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-p- PUBLIS!» COLUMN. BOOKS PUBLISHED BY S. 'V" YUiTRIDGE & CO. g & 9, pATERNOSTER ROW, TONDON. ij THE WORLD'S WONDER SERIES. A new Series of popular Books, treating of the present day. WONDERS OF SCIENCE AND ART. Well-written, printed on good paper, and fully illustrated. Crown 8vo., 160 pages. Handsome cloth cover, Is 6d each. "CHEltfISTS AND THEIR WON- DERS," BY F. M. HOLMES. NATURALISTS AND THEIR INVESTIGATIONS," BY GEORGE DAY, F.R.M.S. ASTRONOMERS AND THEIR OBSERVATIONS," BY LUCY TAYLOR. EOOKS PUBLISHED BY GEORGE NEWNES, JJIMITED, gOUTHAHPTON gTREET, gTRAND, J^ONDON.: THE RUBIES OF RAJMAR OR MRCHARLECOTES' DAUGHTERS. A ROMANCE. BY MRS EGERTON EASTWICK (PLEYDELL NOftTH). Crown 8vo. CLOTH, 3s 6d; POST FREE, 3g 9d. ONLY A WOMAN'S HEART. The Story of a W Oman's Love: A Woman's Sorrow. BY J. E. JiUDDOCK. Second Thousand'. tfEMOIRS OF A MOTHER-IN- LA.W. BY GEORGE R. SIMS. Sixth Thousand. CLOTH 2s 6d; POST FREE, 2s 9d. "This is a pleasant sample of 'Dagonet's' semi- humorous writings. He has a peculiar talent of finding amusement in experiences relating to dwell- ings, servants, shopkeepers, tradespeople, and other folk'connected with the domestic household, and the 'Mother-in-Law' in his new hook deals in a very masterful way with all the foregoing subjects, and many more besides. The lady has a mind and way of her own, her mood is the imperative, and what she says and does as gusrdian, not only cf her own hut of her son-in-law's house, is spiritedly told by Mr Sims, especially in the earlier chapters."—"Freeman's Journal." THE ROMANCE OF HISTORY. BY HERBERT GREENHOUGH SMITH. 292 pp, crown 8vo. CLOTH, 3s 6d; POST FREE, 3s 3d. A series of graphic sketches of the leading incidents in the lives of Masaniello, Prince Rupert. Marino Faliero, Bayard, Lithgow, Jacqueline de Laguette, Vidocq, Lochiel, Casanova. The volume is printed on antique paper, and bound in old style with uncut edges. THE STORY Of PRIMITIVE" fMAN. WITH 88 ILLUSTRATIONS. BY EDWARD CLODD, Author of "THE STORY OF CREATION," &c. PRICE Is. j POST FREE, Is 2d. THE STORY OF THE PLANTS. WITH ILLUSTRATIONS. BY GRANT ALLEN. PRICE Is; POST FREE, Is 2d. THE BEECKCOUGT MYSTERYT BY CARLTON STRANGE. PRICE 3s. 6D.; :POST fFREE, 3s 9D. No one will begin the book without finishing it." —"Manchester Courier." "A novel and well-constructed plot."—"Liverpool Courier." 8, 9, 10, & 11, SOUSHAMPTON STREET, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. BOOKS PUBLISHED BY WARD, LOCK, BOWDEN, AND CO., -^yARWICH JJOUSE, SALISBURY SQUARE, LONDON, E C BEETON'S NEW "ALL ABOUT GARDENING," A Popular Dictionary of Garden Work, Containing— Full and Comprehensive Practical Details and Exhaustive Instructions In the various branches of Horticultural Science. ENTIRELY NEW EDITION. Re written, Revised, Re-arranged, and Extended To meet The Requirements of the Present Time, In the Flower Garden, Kitchen Garden, and Orchard. With 550 Illustrations. PRICE: 2s. 6D. BOOKS PUBLISHED BY === CHATTO AND INDUS, 214 piCCADILLY* TONDON, W. "RHODA ROBERTS," A Welsh Mining btory, BY HARRY LINDSAY, Author of ,UR'lWRIGIiT'S WILL," "BROKEN HEA.RTS" &c. PRICE: 35 60. PUBLISHERS' OOLUMN (Continued.) BOOKS PUBISHED BY J "W ARROWSMITH, BRISTOL. "THE DANCE AT THE FOUR CORNERS," G. B. BURGIN, Author of "HIS LORDSHIP," ETC., ETC. PRICE; ONE SHILLING. "PETER STEELE, THE CRICKETER," BY HORACE G. HUTCHINSON, „ Author of CREATURES OF CIRCUMSTANCES," "HINTS ON GOLF, Ftc., Etc. PRICE: 38 6D' BOOKS PUBLISHED BY J^UDALL, QARTE AND QO.: WERNERS gTREET, OXFORD (gTREET, w. "THE MILITARY BAND," How to form, train and arrange for