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All, THE LADY M Who coughed easier in the morning FORGOT She had been all I I I |^ Dight; yet how trae it is that nura- Jgjjk, bers of people spend long weary 1W z* sleepless nights in one continuous J& COUGH COUGH COUGH ¥ who might have otherwise enjoyed perfect re Ml IF THEY HAD BUT PUT W FRANCIS'S I BALSAM I TO A PRACTICAL TEST BEFORE! if TIME HAS PROVED ITS WORTH. 'TIS NOT A NEW FANGLED W REMEDY.—ITS EVER INCREASING SALE IS PROOF W POSITIVE OF ITS SUPERIORITY. Jgk SOLD EVERYWHERE IN Is AND 2s 6D BOTTLES. 1W i FRANCIS'S I BALSAM I TO A PRACTICAL TEST BEFORE! if TIME HAS PROVED ITS WORTH. 'TIS NOT A NEW FANGLED W REMEDY.—ITS EVER INCREASING SALE IS PROOF W POSITIVE OF ITS SUPERIORITY. Jgk SOLD EVERYWHERE IN Is AND 2s 6D BOTTLES. 1W 1 THE DAILY DELIGHT OF I THODSUTDS. I THE TEA FOR ALL. I I ANCHOR TEA I ANCHOR TEA I ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA QXJR GREAT SUCCESS HAVING BROUGHT MANY IMITATIONS OF OUR PACKET INTO THE MARKET. WE TRUST THAT CON- SUMERS WILL SEE THE TRADE MARK IS ON EVERY PACKET. TRADE .I ;4 r, I ,7 I I. MARK THE WINGED ANCHOR TRADE MARK WILL BE ON EVERY PACKET IF THE TEA IS GENUINE, AND CONSUMERS MAY REST ASSURED OF THE QUALITY BY NOTING THIS ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA ANCHOR TEA PER Is 4d, Is 6d, Is lOd, 2s, and 2s 4d POUND ■>» -=- fJ SOLD BY AGENTS EVERYWHERE. For Agencies apply to the ANCHOR TEA COMPANY, 22, Beer-lane, and 41, Great Tow^r street, London, E.C. sag IREWNAWTSV J of a Urge quantity of beautiful hard wearing Serge J X Remnants, in suita ble lengths for Children's Dresses. J Louies' Underskirts, &c. All Black, all Blue, all J Grey, or Mixed Colours may be had— k T PRICE S'a peP Bundle, Carriage Paid. y X Lutas Leathley &Co.,aemnant Dept.77 Armley,Leeds f Dales9 GOLD MEDAL Dubbin Makes Boots and Harness Waterproof as a duck's back and soft as velvet. Adds three times to the wear and allows lis, polishing. 18 Exhibition Highest Awards. Tins, 2d., 6d., Is. and 2s 6d of all BootmakerS Saddler, Ironmongers, &c. LtANEUDNO. pOLLEQIATB SOHOOL PRINCIPAL :—MR W. A. WHI3YON. SUCCESSES this Year in London Univer^^ Oxford Local, and South Kensington Science and Art ^xams X I H. SAMUEL'S A/A'MARVEL' lu/o WATCH. I STARTLING AND INCREDIBLE! In well-finished, splendidly strong case, chased, or plain as preferred; Looks equal to REAL SILVER. Similar to I Watches often sold In shops at 95. Goes to one-fifth ef a second. Forwarded with key and full printed instruc- tions, SafejiTidjrree_byj)ost_tW on receipt of 10/6- If not approved, send it back and the full amount ■will be refunded. A handsome ALBERT CHAIN ENCLOSED FREE if this announcement is sent with ENCLOSED FREE if this announcement is sent with "v the order. TRAVEL THE WORLD TO (MPAUTir I DISCOVER value. H. Samuel^ eiirr>Eee frenowned "Acme" Wateh. a gjgantio oUliCtaa, J BUCCe8s. Highly finished {-plate, jewdled movement. Specially strengthened plates. Accurately fit ted protective dust excluding can. Strone SOLID STERLINC SILVER CASES, stamped LADY'S sire, richly engraved and Dial elegantly tinted or plain. For- warded Post Free (Registered) a few hours after receipt of order, with Key, full instructions, and FIYE YEAR&* WARRANTY. Worth sguineaa. H. Samuel's Pirce. 