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SAMUEL ALLiSOPP AND SONS' Best India Pale and Burton Ales, For Season ending October 1st, 1883, MAY BE OBTAINED (CARRIAGE PAID TOjANY RAILWAY STATION) OF THOMAS JONES AND CO., WINE, SPIRIT, ALE AND PORTER MERCHANTS, MENAI BRIDGE, ANGLESEY, At the undermentioned Prices :— Brand ou Cask. Per Brl. Per Kil. Per Firkin EAST INDIA PALE ALE D 60/- 30/- 15/- STRONG ALE C 84/- 42,- 21/- DO. B 72/- 36;- 18/- DO. AX 66/- 33;- 16/6 MILD ALE A 60/- 30/- 15/- DO. F 54;- 27,- 13/6 DO. ••• ;XXX 48/- 24- 12/- DO- xx 42, 21/- 10/6 IMPERIAL STOUT IS 60,- 30;- 15/- DOUBLE DO. DS 54- 27/- 13/6 STOUT S 48,- 24," 12/- PORTER P 42,- 21/- 10/6 I it WINES AND SPIRITS of the Best Quality sold at the usual trade prices. Private Houses supplied on the shortest notice. CVIA A Al DICKS V* tSlSk CELEBRATED jOSM ^^BOOTS,SHiES&SLIPPERS^ DICKS DICKS ALL LEATHER e> /vALL LEATHER Spring^ /^mP&60Ol)w\ |g| WBOOIS^SHOESjg 'UmicKs OR DICKS, 217, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR. 30, Market Street, Holyhead. LAMPS & WINTER GOODS. JOSIAH HUGHES & SON, U' 'r R -1 'IN FURXISHIXG AND GENERAL IONMONGERS, CUTLERS AND DEALERS INJ ELECTRO-PLATE AND FANCY GOODS, m BANGOR, HAVE great pleasure in announcing that the whole of thoir NEW WINTER STOCK is already unpacked, com- prising an Iirrnsnsa Variety of PETROLEUM LAMPS, made by the Best Makers. J. H. and SOX'S Collection of Limps have always been highly ad:nir.j I, and give a the gre itest satisfaction. Their stock for the ,,omin,, season surpasses anything they have ever exhibited before, and they flatter themselves that in no other shop n Carnarvonshire cm b; s-i ;u s i -.h a variety at smii LTapreci le.itedly L),v Prices, in many instances only ONE- FOURTH THE FORMER FIGURES. ALSO. Wonderfully cheap lines in Good Fenders, Fire Irons, Coal Vases, Register Stoves, Kichen Ranges' Cooking and Heating Stoves, Bedsteads, Children's Carriages, Garden Seats, Vases, &c. A Visit of Inspection is respectfully invited. THE MANUFACTURING AND MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT of their business has been greatly developed during the past few years, and has fairly deserved the large share of patronage bestowed upon it. The Tinman. Braziers, Coppersmiths, Blacksmiths, Fitting, and the Plumbing Departments are all arranged in extensive remises, suitable for all kinds of work. Repairs neatly executed. Special Arrangements for Heating Greenhouses, Churches, Chapels, Schools, &c. References can be had of some of the best families in the country for extensive Hot Water anf Sanitary work lately completed by them most satis- nc torily. Please note the Address JOSIAH HUGHES AND SON, NEARLY OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE, BANGOR. BANGOR CORN STORES, ESTABLISHED 1884. AGENCIES Rieuardson, Bros., &. Co. Manure Maimfactrer, Belfast. Manchester Prize Cattle Food Company. Gloucester Specific for Foot Rot in Sheep. Evans' Excelsior Dog Biscuits. Spratt's Patent Febrine Oo^ Biscuits. Ciaiue and Poultry Meal, Prairie Cristel, See.. v A tA Li E L SEED STORES Li I L G S A V 0 N A BAN C) R BEST HOUSEHOLD FLOUR. Our Celebrated No. One, 8 lbs. for Is. OTHER KINDS AS CHEAP AS TEN POUNDS FOR ONE SHILLING. AGENCIES: The Bo wick Patent Lactina Food for Calves. The Bowick Patent Restorine for Horses, &c. The Liverpool a,nd London and Globe Insurance Company. The Imperial Live Stock Insurance Company. Jem Cooke's Horse Powders. Intending Feeders of Stock should call early at the BANGOR CORN STORES for the CROWN LINSEED CAKE which, is at present Soi l a comparatively Low Price -r BRITANNIA HOUSE, BANGOR. Extensive special pmvhase direct from the manufacturers, of NEW BRUSSELS CARPETS NEW TAPESTRY CARPETS, NEW KIDDER CARPETS, NEW KENSINGTON SQUARES in all sizes. Bust value ever offered. Novelties, in Tapestry Curtains, Table Covers, and Window Hangings, Floor Cloths and Linoleum in various new styles from 18 inches to 4yards wide, Stair Oil Cloths from 2id. per