REED AND BRASS BANDS, :BY LIEUT. SAMUEL CHARLES GRIF- FITHS, HoK. R.A.M, D rector of.Music, Royal Military School:of Music, Knells Hall, Hounslow. PRICE: FIVE HILLINGS BOOKS PUBLISHED BY STEPHENS AND SONS, T IMITED, 119/120, CHANCERY LANE, T ONDON. A DIGEST OF THE LAW EELATING TO DISTRICT COUNCILS, SO FAR As KEGABDS THE Constitution, Powers, and Duties of such Councils (including Municipal Cor- porations) in the matter of Public Health & Local Government, BY GEO. F. CHAMBERS, F.R.A.S, Barrister-at-Iaw. NINTH EDITION. PRICE, 10s. CYMKU FYDD, CYMRU RYDD, OR THE NATIONAL MOYMEENT IN WALES. BY A CELT. C 0 N T E N T S:— CHAPTER :1.. TLe Present^Outlook—Three Oppressions. CHAPTER II. Language and Nationality. CHAPTER III. Education and Culture. CHAPTER IV. Labour Interests. CHAPTER V. Development. CHAPTER VI. Social Relations. CHAPTER VII. Politics. CHAPTER VIII. Organisation. CHAPTER IX. Cymru Fydd and Religion. CHAPTER X. The Celt and his Mission. PRICE SIXPENCE. Post Free 7^d, from the Welsh National Press Company, Limited, Carnarvon. PRICE, 6s 8d." EVERY MANS OWN LAWYER: A HANDY BOOK OF iTHE PRINCIPLES OF LAW AND EQUITY By a BARRISTER. Comprising :—The Rights and Wrongs of Indi-I viduals, Landlord and Tenant, Vendors and Pur- chasers, Leases and Mortgages, Principal and Agent, Partnership and Companies, Masters, Servants, and Workmen, Contracts and Agree- ments, Borrowers, Lenders, and Sureties, Sale and Purchase of Goods, Cheques, Bills and Notes, Bills of Sale, Bankruptcy, Railway and Shipping Law, Life, Fire, and Marine Insurance, Accident and Fidelity Insurance, Libel and Slander, Criminal Law, Parliamentary Elections, County Councils, District Councils, Parish Councils, Municipal Cor- porations, Public Health and Nuisances, Copy- right, Patents, Trade Marks, Husband and WIfe, Divorce, Infancy, Custody of Children, Trustees and Executors, Clergy, Churchwardens, &c., Game Laws and Sporting, Innkeepers, Horses and Dogs, Taxes and Death Duties. Forms of Wills, Agreements, Notices, &c. 32nd Edition, carefully revised and enlarged, including the Legislation of 1894, to which is now added a CONCISE DICTIONARY OF LEGAL TERMS. CROSBY, LOCKWOQD & SON, LONDON. ELOCUTION & ORATORY: DESIGNED FOR CLASSES AND PRI- VATE STUDENTS. BY THE REV T. C. EDWARDS, D.D., Professor of Elocution. 2s 6d., post free 2s 9d. CONTENTS: How to Say. Questions and Answers. Breathing Exercises. Articulation. I Vocal Fxercises. Vocal Forms. Gesture. Reading Poetry. Reading the Bible, Hymn Reading. Dramatic Selections. Oratorical Selections. Miscellaneous Selections. THE WELSIT NATIONAL PRESS Co '11 j ¡ ¡ WHITE STAR LINE. I ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL to NEW YORK, via Queenstown. j evtry Wednesday. GERMANIC Dee 11, 1895 -TEUTONIC.00" DeetS, 18V5 Cotton not Carried on Passenger Si earners- yacoad Cabin will be earned on the voyage marked thus* STEERAGE PASSAGE at Low rates Outfit frej of jharu;o to New York. Boston, Phile delphia, and Baltimore. The splendid vessels of this na are all of the largest c ass, uniform in model idd arrangements, and unsurpassed in the completeness of their appointments. Saloon and ricateroom amidships. A: liy to R. Owen, :Ship and Insurance Broker, and W. J. Williams, 7, Market street, Carnarvon; M. Goldie, 217, High street, Bangor:). R. Parry, late merchant, Dolwyddelen and 3iaeuau Festiniog William D. Jones, Old Bank. Jolyhead; William M. Jones, j Church street, Lhm, dui; tt. ft. iioberts, Rock ¡ Cottage, Penygro s, S. 0., Talysarn; W. 0. Williams. Giobo Shoe Warehouse, Llarrwtit; or to ISMAY, JMKIE, and Co., :i4, 't:n"denha,ll street, j London, B.C., and 