25sL A Handsome Free Prize included this month. Magnificent and perfect. H. SAMUEL'S WORLD-FAMED ENGLISH LEVER, absolutely unparalleled. Interchangeable, jewelled movement. Chronometer Balance, adjusted for beat and cold. PATENT SAFETY WINDING PINION. H. SAMUELS "IMPREGNABLE" damp and dust- resisting cap. Timed to a second, i *W! Extra MASSIVE SOLID SILVER Cases, | rnVFPIIVFMT J Government Hallmarked, crystal glass J 1 FIVE YEARS* WARRANTY. Worth I GUARANTEE. £ 5.5s., H. SAMUEL spncejM. t2 6. A Month's Free Trial allowed. Full amount returned if dissatisfied. A Splendid Free Prize with each. FULL PRIZE LIST sent on a separate sheet with H. SAMUEL'S splendid royal quarto CATALOGUE of nearly 1,500 Artistic Engravings and Marvellous Reductions. Gold Brooches, 3/6; Gold Scarfpins, |/6; Watches, 7/ Alberts, | Household Cutlery and Plate in guaranteed quality. Hundreds of Remarkable Testimonials. This splendid BooTc of Bargains sent Free to any address. TAKE WARNING! Common and worthless Watches glut I the market in imitation of H. SAMUEL'S celebrated Watches 5Pdar«dear at any price Send for the BEST VALUE IN THE WORLD direct to H. SAMUEL. H. SAMUEL'S CELEBRATED WATCHES. I R-d-ofthe., q (JBSEUYER & EXPRESS' SPECIAL FREE BONUS AWARDS. THIS COUPON sent with the order entitles the purchaser to I I either of the watches described above at the reduced prices Quoted, and also receiue with each, during the next 21 days, a Special Handsome and Valuable Free Gift. m daW above, In Kcordanco with the list enclosed with H. StMCMt nhMtrated Cat^ogne. (Signed) H. SAMUEL, Manchester. Sterling Silver Acme' Watches ,25s. od. Jlagnifii-ent English Lerer Watches £ 2.12s. 6d. H.Samuels "Marvel" Watch io» gd. 1 „ P.O. Orders to be payable to H. Samuel, at General Post Office, J Manchester. H SAMUEL4 Lar^est En«li811 Watch Manufacturer, u. uamuun) 97,99 |0, 89 l2|, Market St., Manchester. MISCELLANEOUS. JOHN GRIFFITH HUGHES, Bookseller, Market street, Holyhead, begs to thank his numerous customers for their past support, and he wishes tu inform them that he has Sold his Busi- ness to Mr Edward Jones, Stauley street, of the same town, to whom he hopes they will extend their patronage. 1649c I^ORTH WALES.—ENERGETIC AGENTS J I to represent THE PBOVIDENT Free Home ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED, whereby LIFE ASSURANCE is combined with the right to advances for HOUSE PURCHASE. Liberal terms.-Apply, Thomas Evans and Co., Auctioneers, Station Chambers, Rby]. OOLE, PARKSTONK, WIMBORAE, NKW JL FORE T and LYMINGTON. — intending Visitors to this district t-hould Advertise for /*p&it- ments in the East Dorset Herald and frouth Hants Chronicle." Large and increasing circulation from Dorchester on the west to Southampton on the east, 4 editions. Thursdays, Id. The charge for advertise- ments of 20 words, in all editions, is: nee, Is twice, Is 9d 3 times, 2s 6d,—Address, Herald" Office, Poole. APARTMENTS.-To all having apartments to let. Do not have them empty when, for 1 (or three weeks, 2syou can have a 30 word ad- s vertisement inserted in six newspapers circulating in districts which each year send thousands of visitors to Carnarvon, N aIDe of papers, Leyton, Leytonstone, West Ham,Wanstead, Woodford, and Forest Gate, Manor Park and Ilford Express and Independent. Address, Publisher, Independent Office, Leyton stone, Essex. BOURNEMOUTH.