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Pertmadoc. £ 10,000.—The total amount of money received from the rates by the School Board, during the last 12 years, is £ 10,000. 0 CAN IT BE TitUE ?—Some people say that high- way robbers waylay them occasionally, on the road from here to the workhouse. DARKNESS;—It became so dark a little before four o'clock on Tuesday afternoon that artificial light had to be used: SLATE QUARRYING.—Several parties interested in slate quarrying have lately been inspecting the old slate quarry at Aber, Prenteg, and there is every prospect of fresh operations being started in the place. LEGAL.- Mr Daniel Williams, son of Mr D. Williams, Ivy House, and an articled clerk with Messrs Lloyd George and George, solicitors, has parsed the Intermediate Law Examination. NORWAY.—Mr J. R. Prichard, J.P., gave a lecture on Norway, at Penmorfa, last Saturday evening. Mr David Williams, Ivy House, accom- panied, and illustrated the lecture with views of the various localities. Mr Henry Roberts, Bryn- ftwel, presided. The proceeds went in aid of the Congregational ohapel. DR BARNARDO'S HOMES.—A public meeting will be held at the Town Hall on Monday evening, on behalf of Dr Bamardo's Homes for Waifs and Strays. The chair will be taken by Mr J. R. Prichard, J.P. These Homes deserve the support of all denominations. The Rev Mr Woakey will give a lecture, and some of the boys from the Homes will perform on various instruments. FOOTBALL,—The Blaenau Festiniog Football Club met a local team on Saturday, and had some excellent play, Messrs R. Roberts, D. Roberts, Tommy Jones, Fielding, D. Williams, Willie Joies, and John Davies, played well. N. Roberts stepped a goal by a smart fisting operation. Mr W. G. Davies acted as referee. Result: Portmadoc, 5 goals; Festiniog, 2. KHASSIA HILLS.—Mr R. C. Evans, Dolgelley, delivered a lecture at the Town Hall, last Wed- nesday evening, on the missionary work carried on by the Calvinistic Methodists at Khassia Hills. Various views of the country, missionary stations, &c., were shown. There were also exhibited many of the old Methodist fathers, eminent Congrega- tionalists, &c. Mr R. Davies, C.C., presided. The proceeds went towards the English Methodist Chapel. A NEW MOVEMENT.—In our last issue we referred to the attempt that was being quietly made towards forming an association in the town for the purpose of doing something to improve the town and develop its natural resources. An in- formal meeting was held, and a resolution was passed favouring the formation of such an associa- tion. Dr Jones Morris and Mr J. R. Prichard, J.P., were appointed to take further steps in the matter. With the view of consulting the views of a larger number of persons interested in the wel- fare of the place, notices were sent out last week to all the leading tradesmen, merchants, and pro- fessional gentlemen, asking them to attend a meet- ing that was to be held on Friday (22nd inst.), at Mr G. J. Barnard's recently erected assembly room—a most convenient and comfortable place. Amongst those who responded to the appeal were Messrs William Jones, Bank Richard Newell, Dr JonQs Morris, Cadwaladr Griffith, Edwards, Bank; J. R. Prichard, Bank; David Morris, The Oakleys; D. R. Thomas, draper; J. Evans, draper; J. E. Jones, Evan Evans, C. E. Breese, R. G. Humphreys, A. Bromwich, G. J. Barnard, John Bright, Charles Hughes, A. Thomas, R. B. Thomas. R. P. Lewis, Thomas Jones, William Morris, and others. Dr Jones Morris was elected chairman. After explanatory remarks made by the Chairman and Mr J. R. Prichard, a general discussion followed. All favoured the resolution past at the last meeting, and it was ultimately passed that all present should form themselves into an association. This having been done, the fol- lowing executive committee was elected Messrs R. Newell, David Morris, Richard Davies, D. R. Thomas, Henry Roberts, auctioneer R. P. Lewis, J. E.Jones, —Edwards, i<W. Jones, Bank; J. R. Prichard, J. Davies, A. Bromwich, Robert Isaac, R. Casson, Dr Griffith, T. Jones, Captain D. Richards, harbour master and Mr J. S. Hughes. The constitution of the committee is on the whole satisfactory. A vote of thanks was heartily passed to Mr Barnard for the permission to hold the meetings in such a desirable room. It is to be hoped that all who can in any way help'the com- mittee will do so. Unquestionably much good can be done in the direction referred to in the _l.

Borth-y-Gest, Portmadoc








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