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Beauty In all ages and in every country the Hair has been regarded a: one of the most essential cha racteristics of beauty. To em bellish, improve, and preserve it has ever been the object of al who entertain any regard foi their personal appearance. MES S. A. ALLEN'S w ORLDIS HAm RESTORE] Never fails to restore gray hair to i t youthful color. It acts directly upr 1\ the roots of the hair, invigoratii g them, cleanses the scalp, reir.oviiy Dandruff, rendering the hair so t. silky, and glossy, and disposing it remain in any desired position. It is a real Hair Restorer and Ihiir Dressing combined in one bottie. It is perfectly harmless, and has hosts of admirers, male and female, young and old. The consumer lias the benefit of 40 years' experience that it is the best, "ONE BOTTLE DID IT." That is the expression of many who have had their gray hair restored to its natural color, and their bald spot covered with hair, after using one bottle of MRS. S. A. ALLEN'S WORLD'S 11 AIR RESTORER. It is not a dye. Sold by Chemists and Perfumers. BRIDAL BOUQUET BLOOM BEAUTIFIES THE COMPLEXION. BEAUTY To the FACE, NECK, ARMS & HANDS, SUPERIOR TO POWDERS. It is utterly impossible to detect in the Beauty it confers any arti- ficial character. Bridal Bouquet Bloom is a most agreeable, refreshing, cooling and beautifying Balm to the Skin. A single application, requiring but a moment of time, imparts to the face, neck, arms, and hands a delicate softness and marble purity, with the tint and fragrance of the lily and the rose. It removes Tan, Freckles, Sunburn, and all roughness and blemisheii. Price 3s. 6d. per Bottle. Sold by Chemists and Perfumers. Manufactories: 114 &. 116, Southampton Row, London; Paris; New York. Printed (for the WELSH NATIONAL NEWPAPEB COMPANY, LIMITED), by SAMUEL HUGHES, at his Office, York Place, Bangor, in the County of Carnarvon, February 20th, 1885.