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BANGOR BANKRUPTCY COURT. A sitting of the Bankruptcy Court was held at Bangor on Monday, before His Honour Sir Hor- atio Lloyd. THE AFFAIRS OF MR JOSEPH STRINGER. Mr Huw Rowland applied for the discharge in bankruptcy of Joseph Stringer, china and glass dealer,. Bangor.—The Official Receiver (Mr LI. Hugh Jones) reported that the liabilities were £ 663 19s 2d, and the assets JE244 10s lOd, a first and final dividend of 5s 9id having been paid. The objections to the application, which were not strongly pressed, were that the debtor had not kept proper books of account, and that the assets had not realised 10s in the pound.-Debtor, who attributed his failure to loss on the sale of car- riages, illness of himself and wife, and having to defend a prosecution brought against him by a servant and dismissed, was granted his discharge subject to his dividend being increased to 63 8d, which would represent a further payment of £20. AN UNCONDITIONAL DISCHARGE. The discharge of T. Parry Williams, painter and ironmonger, Abergele, late of Penmaenmawr- ^and Llangefni, was granted unconditionally. The lia- bilities were JE207 103 4d, and a first and final dividend of 4s BId had been paid. THE ESTATE OF THE LATE CAPTAIN PRITCHARD- RAYNER. In the estate of the late Captain Pritchard-Ray- ner, of Trescawen, Anglesey the Official Receiver moved for an order calling upon the executrix of the deceased gentleman to file certain statements of accounts relating to the administration of the estate, which at the time of his decease was in- solvent. Mr Laurie, who appeared for thA ex- ecutrix, said that she was prepared to make an affidavit stating that there was no estate. As to the preparation of the accounts it would involve considerable cost, and the point was who was to be liable for it. The creditors would receive no benefit from the return, the application for which was made by the petitioning creditors-a firm of Rugby solicitors. His Honour said that it first must be ascertained whether there was an estate at the time of the death of the debtor, and directed the filing of an affidavit bearing upon the matter. THE AFFAIRS OF THE EX-MAYOR OF PWLLHELI. In the bankruptcy of Edward Jones, S^ontium terrace, Carnarvon, at one time Mayor of_Pwillaeli, Mr Collingwood Hope (instructed by Mr Cart- wright, Chester,) applied on behalf of the trustees, Messrs Jones and Thomas, chartered accountants, Liverpool, for an order setting aside one made by Mr Justice Grantham appointing William Jones receiver; for a declaration that he was not a second creditor and that he be called upon to pay the costs of the present application.—Mr Greer (instructed by Messrs Edwards and Symonds, Liverpool,) opposed the application on behalf of the respondent, who lives at Pelham read, Bootle, and who had made advances to the debtor. Ou behalf of the trustees it was contended that the application had been made after an act of bank- ruptcy on the part of the debtor, and at a time when it was known that he was hopelessly 1^S(^" vent. A number of affidavits were read on both sides, the respondents relying chiefly upon one made by Mr R. A. Griffith, the solicitor to the debtor, in which he stated that he called a meeting of creditors at Chester to point out to them that the debtor was bodily and mentally prostrated, and it was, therefore, inadvisable that he should be pressed at such a time for payment of his debts. On the other hand, Mr Collingwood Hope sub- mitted that the calling together of the creditors at Chester was an act of bankruptcy, and should have been mentioned to Mr Justice Grantham, to whom the ex-parte application was not made until six weeks later. The money, it was_ incidentally stated, was the income arising out of a portion of the capital left by the debtor in Liverpool, and which was claimed by the trustees of his wi e un- der her marriage settlement. His Honour sai he would give judgment at the Chester court. p.MM A FARMER'S DIFFICULTIES. In the bankruptcy of Edwin Roberts, Crothbin- gan uchaf, Llansantffraid Glan Conwy, Mr Madden (instructed by Messrs Jones Porter and Amphlett) moved on behalf of the trustee, Mr J. E. Roberts, auctioneer, Rhyl, to set aside as a fraud- ulent preference the sale of certain farm stock to Owen Jones, Bryngosul, Llandudao, butcher; Edward Jones, Ty'ntwll.and R. Jones, Bath, Llan- bedr. In May last the debtor had two writs served upon him-one at the instance of his sIster, for moaey lent. He applied to the solicitors of the trustee to give him time until the end of the sea- son, so that he might have the opportunity of selling his crops. The managing clerk of Mr Porter and one of the creditors visited the farm, and, finding that he had omitted from the list he had supplied the former several head of stock and other effects, it was decided to issue execution. Within a week the debtor filed his own petition, and it was discovered that in the meantime he had disposed of the stock in question to the respond- ents.—Mr Greer (instructed by Messrs Chamber- lain and Johnson) represented the respondents,and contended that they had acted in a bona-fide manner, the stock having been purchased prior to the commission of any act of bankruptcy.—His Honour refused the application, without costs.