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IHolyhead. MISSIONARY MEETINGS.—The annual missionary meetings were held at the Bethel Wesleyan chapel on Monday evening and Tuesday last, the ministers officiating being the Rev Edward Humphreys, Bangor, and the Rev J. Price Roberts, Llanrwst. TEMPERANCE.-On Sunday evening a meeting of representatives of the various chapels, convened by the Rev E. B. Jones, was held at Mount Pleasant to consider the best steps to be taken to further the temperance cause. The meeting was convened on the recommendation of the Anglesey Temperance Association, which advocates the same thing to be done throughout the whole county. DEATTT OF MR ROBERT HUGHES. — The death took place on the 19th inst of Mr Robert Hughes 16, Ty'nypwll road, and formerly of Bodowyr, who was a well-known character at Holyhead. He had been in the employ of the railway company for SIS o° forty years, and was foreman on V»r upwaruo wa8 a member with the the railway ,g-ount peasant. He leaves a Srtwo sons, and a daughter, Miss Hughes, "wow, wu i. Messrs Spiers and Pond. stSES._PAt the Hyfrydle THE D week, the Rev J. Williams presiding a very interesting address on «'Ceiriog wasdelivered by Mr J. Jones, Aled House—At Armenia the question under consideration was, Tht book of Proverbs, and its lessoms to the >» mumed by Mr Isaac Parry, the chair r^ngL«S by Mr Owen Pritchlrd.-At the TabegrnaclZtfe« RevR. P. Williams presiding Dr inland P WUliams, J.P., delivered an interesting fdlress on the "Rainfall at Holyhead." PROPOSED FREE LIBRARY.—Last week resolu- I tions were passed, at the Hyfrydle and Tabernacle debating Societies, in favour of a^public library at Holyhead, the resolutions being forwarded to the Urban District Council. No doubt this is a ques- tion worthy of the consideration of the town, but 1 the great drawback is that a pennyrate would only amount to about JMO a year, and this would not be sufficient to purchase and maintain a library, unless supported by a large amount of voluntary contributions. However, it would undoubtedly be a great boon to the town to have a library of some sort. THE LATE CHANCELLOR BRISCOE'S PROPERTY. -On Friday last Mr John Pritchard, auctioneer, Jangor, offered for sale the furniture of the late lev Chancellor Briscoe, D.D. It well be re- aembered that Chancellor Briscoe bequeathed a um of JEIO.000 to the poor of Holyhead, but some I if his relatives dispute this part of the will, on the ground that the directions are not specific enough o enable the executors to carry out the provisions ,f the will, and hence a law suit is pending. The lev Robert Price, B.A., senior curate, has, how- !ver, been administrator pendente lite, and by hiu nstruotions the property was sold on Friday, with he exception of the specific legacies, which are re- iained pending the decision of the court as to the ralidity of the will. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. I The ordinary meeting of the guardians oJf the Solyhead Union was held at the Valley, on Tues- lay, Mr J. Lloyd Griffith, M.A., occupying the :hair. CUT-RELIEF. The following sums were reported to have been paid in out-relief during the fortnight:—Holyhead district, 285 5s Od, to 448 paupers; Aberffraw, ;E52 16s 6d, to 249 paupers; and Bodedern, £ 51 7s Od, to 209 paupers. There was a balance of £ 233 Is 9d in the hands of the treasurer, and a balance of S830 14s lOd due from the parishes. I RELIGIOUS SERVICES. The Rev H, Grev Edwards, Llanfachraeth, wrote regretting that it was impossible for him to I arrange to have a service at the Union Workhouse, Valley, on Sundays, as his curates and he were 1 occupied on that day.—The Rev Canon Walter Thomas, Holyhead, wrote regretting that he should be unable to join.—The Rev J. Williams, Llangefni, wrote stating that the matter would be brought under the notice of the Anglesey Calvin- istic Methodists' Monthly Meeting on December 2nd.— Some remarks were made that it was difficult for ministers and clergy to hold religious services in the house on Sundays, as they were all engaged on that day. -The Master stated that the Rev Mr Price, cnrate of Valley, came there every week, and the Rev T. M. Rees had been there on Sunday week. The Master further said that all except two or three of the inmates were able to go to a place of worship if they wished.-The Board eoiasideied it would be better to have a service on a week day. uFFER OF A CONCERT. The Chairman informed the Board that Miss Williams, British School, would be glad to give a concert with the children at the House from this to Christmas. Upon the motion of Mr O. H. i Foulkeo, J.P., seconded by Mr T. Forcer Evans, J.P., the offer was accepted with thanks. VOTE OF SYMPATHY. The Chairman mentioned that they all knew of the sad affliction which had befallen Dr E. P. Ed- wards, one of the medical officers of the Board, and although they were glad to learn that he was re- covering, yet they should pass a vote of sympathy with him in his illness. He moved a resolution to that effect. Mr R. Gardner seconded the motion, which was supported by Mr C .E. M. Prichard, and unanimously passed. PAUPERS AND THBIR HOUSES. Mr O. H. Foulkes mentioned that with pauper widows and others they generally each occupied a house of her own. He considered that they should compel two or more to live together or stop their relief, as it would save a considerable amount to the Union. He gave a notice of motion for the next meeting with regard to the subject.


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