10, Water «weec, Liverpool. I ——— — ===== AMERICAN LINE SOUTHAMPTON—NEW YORK SERVICE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW YORK DIRECT Every SATURDAY. Highest Class of Accommodation for Saloon, Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers. Steerage Outfit Free. LIVERPOOL—PHILADELPHIA SERVICE. EVERY WEDNESDAY. I LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA Calling at Queenstown every Thursday. Steerage Outfit Free. Passengers and goods are landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which has the Shortest and most Direct Route to all places in theWettern States. Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE & Co.. Southampton or Liverpool, Or to LOCAL AGENTS — Meters W. J. Wil- liams, 7, Market street; Richard R Stythe, 39 Bangor street, Carnarvon T. S. Ingram, 3. High-street, Ebenezer W. T. Jones Pwllheli roo Jones, 173, High-street, Bangor H. Hughes, 8, Maiket street, Amlwch H. J. Williams, Douglas Teirace Richard Roberts, Old Post Offier., Bethesda; O. Jones, Old Post Office, Penygroes W. Jones, Rcsehiil-street, Conway; J. T Williams, Meirion Terrace, Blaenau FeatiDiog T. Evans & Co., Station Chambers, Rhyl; J. R. Statia. Station Road, Coiwyn Bay. ESTABLISHED IN 1856. FOR THE PROTECTION of TRADE 0% STUBBS' MERCANTILE OFFICES (STUBBS' Ltd.), 4:2, Gresham Street, LONDON, E.C. Subscribers, by obtaining timely information, may AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. EVERY TRADER 8HOULn READ STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE. With which is issued a Supplement containing LISTS OF CREDITORS Under All the Important Failures. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS Contain more than tJ- EIGHT MILLION ENTRIES DEBTS RECOVERED PROMPTLY And paid over to Subscribers on Tuesday and Friday in each week. BRANCHES at Aberdeen, Birmingham, Brad- ford, Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, CHARLES STREET CHAMBERS, CARDIFF, 1 and 2 SWANSEA ARCADE, SWANSEA, Cork, Dub- lin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nor- wich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Shef- 40 field. SUB-OFFICES.—Blackburn, Cambftdge, Derby, Exeter, Gloucester, Grimsby, Halifax, Hanley, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Leicester, Limerick, Lon- donderry, Middlesbro', Newport (Mon.), North- ampton, Oxford, Preston, Reading, Southampton, Stocktou-on -Tees, Sunderland, Swansea, Walsall, Waterford, Wolverhampton, Worcester, York. TERMS.— £ 1 Is, £ 2 2s, -03 3s, S5 5s, according to requirements. I PROSPECTUS forwarded on application to any of the aboveoffices I I x oa- ONE FACT WORTH A THOUSAND OPINIONS THE ENORMOUS INCREASING DEMAND FOR x TUDOR WILLIAMS5 PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY HAVE YOU TRIED IT? IF NOT, THEN TRY IT NOW, MY DEAR FRIEND. Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey. Thousands of Children have been Saved from an Untimely Death by the prompt use of TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY. No Mother should neglect to keep this infallible Remedy in the house ready for any emergency. Remember that it is wiser to che, k a slight Cough at the commencement than to allow it to develop into a lingering complaint. Ask distinctly for Tudor Williams Balsam of Honey, and see that you geL the right article Thousands of Children Cured from Whooping Cough and Bronchitis when all other remedies fa;! Persons suffering from Difficulty of Breathing should give it a trial. READ ON. NOW COMMENDED BY PHYSICLANS"AItD 8TTEGEOVS. When you are distressed with a miserable cold, nose buuged up, throat sore, limbs aching