yard, upward EVERY ARTICLE KEPT IN FURNISHING DRAPERY. WOOLLEN CLOTH DEPARTMENT—Exceptional value of Superior Block Worsted Coatings Scotch and West of England Twet: Is in a variety of mw patterns, Suits inide t) orde food fit guavrantee 1. Boys and Youths, re vly-mi le Clothing in the III )30 Fashionable Styl in superior makes and finish. MILLINERY DEPARTMENT will be found replete with the newest shapes and most exquisite styles in Parisian and English Millmery. Straw Hats and Bonnets, Flowers, Feathers, Laces, Ribbons, Birds, all latest novelties. MANTLE AND DRESS DEPARTMENT—New Designs in Broelie Satin, Ottoman Cloth, and Ottoman Silk Jackets and Dolmans. A magnificent i tock of New Dress Materials in all the new shades. An immense stock of Men's, Youths', and Boys' Fel c-t-Hats, of tne most Fashionable Shapes. H H U G H E S BRITANNIA HOUSE, BANGOR. W. WILLIAMS AND CO., (LATE LITTLER AND WILLIAMS), S T E A ,M CORN MILLS, ABERGELE, HOLESALE AND RETAIL FLOUR DEALERS, FAMILY AND FANCY BREAD BAKERS, GENERAL GROCERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS AT ABERGELE LLANRWST, RHUDDLAN, COLWYN, LLANDUDNO, DENBIGH, CONWAY, PENSARN, RUTHIN, QUEEN STREET AND VALE ROAD, RHYL. ESTABLISHED J854. EVANS, RICHARDS, AND CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GENERAL DRAPERS, UPHOLSTERY, CARPET, & MANCHESTER WAREHOUSEMEN, LONDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL. IN consequence of their continually increasing Country Orders, both Wholesale and Retail, EVAN^, RICHARDS & CO., have made special arrangements in order to more fully develop that department of their trade, and are now in a position to execute all Country Orders with economy, promptitude, mid despatch. They have also much pleasure in announcing that they have made very extensive CASH PURCHASES of all the LEADING NOVELTIES from LONDON and PARIS for the WINTER SEASON,and tlie undermentioned Departments are replete with new and fashionable (;oods, offering decided and genuine bargains throughout :— SEALSKIN MANTLES LACES FUR-LINED CLOAKS SCARFS FUR CAPES RIBBONS T JACKETS OUTFITTING BONNETS TRIMMINGS HATS GLOVES COSTUMES HOSIERY SILKS CARPETS DRESS MATERIALS CURTAINS FLANNELS BEDSTEADS DRAPERY BEDDING BLANKETS :SHIRTS &c., &c., &c ESTIMATES GIVEN. PATTERNS SENT POST FREE ON APPLICATION Parcels amounting to £1 and upwards, Carriage Paid 'tto all parts of Wales and Shropshire. EVANS, RICHARDS&Co., LONDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL. D. ROBERTS, WATERLOO HOUSE, CARNARVON, I IS SHOWING A CHOICE STOCK OF MANTLES, MILLINERY, DRESSES. __I ICE! RHEW!! ICE! ALWAYS ON HAND AT 1 I NOBLE'S MINERAL WATER WORKS, CARNARVON. All Orders will receive prompt attention. ICE! RHEW ICE! LACTIFER, TIIORLEY' S M KA L FOR CALVES A RELIABLE SUBSTITUTE FOR MILK. A PERFECT FOOD. HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS Am well pleased with LACTIFER. Have tried other Calf Meals and Substitutes, but none have given me satis- faction before. I shall recommend my friends to use Lactifer.—John Griffiths, Henfaes, Aber, ne<ir Bangor THORLEY' S FOOD Is a Valuable Condiment for Horses and All Stock, giving Tone to the Stomach and keeping animals in healthy, thriviugcondttiun. JOSEPH THORLKY, KINGS CROSS, LONDON THE VOYAGE OF LIFE (A DESCRIPTIVE CANTATA.), For Mixed Voices, containing a great variety of Solos Choruses, &c., of a popular character. PRICE IN SOL-FA. M. O. N., 2s. Gd. (May be had also with Welsh words separately). Other Cantatas, with English wor l j, price Gd. in Sol-fa "DAVID," '• DANIEL," ETHEL WYN," (Tem- perance Cantata), and ABRAHAM To be had from the Author, H. DAVIES, Bryngwyna Cefn, Ruabon. 0 FAT' PERSONS.—How to reriove superfluous fat, cure obesity, and improve tlie health without semi-starvation dietary or fatiguing exercise, by F. C. RUSSELL (late of 15, Grove-street). Recipe and other particulars wi 1 be sent free on reoeipt of stamped envelop" to f. C. RUSSELL, Woburu HLUJC, Store- street,Bedeord-square. London, W.C