheapest place for above is at the Old Establishment of the late JOHN HUGHES, POOL STREET, CARNARVON. OBEBTS AND Q WEN, PROPRIETORS. Established Hundred Vears J. Coleman <8f Poivell) (Late with Mr A. Lester Taylor, now consulting engineer, Liverpool), ELECTRICAL EiN'UlflEERS, AND CONTRACTORS FOR PRIVATE TELEPHONES, BELLS, LIGHTNING CONDUCTORS, ELECTRIC LIGHTING, MINING PLANT &0. 9, CA.STLE SQUARE, CARNARVON. = DR. JONES, D.D.S. (A.M.), &c., SURGEON DENTIST, Opposite the Market, Bangor. DR. J ONES visits LLANGEFNI every THURS- DAY, at Lledwigan- oad. LLANERCHYMEDD from 10 to 1, and AMLWCH from 5 to 5, with Mr Pughes, Stationer, 8, Market street, TUESDAYS, May 21st. June 18th, and July 16th. EBENEZER AKD LLANBEIUS, First TUESDAY after Pay-day. BETHESDA, First TUESDAY after Pay-day. BANGOR every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays. HAMILTON & JblsES, A PS., L.D.A.S., From LONDON, Apothecaries Hall, Marketplace, BANGOR IMPORTANT TO PAKTlba FURNISHING EDWIN JONES, KYFFIN PLACE CABINET i-!l WORKS, BAAGOR, has a large and extensive Sto k of all kind of Household Furniture, consisting of Dining, Drawing and Bedroom suites, Bookcases CheSbmeis.Sideboards, Wardrobes, Chest of Drawers Dressing Drawers and all kind of Bedroom and Par- lour Chairs, Sofas and Couches in leather and hair eovers, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, Feather, Wool and FlockBeds, Spring and Wool Mattresses, Dining and Drawing Room Tables, Kitchen Tables, Chairs, Dressers of all descriptions. Most of the above are made on the premises under his own supervision. Edwia Jones, owing to his increasing buisiness, has secured a arge Warehouse in addition to his other premises, and invites customers to inspect his large StjcK, which ha intends to sell at » very small profit Cir.iage raid for distances of fifteen miles MR westlake-JSOEGAST- ORGANIST OF BANGOR CATHEDRAL, Choirmaster, St. Paal's Church, Colwyn Bay, and Conway Parish Church; Professor of Music at the North Wales Training College, Bangor; Examiner to the Incorporated Society of Musi- cians Vice-Presi dent and Examiner to the Guild of Organists; Pupil of Sir Walter Parratt (Organist to the Queen), Dr Gladstone and Dr Mann, GIVES LESSONS IN Ringing, Intoning, Pianoforte, Organ, and Harmony. SCHOOLS ATTENDED by special arrangement for Singing and Pianoforte. System adopted similar to that in use at the Royal College of Music. Pupils specially prepared for the Local Examina- tions of the Incorporated Coeiety of Musicians, the Associated Board, and Trinity College. PUPILS' RECENT SUCCESSES. — Two Open Scholarships (Pianoforte), R.C.M.; I.S.M. Locals (only candidate with Pianoforte Honours in North Wales, July, 1894; Honours, December, 1894 only candidate with ADVANCED Pianoforte Honours in N. Wales, July, 1895; Honours in Organ- Plaing, July, 1895). AddressTHE CATHEDRAL, BANGOR. BY APPolJS TMEN T TOEER MA J EST Y THE QUEEN, H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. COMPACTORS TO HER MAJESTY'S GOVERNMENT. You cannot afford to do your Writing in the Old Way! REMINGTON TYPEWRITER. Leadership means Superiority! Continued leadership implies Progress Tacitly acknowledged leadership over many Com- petitors shows undeniable merit! WYCKOFF, SExiM&NS & BENEDICT, 14c, North John Street, LIVERPOOL. Representative for Carnarvonshire, Mr Ellis Owen, 19, Dinorwic street,Carnarvon,who will have the pleasure of showing the Maehine to any per- son desirous of seeing it. 1341 FRUIT! FRUIT! FRUIT GREAT SUCCESS. urxtEATER SUCCESS JJITZPATR CK FiTZPATRICK FITZPATR1CK FnZPATKICK FITZPATRICK FITZ PATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK The "W holesale Fruit Merchant. The Com- mission Agent. Looks after his own Business personally. Employs no Travelling Agents, and by this means can sell cheaper. Ships only ound stuffs guaranteed. Long life experience Serves more people in WALES than any other firm in Liverpool. Serves everybody and anybody at Wholesale