with a general feeling of smoothering, & few doses of the Balsam of Honey will clear the wretched symptoms away, almr ^i before you know it. There is nothing like it in tii •. market; it is thoroughly up to date; it trickles into all the system. A true friend, prompt and reliable in its action. JUST ANOTHER WORP When you ask or send for Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey, do not allow anybody to pursuade you to purchase something else. If you do you simply throw off the genuine article and take on with a false one. Wonderful Cures daily. Thousands of Testi- monials to hand from all parts of the world READ ON FURTHER. SPONTANEOUS TESTIMONY. WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDERATION. SIR,-My wife desires me to say that your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey has prov6d a most valuable medicino in our large family (eight children). As soon as a cough or a cold makes its appearance a dose of Tudor's Balsam is at once administered, and its treat- ment is followed Alp until the cold disappears. Before using the Balsam in our family the children have been prostrate with colds for several weekp, but now, bv taking doses, as directed, they seem to suffer very little inconvenience. During the short time the cold is upon them the action of the Balsam is marvellous, and the little ones take it readily and ask for more.-Walter J. Brett, C.M., Headmaster Severn Tunnel School Mar ;h 16th, 1892 READ ON STILL FURTHER. the public speak highly OF IT ALL OVEH. THE WORLD. Dowlais, Glamorgan, July, 1892. 4 Dear Sir,—I must write to sny that your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey for Cough is the best we ever had in the house. My boy David bad a cough which shook him from top to toe, couldn't sleep at nights for it, and neither could anyone else iu the house sleep because of his barking. A few doses of the Balsam af Honey positively cured him, it is a wonderful cure.—David Joaes, High Constable Mei thyr Tjdvil." Scld by all Chemists and Stores all over the world in Is, 28 9d, and 4s 6d bottles. Salable bottle sent post paid for Is 3d, or 3s from the Patentee D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, MEDICAL HALL. AJBERDAEE H. SAMUEL'S I 4 A/ft MARVEL' I iWO WATCH. STARTLING AND INCREDIBLE! In well-finished, splendidly strong case, chased, or plain as preferred; Looks equal to REAL SILVER. Slmtlarto Watches often sold In shops at £5. Goes to one-atth of a second. Forwarded with key and full printed instruc- tions, Safe and free by post this month on receipt of 10/6. If not approved, send it back and the full amount will be refunded. A handsome ALBERT CHAIN ENCLOSED FREE if this announcement is sent with I a the order. TRAVEL THE WORLD TO ninaM I D1SC0V~HE such value. H Samuel's siippccc (renowned "Acme" Watcn, a gigantio 9UCCES5. success. Highly finished i-plate, jewelled movement. Specially strengthened plates. Accurately flttecl protective dust excluding cap. Strong SOLID STERLlNC SILVER CASES, »tamped. LADY'S size, richly engraved and Dial elegantly tinted or plain. For- warded Post Free (Registered) a few hours after receipt of order, with Key, full instructions, and FIVE YEARS' WARRANTY. Worth 3 guineas. H. Samuel's Price. 