—Intending Visitors to Bourne* mouth, Boscombc, or District should advertise for Apartments in the Bournemouth Visitors' Direc tory," the Oldest Established Bournemouth news- paper Wednesdays and Saturdays. Large circula- tion in Hants and Dorset. Twenty words-once, Is; twice, Is 9d 3 times, 2s 6d.—Address, Directory Office, Bournemouth r| O BE LET OR SOLD, House and Boot chop in a X flourishing industrial centre in Carnarvonshire. Grood connection. Boot makers and repairers kept. Entire stock or part may be purchased. For fur'her particulars apply by letter to No. 1398, Observed and Express Office, ( arnarvon. -Z; WANTED at once, Youth as Junior IT Clerk.—Apply, in own hand writing, stating age, &c., giving references, to "Newspaper," "Observer and Express" Office, Carnarvon. OLD DELABOLE SLATE QU ARlt Y. WANTED, a Quarry Manager for the Old Delabole Slate Quarries, Camelford, Cornwall, employ- ing about 400 hands. He must possess a thorough knowledge of slate quarrying and machinery. A good house, garden, and coals found. Applicants to send original testiroonials-not less than thi ee-as to qua!i- fications and character to present time, stating all pre- vious engagements, age and whether carried or sing e, also salary required, on or before the 30th November to Edward Allen, Esq., Stowford Lodge, Ivybridge, Devon. MESBERS W. DEW <6 SON. By Order of the Trustees of the Will of the Late George Augustus Huddart, Esq,, Deceased. NORTH WALES. COUNTIES OF CARNARVON AND MERIONETH. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, being the remaining Part of the BRYNKIR ESTATE," comprising Valuable FREEHOLD FARMS, FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS (in many cases with early Rever- sions), FREEHOLD TENEMENTS, ACCOMMODATION AND BUILDING LANDS, COTTAGES and HOUSES, situate in the Parishes of Llanllyfni, Llan- fihangel-y-Traethau, Llanfrothen, Pen- morfa, Ynyscynhaiarn, Dolbenmaen, and Llanfihangel-y-Pennant, comprising 4500 Acres, or thereabouts. I MESSRS W. DEW & SON will OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUC- TION, at the PARISH ROOM, CRICCIETH, on MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY, the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th days of December, 1895, commencing each day at 11.30 prompt, the following Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, VIZ.: — FIRST DAY'S SALE, MONDAY, DECEMBER 16TH. PARISH OF LLANLLYFNI SQ. Lots. A* R* P* YDS. l-Eithinog Ganol (part of) 113 0 iq q 2 and 3-Cae Efa Llwyd Fawr (part of) • • 66 1 30 4—Accommodation Laud (formerly part of Cae Efa Llwyd Bach) 7 2 39 0 5-Bryn HwylfaCottage 0 10 6—Eithineg Ganol (part of) 2 0 15 7 to 11—Eithinog Uchaf 115 3 34 O 12 and 13-Hendy (parts of) 3 3 2 a 14 and lõ-Garreg Wen Isaf (parts uf) 3324 0 16—Bryn Myfyr, Garreg Wen (part of) 01 11 0 17 to 52 and 60 to 220—In the Town of Penygroes, Freehold Ground Rents, in- cluding almost the whole of the Penygroes Building Leases, comprising about 66,405j equare yards. SECOND DAY'S SALE. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17TH, 1895. PARISH OF LLANLLYNI. 221 to 261-Cottages, Gar- dens, Building Sites, in the Town of Penygroes, contain- ing 19,839 sq. yards, or 4 0 16 PARISH OF LLANLLYFNI. 262 to 273—Llwynfuohes A (parts of) 20 3 0 0 274 and 275—Ty'nywer- glodd (parts of) 1 0 276 to 280—Llwynfuches (parts of) 7 2 32 0 281 and 282—Ty'nywer- glodd (parts of) 1 1 21 0 283 to 302-Llwynfuches part of) 27 3 32 0 303—Besigaia, Ty'nywer- » glodd (part of) 0 0 39 0 304 to 311 — Ty'nywer- glodd (parts of) J? » 5 0 312—Penrallt 37 o O 313 314 S^-Llwynda # Bach (parts of) A O QQ n 31P—Llwyn Onn 0 u THIRD DAY'S SALE. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER J8TH. PARISH OF LLANFIHANGEL- Y-TRAETHAU. 31t—Hen Gae Porfa (part Q t Xg 0 i °f 318—Plas yn Penrhyn > Mansion Bronmadoc, and Tv nvcoed •• ••• 319 to 325-Plas-yn-Pen- rhyn (parts of) o 1 25 o 326—Old Gate House 0 1 2o 0 327 to 329-Plas-yn-Pen- rhyn (parts of) 110 0 330—Bodhyfryd ••• J J 0 331—Bryntirion (part of; 1 0 to 333— Plas-yn-^en- 662, to too 3 0 0 0 313 8 0 337—Brynderwen 01 0 0 338 to 347- Building Land (parts of Bryntirion) 0 1 M 0 348-House and Garden q q q Vm349at8o 358 -Building Land (parts of Bryntirion) 0 129 0 359 to 383-Do 10 10 0 004 House and tjarden • r o 0 0 0 ISO in,oeASo 389—Building Land (parts of Bryntirion) 0 0 33 0 390—House and Garden in L639l — House, Shop, and Garden in Lease 392 to 401 Building Land (parts of Bryntirion) 0 1 26 0 402-Cottages and Gar- dens in Lease 1380 403—Cottages and GardeD, Do. 180 404 to 410—Building Land (parts of Beudygwyn) 0 16 0 411 and 412 —Cottages and Gardens in Lease 330 413-Two Cottages and Garden in Lease 320 414—Bwlchgla s 8 2 6 0 415-Meadow 3 13 0 FOURTH DAY'S SALE. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19TH. PARISH OF PENMORFA. 416—Tymawr (part of) 1 2 38 0 417 -Two Cottages and Gardens in Lease 0 0 9 0 418-Do Do 0 0 9 0 419-Efail. 0 0 27 0 420-Tymawr (part of 2 0 26 0 421-Do Do 6 1 34 0 422 to 427-Houses and Gardens in Lease 0 1 19 0 428 to 431-Wem Dwyryd (parts of) 11 1 22 0 432- Llwyn Derw 0 0 22 0 433—Wern Ddwyryd (part of) 3 3 18 0 434—Tanrhiw 1 0 13 0 435 and 436—Penygarn- edd (parts of) 5 3 22 0 437 — Pensarn Cottages (part of) Felin Uchaf 0 1 23 0 438 -Felin Uchaf 0115 0 439 with Lot 447.-Plas Nogrwydd (part of Drwsdeu- coed) 28 2 3 0 440—House and Garden in Lease 0 0 12 0 PARISH OF DOLBENMAEN. 441—Dolwgan Uchaf 230 3 32 0 442 to 446-Dolwgan (parts of) ••• •• 91 1 36 0 448—Ffridd Tyddyn y Graig 9 1 11 0 449-Bronmoel Farm 6 1 19 0 PARISH OF PENMORFA. f 450 -Hendxe Bach 381 0 5 0 PARISH OFLLANFrHANGEL-Y-PEN- NANT. 451-Rhwng y Ddwy Afon 334 2 30 0 452—Tyddynmawr 444 1 2 0 453-Cwm Trwsgl 150 0 27 0 454-Blaen y Pennant 662 2 14 0 PARISH OF LLANFIHANGEL-Y-PEN- NANT AND PENMORFA. 455-Gilfach 869 3 26 0 PARISH OF PENMORFA OR DOL- BENMAEN. 456—Ffridd on Llwyd Mawr. 753 1 30 0 457 to 460 Llystyngwyn nowyn part of) 166 3 35 0 461 —-Llystyn Gwyn and Llystyn Isaf (part of) 17 3 6 0 462 to 465—Llystyn Isaf (part of) 38 2 35 0 466— Brynkir Arms Inn. 0 0 32 0 467—House, Shoi,, Garden, &c., in Lease 213 468 to 471-Houso and Garden, &c., in Lease 692 Plans, Particulars, and Conditions of sale may be obtained fit any of the principal Hotels in North Wales; of the Vendors' Solicitors, Messrs Sandilands and Co., No. 12, Feuehurch Avenue, London, E.O.; Messrs Jones and Jones, Portmadoc of Messrs Thomas Roberts and Son, O.E., Portmadoc of the Estate Agent, Mr Wil- liam Watkin, Muriau, Criccieth; at the Auctioneers' Institute, 57, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.; or of the Auctioneers, Well- field, Bangor, and Trinity Square, Llan- dudno. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT?" SALE OE VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS SITUATE NEAR HARLECH, MERIONETHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY MESSRS DEW AND SON early in December, Lot 1. Penrallt Farmf situate in £ the parish of Llanlsir. Lot 2. Yr OIiéfi Farm, situate in the parish of Llandecwyn. Both lots comprise excellent Arable and Pasture Lands and are in a good state of cultivation. Further particulars and date of sale will appear in due course, and meanwhile en- quiries may be made of the Auctioneers, Bangor, and of R. MOSTYN ROBERTS, CARNARVON, Vendors' Solicitor. MR JOHN PRITCHARD. MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD. IMPORTANT TO BUTCHERS, CATTLE DEALERS, AND OTHERS. MR JOHN PRITCHARD begs to an- nounce that his Annual Sale of Fat Stock for the Christmas markets will be held at the above Smithfield on Monday, De- cember 9th, 1895, commencing at 11 a.m. prompt, and will comprise Grand Prime Fat 3 years old, Bullocks, Heifers, and Cows, also Fat Cross Bred and Mountain Ewes and Wethers. Bodhyfryd, Bangor. 1467p — MR J- G' JONES. CARNARVONSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANDWROG AND TOWN OF CARNARVON. SALE OF FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. MR J. G. JONES begs to announce that he has received instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at the Castle Hotel, Carnarvon, on Saturday, November 30th, 1895. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and there produced. LOT 1.—All that Freehold Dwelling house and premises situate and being in Dyffryn Ter- race, in the village of Groeslon, in the parish of Llandwrog, now in the occupation of Hugh Jones, at the annual rent of £ 4 10s Od. LOT 2.—All that Freehold Dwelling house and premises, situate and being in Dyffryn Ter- race aforesaid, in the occupation of Samuel Roberts, at the annual rent of £4 10s Od. LOT 3.—All that Freehold Dwelling house and premises,situate and being in Dyffryn Ter- race aforesaid, in the occupation of William Parry, at the annual rent of £ 4,10s0d. LOT 4.—All that Freehold Dwelling house and premises situate and being in Dyffryn Ter- race aforesaid, in the ocupation of Jane Roberts, at the annual rent of £ 4 lOsOd. LOT 5.—Five pieces of valuable Freehold Land, situate at Groeslon aforesaid, having a frontage to the high road leading from Groes- lon to Carmel, being lots 22, 36, 37. 38, and 39, in the Sale Plan of the Grugan Wen Estate, now let for grazing purposes to Mr R. Hughes, Cefn Eithin. LOT 6.—All those 3 Cottages and Gardens situate and being in Llainffynon, near the vil- lage of Groeslonaforesaid, now in the occupa- tions of Thomas Hughes and others, at the an- nual rent of £ 4. LOT 7.—All those seven Cottages and Gar- dens situate and being in Llainffynon afore- said, in the occupation of Laura Evans and others. LOT 8—All thatLeasehold Messuage or dwell- ing house and premises situate and being Tal- yllyn, Talysarn, held under a lease from the Coedmadog Estate for the term of 60 vears from the 30th August, 1877, and subject to an annual ground rent of £1188 Od, now in the occupation of Thomas T. Jones, at the annual rent of j66. LOT 9.