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J. R. REES,- HAIRDRESSER, Begs to inform the public that h? has opened a NEW HAIRDRESSlNG SALOON at 38, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON. Ladies' Cotabiags made up. Gentlemen atteaded to at their residences. 1457 Jgl LIAS \\7" 1 L L 1 A M S> PURVH. Y :-R OE MEA T, 1 AND H HANGOR STREET, CARNARVON. All orders punctually attended to. 112(3 J^EWIS ILLIAMS AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, LAND VALUER MORTGAGE BROKER, &c., &c., GROVE HOUSE, BANGOB STREET, CARNARVON. WATCHES, UL CKS, aVd^Tkiads of KINGS, &0. The Best and Cheapest place for above is at the Old Establishment r 9f the late JOHN HUGHES, POOL STIEBF, OARCIABVON. I T) 0 B E R T S AND Q WEN, I PROPRIETORS. Established Hund'cd Years I H. J. Coleman <$• Powellf (Late with Mr A. Lester Taylor, now consulting I eugiueev, Liverpool), ELECTRICAL ELTFULFLEERS, AND CONTRACTORS FOR PRIVATE TELEPHONES, BELLS, LIE LIR.N IN (-■ CO X DUCTOR8, ELECTKIC LIGHTING, MINING PLANT &c. 9, CASTLFigUAUE, C A R N A It V 0 N .1 DR. JWRJ&TTUIS. &C., SURGEON DENTIST, Opposita the Market, Bangor. DR. JONES R I'S LLANGEFNI every THURS- DAY, at wigan-aad. LLANERCHYMEDD from 10 to 1, and AMLWCH from 2 to 5, with Mr Hughes, Stationer, 8, Market street, TUESDAYS, May 2lst, Jane 18th, and July 16th. EBENEZER AXD LLASBEKIS, First TUESDAY after Pay-day. JBHTHESDA, First TLESDAY after Pay-day. BANGOR every day except Tuesdays aud Thursdays, I HAMILTON & JONES, APS-, LD.A.S., From LONDON, Apothecaries1 Hall, Marketplace, BANGOR IMPORTANT TO PAIvTi UR*I SHIN (T ) EDWIN JONES, KYKFIN PLNGE CABINET -tJ WORKS, BA^OOR, has a large and extensive; Stock of all kind of Household Furuifcure, consisting of Dming, Drawing aud Bedrooai sui ~e>, Bookcases Cheflfonieis.Sidubciatda, Wardrobes, Cheat of Drawers Dreseipg Drawers and all kind of Bedroom and Par- lour Chairs, Sofas aud Couchos in leather and hair covers, Iron and Brass Redat-eadR, Feather, Wool and FlockBeds, Spring a(? .5 Wool Mattresses, Dining and Drawing Room Tables, Kitchfm Tables, Chairs, Dressers of all descriptions. Moat of the above are i made on the premises under his own supervision. ) lid wia Jones, owing to Ms increasing buisiness, has ¡ secured a arga Warehouse in addition to hia other premises, and invites customers to inspect his large Stock, which he ?n toads to »ell at a very small profit Car iage aid f.ir di Minces of fifteen mile* MI? WESTF.A KE^ORGAST" ORGANIST OF BANGOR CATHEDRAL, I Choirmaster, St. Paai's Church, Colwyn Bay, and Conway Pariah Church; Professor of Music at the North Wales Training College, Bangor; ¡ Examiner to the Incorporate i Society of Musi- cians Vice-Presi den1 and Examiner to the Guild of Organists; Pupil of Sir Walter Parratt (Organist to the Queen), Dr Gladstone and Dr Mann, GIVES LESSONS IN Singing, Intoning, Pia-o"brte, Orgaü, and Harmony. SCHOOLS ATTENDED by special arrangement for Singing and Pianoforte. System adopted similar to that in use at the Royal College of Music. )1 Pupils specially prepared for the Local Examina- tions of the Incorporated Cociety of Musicians, the Associated Board, aud Trinity College. PUPILS' RECENT SUCCESSES. — Two Open | Scholarships (Pianoforte), R.C.M.; I.S.M. Locals (only candidate with Pianoforte Honours in North Wales, July, 1894 Honours, December, 1894 only candidate with ADVANCED Pianoforte Honours in N. Wales, July, 1895; Honours in Organ- I Plaing, July, 1895). Address:—THE CATHEDRAL, BANGOR. j BY APPOINTMENT To HER M A J EST Y THE I QUEEN, H.H.U. THE PRINCE OF WALES, j CONTRACTORS TO HER MAJESTY'S Ii GOVERNMENT. You cannot afford to do your Writing in I the Old Way! I REMINGTON TYPEWRITER. Leadership means Superiorit y'! Continued leadership implies Progress Tacitly acknowledged leadership over many Com- petitors shows undeniable merit! WICKOFF, SEAMANS & BENEDICT, 14c. North John Street, LIVERPOOL, Representative for Carnarvonshire, Mr Ellis Owen, 19, Dinorwic street,Carnarvon,who will have the pleasure of showing the Maehine to anv per- son desirous of seeing it. i341 FKUITI FK R Y H FLUJRR ?rTZpJTi?CKESb' ACCESS ilTZrAlK'LK rhe Wholesale Fnif+ FITZPATRICK Merchant. The S FITZPATRICK mission Agent. lS« FITZPATRTCK after his own BusSeS FITZPATRIPK personally. Einploysno FITZPATRICK Travelling Agents,7and FITZPATRICK by this means can S FITZPATRICK cheaper. Ships onlv FITZPATRTCK ound stuffs guaranteed. Long life experience Serves more people in WALES than any other firm in Liverpool. Serves everybody and anybody at Wholesale prices. Keeps all sorts of English and Foreign Fruit*! The Onion Salesman, WEITB FOR PIWS LIST TO— j j^ITZPATIilCK, WHOLESALE MARKET CAZNEAU-ST XJVEEPOOL. THE BANGOR AND ARVON PERMANENT L BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY REGISTERED OF/ICE REGISTERED OF/ICE FLA3 LLWYD, BANGOR. PRESIDENT: ALDERMAN JOHN EV AN ROBERTS, RANGOR. RESERVE FUND INCREASING ANNUALLY L2215 Paid-up Shares, £ 10 each J Entrance Fee, Subscription Share, 5s and j- share2s 6d. upwards per month. J Advances repayable 'by Month'y Instalments) in 5 10, 15, or 20 years on Leasehold and Free- hold Properties. AH VANTAGES: To Subscribers. 1. A convenient place far Tnv;-stment, with Abfo. ute Security and Good Interast, 2. Investments withdrawable at ANY TIMF, by Notice or other Arrangement. To Borrowers. 1. Funds always available for advanceal 2. Easy scale of Repayments.. 3. Moderate Solicitor's Cuarges (by bpecis Arrangement). 4. Premium ad.led. ro, and not ded acted FROM, 4. Premium ad.led. ro, and not ded acted FROM, *d -'ance. 5. Mortgage effected with the utmos Despatch and Secrecy. 6. Rasy facilities for Redemption of Mortgages AT ANYTIME, without any charge. Applications, &c., to be addressed, to the Secretary Mr ROBERT HTTGHES. Plas Llwvd. Bangor..v/H.