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A FATAL MISTAKE IN AMERICA. The Cleveland (Ohio, U.S.A.) Press, of Feb. 23, 1883. publishes an account of a fatal surgical operation which has caused a great commotion among medical men throughout the whole country, Dr. Thayer. the most emi- nent surgeon in Cleveland, pronouncing it. scandalous. It appears that a Mrs King had been suffering for many years with some disease of the stomach which hadresisted the treatment of all the physicians in attendance. The disease commenced with a slight derangement of the digestion, with a poor appetite, followed bv a peculiar indescribable distress in the stomach, a feeling that has heou described as a faint" all gone sensation, a sticky slime collecting about the teeth, causing a disagreeable ti n,- taste, especially in the morning. This sensation was not removed by food. but on the contrary, it was increased. The eyes then became tinged with yellow, and were sunken. After awhile the hands and feet became cold and sticky—a cold perspiration. There was a constant lired and languid feeling. Then followed a dreadful ner- vousness. with gloomy forebodings. When rising sud- denly there came a dizzy feeling like vertigo. After a time the bowels became costive, so that it was difficult to pro- cure a movemeut without a cathertic. Soon followed a disposition to spit up the food after eating, sometimes in a sour, fermented condition. All this derangement caused a terrible palpitation of the heart, so as to make the breathing difficult. Finally, the patient was unable to retain anv food whatever, and there was constant pain in the abdomen. All prescribed remedies failing to give relief a consulation was held, when it was decided that the patient had a cancer in the stomach, and, in order to save the patient's life, an operation was justifiable. Accord- ingly. on Feb. 22. 1883, the operation was performed by Dr. Vance. in the presence of Dr. Tuckerman, Dr. Perrier. Dr. Arms. Dr. Gordon. Dr. Lapuer, and Dr. Ilalhvell, of the Police Board. The operation consisted in laying open the cavity of the abdomen and exposing the stomach, bowels, liver, and pancreas. When this had been done, an examination of the organs was made, but, to the horror and dismay of the doctors, there was no cancer to be found. The patient did not have a cancer. When too late. the medical men discovered that they had made a terrible mistake. They sewed the parts together and dressed the wound that they had made, but the poor woman sank from exhaustion and died in a few hours. How sail it must be for the husband of the poor woman to know that his wife died from the effects of a sui gical operation that ought never to have been performed. If this woman had taken the proper remedy far dys- pepsia (for this is what the disease really was), she would have been living to-day. Seigel's Curative Syrup, a. remedy made expressly for dyspepsia or indigestion, has restored many such cases to perfect health after all other kinds of treatment have failed. The evidence of its efficacy in curing this class of cases is too voluminous to be published here, but those who read the published evi- dence in favour of this dyspeptic remedy do not question its convincing nature and the article has an extensive sale Sold by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors throughout the world, and by the proprietors, A. J. White, Limited, 17, Farringdon-road, London, E.C. ANOTHER CASE IN l'OIXT. Crofton, Christian Co., Ky., U.S.A., "January 5th, 18#2. "De¿¡r :il ,-My daughter. Sarah F. Walker, last Jan- uary was confined to her bed, and had been for twelve months, was under treatment of three eminent physicians, who said she had Consumption and Heart Disease. The doctors and all that saw her said she was bound to die But I persuaded her to take your Seigel Curative Syrup' and after having used two and a half GO ct. bottles she was restored to perfect health, and said she felt better than she had for nve years. -11 dz-Lti;Iiter is now living z, and enjoying good health, but had it not been for your medicine she would have been now dead.—Yours, &c., (Rev.) M. Melton. Anyone doubting this can write to Sarah F. Walker, Croftou, Ky. .B.If you think this worth printing, please do so if not, give it to the waste basket." L'ROSOUXCED HOPELESS BY FOUR DOCTORS. Mr \V. Bouchicr, Kastover, Bridge water, sends the following :— West Quay, Bridgewater, December 21st. Dear Sir, -It affords me great pleasure to add my tes- timony to the wonderful effects of Mother Seigel's Cura- tive Syrup. For a period of eight years I suffered from a severe cough and indigestion, with frequent attacks of rheumatism and for eleven months I was under medi- cal treatment, without deriving the slightest benefit. The last four doctors I was under assured me that mine was a hopeless case, and gave me up as incurable. About that time I heard of Seigel's Syrup, which I was induced to try. and through its use, I am thankful to say, I quickly got restored to health, and am now able to follow my usual occupation. I may say that whenever I feel the least symptom of my old complaints I at once take a few doses of the Syrup, which quickly sets me all right. I send you this in hope that other sufferers may be in- duced to give the Syrup a trial.—Yours truly, (Signed) Win. Kendall"




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