-Two Leasehold houses situate in Northgate Street, in the town of Carnarvon now in the occupation of Mrs Bond and Mr R Jones as weekly tenants at 5s per week, held under lease for an unexpired term of 48 years and subject to an annual ground rent of £ 12 For further particulars, apply to Charles A. or tte all of Carnarvon. RElUKiNTfsrr OF THE EXCELSIOR CIRCULAR SWITCHBACK AND A HOST OF OTHER NEW AND NOVEL ATTRACTIONS. Will open NEAR L. & N. W. GOODS STATION, For a Few Days, Commencing WEDNESDAY NEXT, DEC. 4. At 6 p.m. 7 rLFRIDAT,& ^TURDAY, Dec. 6 and JAS. W. BOSTOCK, er. -r- Manager. I7ISTEDDF0D GADEIRIOL LLAN- E GEFNI. DYDD LLUN Y PASG, 1898. Gwobrwyon ardderchog mewn Rhydd- "^rddoniaeth, Cerddoriaeth Gorawl, ^7.' Uuawdau, &c., ynghyda lluaws o Gelfyddydwaith. 5 „ ^tr^*rstynau> Amodau, &c., IJc trwy y post, oddiwrth yr ysgrifenydd cvffredinol, 14,0,3 o. J. WILLIAMS, 14*dd Llangefni. SONS OF FIRE, BY MISS BRADDON- WHO DOES NOT ENJOY A. STORY BY MISS BRADDON? Few Readers are to be found who are not thoroughly acquainted with a dozen or more of MISS BRADDON'S FAMOUS STORIES. Many, indeed, have read them all, and are eager for more. We feel sure that our Readers will be highly pleased to learn that MISS BRADDON'S NEW STORY I has been secured for serial publica- tion in our columns. SON S OF FIRE, BY MISS BRADDON, WILL COMMENCE IN OUR COLUMNS ON JANUARY 3rd. THE PLOT. We have no wish to make our Readers acquainted with the plot of so deeply interesting a Story as MISS BRADOON'S LATEST- "SONS OF FIRE." A young fellow, Allan Carew, has inherited from an uncle an estate in the English counties, and on going down to take possession attaches himself to a fox hunting party as a total Stranger. To his surprise be finds himself addressed on all sides as Geoffrey Wornock. He is mistaken for the son of a lady living in the locality, who is then with his'regiment in India. The resemblance is certainly striking and surprising, especially as Wornock and Carew are com- pletely unknown to ench other. Mrs Wornock, a middle-aged lady of foreign extraction and great wealth, at length makes Carew's acquaintance, and manifests great interest in him, and evinces much curiosity regarding his family. Carew wonders what there may be behind all this. He is afraid of a family skeleton being revealed. By-and-bye Carew's father and mother come to see him at his new place. On the evening of his father's arrival, while they are sitting in the library, Carew sees a face at the window. With a hurried excuse, Carew leaves the room and enters the grounds, in time to so-, Mrs Wor- noek entering her carriage in a lane close by and driving away. This plunges Carew into grave perplexity. His likeness to this stranger, Geoffrey Womock, Mrs W ornock's extraordinary interest in himself and his antecedents, compel his attention to the mystery which is surrounding his life, and the extent of which he dares scarcely speculate upon. SONS OF FIRE, -i BY MISS BRADDON, AUTHOR OF Lady Audley's Secret," "Cloven Foot," Dead Men's Shoes," h Weavers and Weft," "Wyllards Weird," "Aurora Floyd," ;c The Day will come," Thou Art the Man," Dead Sea Fruit," "The Fatal Three," Ishmael," Hostages to Fortune," Just as I am," Like and Unlike," The One Thing Needful," &c. SONS OF FIRE WILL COMMENCE IN OUR COLUMNS ON JANUARY 3RD. DR BAMAWS BME FOR DESTITUTE CHILDREI. (Now maintaining nearly 5 000 rescued Boys and Girls). MR JAMES B. WOOKEY, Deputation Secretary to thesese Homes, will deliver a LECTURE in the GUILD HALL, CARNARVON, ON WEDNESDAY, h,i DECEMBER, 1895.. SUBJECT: "The (Exceeding Bitter Cry' of Outcast children." The Lecture will be illustrated by beau- tiful LIME LIGHT VIEWS, and a group of MUSICAL Boys from the London Homes will give selections on the Bagpipes, Tabe:tphone,. Handbel!s, XyJophone, &c. The Chair will be t tken at 8 o'clock, by HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR. Admission—Reseived Seats: Is.; Unreserved Seats, Sd. SPECIAL COLLECTION" In aid of the funds of the Homes during the proceedings. Tickets may be obtained of Mr Gwenlyn Evans, Caxton Printing Works, Carnarvon. 