25s. A Handsome Free Prize included this month. Magnificent and perfect. H. SAMUEL'S WORLD-FAMED ENGLISH LEVER, absolutely unparalleled. Interchangeable, jewelled movement. Chronometer Balance, adjusted for heat and cold. PATENT SAFETY WINDING PINION. H. SAMUELS "IMPREGNABLE" damp and dust- reslstlng cap. Timed to a second. TUP Extra MASSIVE SOLID SILVER Cases, J PftVPRMMENT I Government Hallmarked, crystal glass ) n, n .ifir?1 FIVE YEARS' WARRANTY. Worth I GUARANTEE. £ 5.5s., H. SAMUEL'S price £ 2.12 6. A Month's Free Trial allowed. Full amount returned if dissatisfied. A Splendid Free Prize with each. FULL PRIZE LIST sent on a separate sheet with H. SAMUEL'S splendid royal quarto CATALOCUE of nearly 1,500 Artistic Engravings and Marvellous Reductions. Gold Brooches, 3/8; Oõld Scarfpins. 1/6; Watchell. 7/ Alberts, 1/ Household Cutlery and Plate in guaranteed quality. Hundreds of Remarkable Testimonials. This KpUndid Book of Bargains sent Free to any address. TAKE WARNINC! Common and worthless Watches glut the market in imitation of H. SAMUEL'S celebrated Watches and are dear at any price. Send fov the BEST VALUE IM THE WORLD direct to H. SAMUEL. H. SAMUEL'S CELEBRATED WATCHES, I Readerofthe.. OBSRH.Y fc)R A p; SPECIAL FREE BONUS AWARDS. THIS COUPON seut with the order entities t:e purchaser to I either of the Watches described above at the reduced prites quoted, and also receiue with each, durinf the next 21 days, a Special Handsome and Valuable Free Gift. as stated above. In accordance with the list enclosed with H. SAMUEL'S Illustrated Catalogue. (Signed) H. SAMUEL, Manchester, Sterling Silver "Acme" Watches 25s. ud. Magnificent English Lever Watches 6d, L R. Watch 10s. 6d. 1 P.O. Orders to be payable to H. Samuel, at General Post Office, Manchester. HOJWrm (Largest English Watch Manufacturer, 0MtU £ ili-| 87| 99| ,0|j 89) |2|, Market St., Maachester. 4 MONEY LENT PRIVATELY To Farmers, Tradesmen, Lodging-house keepers, and others, in sums of £ 10 up to £ 500, ON BORROWERS' OWN NOTE OF HAND, without sureties, at much lower rates than usually charged. Repayments arranged to meet Borrow- ers' requirements. Extensive business done for 25 years past. NO BILLS OF SALE TAKEN. For prospectus and terms apply personally or write to GEORGE PAYNE, Accountant, 3, Crescent Road, Rhyl. Head Office:- 20, Kennedy Street, Manchester. Established 1870. iviONEY L&jn± r'RIVATEl,Y\ 'tp HE CHARING CROSS BANK Established L 1870), 28, Bedford street, Charing Cross, London, W.C. 0 Assets £ 4G5,0';2 5 0 Liabilities. lb5,C52 5 0 Capital and Reserve 300,000 0 0 Advances made upon approved Promissory Notes Loans of C30 to £ 2,000 granted at a 'few hours notice in town or country, male or female, on mortgage of furniture, trade and farm stock, plant, crops, &c. "without removal: also on deeds, policies, and reversions stocks, shares, and merchandise of every description. Special facilities to all requiring banking accounts. Three per cent. interest allowed on the minimum monthly balances of Current Accounts when not drawn below E20 Deposits of £ 10 and upwards received on terms as under: 4 per cent. per annum, subject to 3 morths' notice of withdrawal. 5 „ > 5 6 -2 „ Special terms for larger amounts. Interest paid quarterly, free of Income Tax. Depositors have no liability whatever, and are amply secured. Write or call for prospectus. A WILLIAMS, Marager /"IT TTTlCt Ad msy wa,y of increasing I K\ YOUR INCOME by starting \J IJ U 1JU WATCH, &c., CLUBS for the supply of BENSON'S Watches, Clocks, Jewel- lery, and qther Good, Sound, and Reliable Articles at Moderate Prices. Terms Liberal. Particulars Post Free. J. W. BENSON. 