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Bangor. At the 3t. Paul'8 Wesleyan Literacy Society on Wednesday nigat, a discussion took place on the subject, Whether marriage was a fate or choice." On Monday evening a.t the Ebenezer Literary Society, an interest discussion took place on the subject of football playing. CITY COUNCIL.—Alderman T. Lewis has been re-elected chairman of the water and gas commit- tee, and Mr Robert Haghes, deputy-mayor, chair- man of the improvement committee. At a meeting of the museum and general purposes committee held on Wednesday night, Alderman Hugh Savage was unanimously re-elected chairman. NORMAL COLLEGE.—With respect to the alleged out break of scarlet fever at this institution, it out break of scarlet fever at this institution, it has bsen limited to a solitary case which occurred upwards of A fortnight awe. By direction of Dr E. J. Lloyd, the medical officer, the patient was at once taken to the Borough Hospital for Infectious Diseases, and is now almc-t convalescent. HOREB LITERARY MEETING.—At Monday evening's meeting, the Revs R. Lloyd Jones de- livered a very interesting and instructive address on The Protestant Reformation and its lessons." There was a very good attendance of members and others. Next Monday week the Electric Light question will be debated on. For, Mr J. R. rritcharct; against, Mr William Howard Lewis. ODFELLOWSHIP.—The annual dinner of the Prince of Wales' Lodge of Oddfellows tuok place on Wednesday night at the City Hotel, and was numerously attended. Dr Richard Jones, the lo ge surgeon, presided, Councillor Robert Owen being in the vice-chair. A very favourable report I of the financial condition of the lodge was pre- I sented by Mr W. Jones (Bulkeley place), the secre- tary. SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION.—The election will take place on the 14th December. rhere are thirteen candidates for the nine seats, viz., Miss Wynn Jones, Dr Langford Jones, *Dr Richard Jones, and *Mr R. Roberts, Church of England nominees; *Mr C. Pozzi (R.C.); Principal John I Price (0.21); "Professor Phillips (Congregationai- ist) *Mr W.L loyd Jones (Wesleyau); *-Ar W. P. Matthews (Baptist), Dr E. O. Price (C.M.). Messrs Chas. James (Church), and W. Hugh Rowl <n;i (C.M.), will offer themselves as independent can- didates. Those marked with an asterisk are old members. TEMPERANCE MEETINGS.—Meetings in cmnec- tion with the Bangor Temperance Society are being held during this week h.t the various chapcls in the town. Amongst those taking part are the Revs Hugh Williams, Gwalchmai O. J. Roberts, Llanfair P.G.; D. Hugbes, Ca n^rvon; W. O. Jones, Aber G. Roberts, Caraeddi; T. N. Roberts, Amlwch R. Pentir Jones. S. R. Jenkins, D. Rees, Capel Mawr; J. Griffith, Llanftirfechan; W. Richards, T. J. Wheldon, Ellis Jones. Pr' lessor Lloyd, Professor Davies, Plenydd, and others. ORCHESTRAL CONCERT.—We have to bring under our readers' notice the particulars in our adver- tising columns of Miss Isabel Hewitt's second annual Orchestral Concert as the Penrhyn liall, Bangor, on Wednesday evening next, December 4 the proceeds in aid of the Science and Art Insti- tute, Bangor. No words of recommendation are needed from us, -the orchestra,at, their first concert A in Dec^tiber, last year, having dese-vedly gained high public favour by their excdleU ail-round playing, and it is not too much to say that their second appearance will command a large and ap- preciative audience. To Miss ilovr.tt must be awarded all honour for her praiseworthy efforts on behalf of string music in Bangor, arid she is to be heartily congratulated upon the efficiency of her orchestra, which can provide such a charming musical evening. SCHOOL BOARD.-The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday evening, under th« presidency of Principal John Pryce (chairitiav). The attendance officer (Mr W. C. Jones) reported that all the schools had been duly visited, and the 491 absentees personally inquire 1 after. It was pointed oat that s&Vt;n years had elapsed sincf the last census was taken, and it was agreed that as the present time was most opportune for taking one it should be taken.—A letter was read from toe Education Department approving of the proposed alteration to St Pa ill's Infant School, A letter from Mr Glynue Jones, solicitor, offering on behalf of a syndicate a portion of land or. the Friars' estate for a school site at a price of £ 600, was referred to the new Board, the election of which takes place on December 28. Atte ition was directed to the heavy item for books supplied to St Paul's Infant Schools, the amount being closs upon £ 72. —The Chairman said that i he account was for a year's supply.-Mr Pozzi: There is enough there for 2 years.—The Chairman That shows the necessity for the managers paying cl >ser attention to the requisitions sent by the teachers in tte several departments.-A. letter was re-td from Mr L. D. Jones, headmaster of Garth > -h >ois, a,skir.g for an increase of salary, his duties having in- creased by the lumping of the two 'epartmeuts into one, whilst his share of the Government gra^t had been reduced from one-half to on.-third. It was stated by the clerk (Mr Downs) that the lumping of the departments woul represent a savins in the salaries, whilst iucre .s >d work ar-d additional wesponsibility was thrown upon the headmaster.—Mr Pozzi srid that the ratepayers were continually grumbling about the amount of salaries paid their teachers. He, or one. con- sidered £ 170 ample.—Professor Phillips said that some people would grumble if he got only J6100 a year.-Dr Richard Jones sail there was a gieat outcry in the town about the school board rate. If any increase was allowed it should be distinctly understood that, by the new arrangement, the services of a mistress of the girls' school were dis- pensed with, and the salary consequently dis- pensed with.—Mr R. Roberts: As also the neces- sity for building a new girls' school.—It was de- cided to guarantee that the salary should be £ 10 I excess of that paid last yeir.