1430 "DR. BARNARDO'S HOMES" FOR DESTITUTE CHILDREN (Now maintaining nearly 5COO rescued Boys and Girls). MR JAMES B. WOOKEY, Deputation Secretary to these Homes, wil deliver a LECTURE in the TOWN HALL, HOLTHEAO, ON THUBSDAT, 5TH DECEMBER, 1895. STXBJKCT I ,4 The Exceeding Bitter Cry of Out- cast Children." -= The Lecture will be illustrated by beautiful LurE. LIGHT VIEWS, and a group of MUSICAL BOYS from the London Homes will sfive selections on the Bagpipes, Tubeaphone, Handbells, Xylophone,, &c. The chair will be taken at 8 o'clock by CAPTAIN R. B. CAY, R.N. AdmissionBeserved Seats, Is. Unreserved Seats, 6d. t SPECIAL COLLECTION In aid of the funds of the Homes during the- proceedings. 1420 1420 BANGOR STRING ORCKESTIIAR THE gECOND A NNUAL ONCERT tA- c (the proceeds in aid of the Science and Art Institute," Bangor), will be given, at the PENRHYN HALL, BANGOR, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 4TH NEXT. The Orchestra, numbering 30 performers,conducted by MISS ISABEL HEWiTT. Under the distinguished patron.of His Worship the Mayo,. Tb, It. Hot U,ri and Lady Peorhyn. The Lord Bishop of Bangor. Col. the Hon. W. E. Sackville West. Col Piatt Col. T. H. Marshall. H. Clegg. Esq. E. A. Young, Esq. Vocalists Mrs Reichei and Rev F. Lampitt. Leader and Solo Violin: Miss Margaret Hewitt. Solo Violoncello Mr Walton, (of the Llandudno Pier Company's Concerts, and Sir Charles Halle's Orchestra). Pianoforte Miss Hewitt and Miss Reichei. Reserved Seats (numbered), 3/- First Seats, 21- Second Seats, 1/- Doors open at 7-30 p.m. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. Carriages may be ordered for 10 p.m. Plan of the Hall may be seen, and tickets ob- tained at Messrs Nixon and Jarvis, stationers, Bank Place, Bangor. dl473 THE NATIONAL SOCIETY FOB THE PRE- VENTION OF CilUELTY TO CHILDREN. PATRON THE QTJEEN. DENBIGH AND NuKTH WALES AID, COMMITTEE. PresidentCOL. MESHAM. A -I PUBLIC MEETING will be held at the TOWN HALL, RHYL, (Board Boom), ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3RD, at 3.30 p.m. punctually, to hear an ADDRESS from MR CLARKE HALL, Barrister at Law, on the work of the Pociety, and to consider the Annual Report and receive Subscriptions. STEPHEN ROOSE, ESQ., has kindly consented to preside. EDWARD A. TURNOUR, « ,-7 Solicitor, Denbigh, Hon. Sec. Won<Torfu] instrument*. HHLu9|h UuHilJrl Anyone can p]ay them. I fi]' fe 4 UuHilJrl Anyone 08n pJay them. I fi]' fe 4 Over 700 tunos ready. VUHMBUIDH — Particulars hre(i. of a NOTIOE To each of my eng. av tomeira I GIVE FREB Book of Coupons, value 803. and upwards. This is something new, and surprises everyone. ■ M. DRAPER, Crganette TJ orks, Blackburn FRY'S; HODGES KIDNEYS. Prices on application to HENRY DENNY & SOJSS. LIMITED, BACON CURERS. LIMERICK. Quick route to Wales by which Goods can be delivered the day after Killing. RUPTURE CUREDOT^ S. J. Hernia Specialist, sends his neit B°ot of full information, post ftee. 7<L 64 ""ra&f""5 & 26 8MW