62 and 64 LUD- GATE HILL, LONDON, E.C. Q TT1KF insurance office O VJ -L^l FOUNDED 1710. SUM INSURED IN 1894 £ 393,622,440. For all particulars apply to the following agents— CARNARVON .Mr W. Hugh Owen. BALA .Mr lorwerth Jones, Bryn BANGOR Jis. Sro I tli. LtLion. BEAUMARIS ..Mr Fred. Geary. CONWAY .Mr Uharies Drover, De- gunwy & L'andudno, DOLGELLE Y ..Mr Thomas P. Jones Parry HOLYHEAD .Mr Owen Hughes. LLANGEFNI .Mr William Thomas. PORTMADOC ..Mr J.Tobias,6,Marine Ter BARMOUTH .Mr E. F. Aenderson LLANDUDNO .Mi Edgar W. Riches. -i*t- As supplied to Rot/ally and elite of Europe. THE BELL AMERICAN ORGANS AND PIANOFORTES ARE LEADING SIGH-CLASS INSTRUMENTS. CATALOGUES SENT FREE ON APPLICATION. INSPECTION IINYITED. j THE BELL ORGAN AND PIANO CO. I LIMITED, 49, HOLBORN VIADUCT, LONDON. —. _JN AWR YN BAR0I) PRIS SWLLT Yr AIL GYFROL O A NTURIAETHAU fjYMRO I YN AFFRICA. GAN WILLIAM 3RIFFITH, KINST. M.E. (GYNT 0 PORTHDINORWIG). Y LLYFR HARDDAF A RHATAF EI BRIS YN GYMRAEG CYNWYSA AIIIIYW O^DARUIiVIAU LLIWIEDIG. Ar werth can yr holl Iijfrwerthwvr, nen ReJlir ci eael vn nninn fj rehol o r Swyddla hon ond anfonls 2c. 7 CWMNrR WASG GENEDLAETHOL GYMREIG, CAERNARFON, CUPIS CONSTITUTION BALLS For Ilorsej, for Grefie, testimonial. Swelled Legs, Cracked Tyfry, Menai Bridge, Heels,Coughs,CoId?> Sted- Anglesey.Maj 23,1884. ing Coat, Irflaenza, giving Dear Sir,~Havn g used tone and vigour,andkeeep your Constitution Bills for "ng high-fed Horses in nearly thirty vears 'to Health, &c Horses and K eat Cattle, it For Cattle and Sheep is only simple truth and in cases of Hove or Blown, justice to say, a safer or Hide Bound, Loss of Ap more efficacious Medicine pelite, Distemper, Epidemis for Hoises and Cattle can- &c. not be purchased.—Yours For Scouring in Calves truly, W. Evaus. they are almost infaible. Prepared upwards of 50 years by the late Francis Cupiss, M.R.O.V.S. Sold in Packets Is 9d and 3s 6d each, 7 small 10s 6d, or 7 large 21. of Chemise and Medicine Yeriors, or from Proprietor The Wilder- ness, Dies, Norfolk, on leceiplof amount. SMOKERS.— As a temporary Advertisement to k.? induce a trial of Mosque we will send you a Novelty Pipe, Rubber Tobtacca Pouch, a Turk- ish Amulet, and three ounces of Ismael's Exquisite Mosque Smoking Mixture for 12 Stamps.—P., 9, Eureka Manufacturing Co., Clapton, London. E.C. Liverpool. — shaftesbury temper- .Lj ANCE HOTEL, Mount Plea-ant, n"ar Central and Lime street Stitions, and about ten minutes walk from the Landing Stage. 100 rooms. Moderate charges. Electric Light. A First class Family, and Commercial Hotel. A LIVERPOOL GENTLE^rr— amount of uninvited coital at k 8 a gQ Will LEND same in the atrial orhL Commandr L £ 20 To £ 1000 UQa80t parfcofth?PUn^d K;ngdU«mm nath°P femaIa) ia OWN WRITTEN &OMKB deeds, mortgares, and dock bonds. AT 5 PER CENT. INTEREST. The amount borrowed can be repaid by easy in s^alments, extending ovir a period cf frL oae to five yeara, or capital can rQmui;i so long as the in- terest is paid. As this office >s a bona-fiJe private concern, and not connected with any loan office J S requited tnat habitual borrowers will not -ipply. For further particulars call or wri^e to the actual lender, VVIlLICAMERON, Melville SOa, Lord St.eet, Liverrool. Telegrams 't naS Liverpool; Telepho.eNo. 1197. 863 BUY RAPHAEL'S AL,,IIANAC FO.R 1896. n°^™ to Earners and Gardeners- V-/ birthday Information for every dav and thi Fate of any Child born during the yea?7' When buy, sell court, marry, set fowls, fish, hire servants seek employment, speculate, bake, brew, travel re' do anything else. The best Almanac published. 128 pages, price 6d, post free 7d published. 128 pages, price 6d, post free 7d Dreamsfls^ °f ls> KaPhael's* Book of f'°^!8«ain.' 4' FilSrim Street. Ludgate Hill i' n and all Stationers and Bookstalls. I YolAt UN sorel Ato StfDD 'A CHA OL DA i L CARN YR E130L ARIFF-I TM -;YN WERrj4 -TAIR OWEll P07,El oyFFERIAU PESWC -AID Y/f FEDDICI ERAIZ 0 LLANBEHIS TH" GREAT COUGH CURE pER'lk CURES 9 CAS'SS OUT OF 10 ER B I r