prices. Keeps all sorts of English and Foreign Fruit". The Onion Salesman, WRITE FOR PKICE LIST TO- plTZPATBICK, WHOLESALE MARKET CAZNEAU-'T iilY £ RPO()J> $ CHRISTMAS, 1835. THE SIGHT OF TAE SEASON IN FJLVERPOOL is OLD FIELD'S GREAT ANNUAL DISPLAY OF DIAMOND AND OTHER (jrBM J EWELLERY, JL INE (jTOLD J EWELLERY, GOLD & SILVER WATCHES, .1 SILVER PLATE, '.I jBiLECTRO LATE, &u., &c- In order to cope with the enormous de- mand experienced in previous year for SEASONABLE GIFTS R. C. Oldfield has just completed extensive structural alterations and improvements in his famous SHOWROOMS & MANUFACTORY,. OLD POST OFFICE PLACE, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL, Acknowledged to be the best, most per- C, fectly arranged, and handsomest jewellery emporium in the kingdom. OLDFIELD'S STAFF OF DESIGNERS AND WO U KM EN IIA VB BEEN BUSILY ENGAGED FOR MONTHS PAST ON THE PRODUCTION OF NOVELTIES IN DIAMOND AND OTHER GEM TEWELLERY, A:C., FOR THE CHRISTMAS REASON, THE DESIGNS ARE ELEGANT, UNOBTAINABLE ELSEWHERE. I THIS Li EM ARK ABLE OoLLECTION"/ IS NOW ON VIEW & FOR SALIT UNTILTHE lliND OF J ANUARY" THE VALUE OF THIS SUPERB STOCK EXCEEDS £ 175,000. R C ()LDFIELD BEING THE ONLY MANUFACTURING JEWELLER in Liverpool, his customers reap a double I advantage, for they have the first choice of all the newest and most stylish goods at jyj^ANUFACTURERS' PRICES, and 25 per cent. less than any other house, either in Liverpool or .elsewhere IN THE G EM IJEPARTMENT The collection of Diamond Ornaments con- tains specimens of pure Indian, Brazilian, and South African Gems of remarkable brilliancy, and includes Artistically De- signed and Exquisitely-set Jewellery in the form of Stars, Crescents, Brooches, Brace- lets, Pendants, Sprays, Earrings, Rings, Pins, Studs, Beetles, Butterflies, Tiaras, and an immense variety of other articles too numerous to mention, varying in price FROM £1 TO £1)000 EACH. The Great Christmas Display also includes a practically inexhaustible and choice seleet- ion of goods to suit all tastes FROM 5s, TO £100 EACH. 4'n<^ wliether expensive or inexpensive each article is Government Stamped audi marked in plain figures at from 25 TO 50 PER CENT. LOWER THAN ANY OTHER LIVERPOOL HOUSE. Low charges have been the basis on which R. C. OLDFIELD has founded his great business, and amongst the reasons which. enable him JLo DEFY 0 OMPETITION ARE— J^IRST. The showrooms and manufactory not being in Church street, where rents are so exorbitantly high, but in Old PtJilt Office Place, although only a few yards from Church street, this slight difference effects- the enormous saving in rent and takes off about £1)560 PER AKXUM- GECOND. There is no display whatever in the ten large plate-glats windows. Consequently the stock does not suffer from continuous exposure to dust, &c. Nor is it further deteriorated by the frequent cleaning re- sorted to by other jewellers. rpHIRD. Being a manufacturer' and employing up- wards of 100 assistants and workmen en the premises, he is enabled to offer the public advantages which are utterly be- yond the reach of other jewellers. To ensure prompt attention to all patrons the staff of salesmen has been considerably augmented. No one can form'an adequate conception of the magnitude and variety of the stock without a personal visit. R. C. Oldfield therefore invites the public, even if not de- sirous of purchasing, to walk through the Showrooms, whan it will be seen that the foregoing statements are by no means ex- aggerated. system inaugurated by R. C. Ulanela, 0f selling a thoroughly reliable ar- ticle at a small profit, is strictly maintained m each Department. Any article not ap- proved of may be exchanged after purchase, or the cash be refunded if not as repre- sented. R. o. o LDFIELD, MANUFACTURING JEWELLER AND DIAMOND MERCHANT. SHOWROOMS AND MANUFACTORY, OLD POST OFFICE PLACE, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL.. NO OLD STOCK. Goods sent on approved to all parts.