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ESTABLISHED 1837. WILLIAM HUGHES AND SON, "THE OLD PORK SHOP," WILLIAM HUGHES & SON beg to inform the public generally that theyhave purchased 31 horse power Otto Silent Gas Eno-ine." and a Gardener's Simplex Silent Sausage Machine," which they have placed in the Shop, where custodiers can see the quality of the Meat used, and the chopping of same. This will prove a novelty, and will ensure the purity and excellence of the Meat used. COME AND SEE THEM MADE. 41"' EVERYBODY 'I'RY 'i'HFIit -[ED SAUSAf'ES! GELEBRA u Fii-,Xl'-Sti EVERY di 259 8c 26LHG H STRE ET, BANGOR. c 4EGETABLE roN,C 13uaoocK OR IIII^ OF C CPPESSIOAI MPLA!A, 7". RECOMMENDED BY D CTORS ANALYST, CHEMISTS c SUITABLE FOR SPRING. SUMME:R. & -1 NTE THIS preparation is now extensively taken throughout the country by pntients suffering from debility, ner- vousness, and general exhaustion, and if any value be attached to human testimony, the efficacv of this medicine has been successfully established. Its claims have been tested and proved by the medical profession and others, and corroborated by the written testimonials of eminent men. The Quinine Bitters contain not only a suitable quantity of Quinine in each dose. but the active principles of the following well-known herbs—saraparilla, saffron, gentian, la-vender, dandelion, and burdock. The use of Quinine is well-known, but it has never been satisfactorily combined with these preparations, until, after overcoming considerable difficulties, the Proprietor was able to secure a perfectly uniform preparation, combining all the essen- tial properties of the above plants in their greatest purity and concentration. It is now established as a family medicine, and is increasing in popular favour the more it is known and tested. Uwilym Evans's Quinine Bitters is a tonic Pick- iu,up, scientifically mixed in happy proportions. GWILYM EVANS' T QUININE BITTERS, Being a vegetable "Pick-me-up, is strongly recom- mended for nervous diseases, such as undue anxiety, despondency, famting fits. neuralgia, and nerve pains generally. j Has been taken with gtear permanent results for INDIGESTION IN ITS DIFFERENT FORMS such as sick head-ache, heartburn, cramp, flatulency, sense of fulness and oppresion after eating, drowsiness, and pains in the region of the heart. 11 Has successfully treated (after all known preparations had failed) severe cases of affections of the chest, such as common colds, bronchitis, asthmatic col^s, shortness of breath, spitting of blood, &c. Mr Gwilym Evans can supply by post the names of patients in almost every district in Wales ard West of England, who have tried his Quinine Bitters, and who are glad at any time to give full particulars of the benefits they have themselves received. Be not persuaded to try any other preparation, as there are numerous imitators of all genuine and success- ful medicine. NOTB.-The name GWILYM EVANS, F.C.S., M.P.S., on Stamp and Label. Sold by all Chemists in 2s Od and 4s nd, Bottles, and Cases containing three 4s Gd Bottles, at 12s 6d per Caye or from the Proprietor, 4s 6d bottles and 12s 6d Cases carriage free Parcels Posts, under cover. PRC)PR r T 0 GWILYM EVANS, F.C.S.»^il SALES BY AUCTION OF HO U S E [10 L 0 h" U R X IT U ii LIBti.Vi.TLKS, L'AtN TIN JS, ivv J-ii A VIN GS PLATE, &c. IN-DOOR AND OUT-DOOR EFFECTS, FARM PRODUCE, LIVE AND DEAD STOCK, &c., Personally conducted with guaranteed satisfaction, in all parts of the country, on moderate terms, with IMMEDIATE settlements, BY W. WATSON ROBINSON, HOUSE AND EST AT E AGENT AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, 264, HluH-STREET, BAISGOK Instructions for the above respectfully solicited 259 HOLYHHEAD. IMPORTANT TO WINE MERCHANTS, PUBLI- CANS, AND OTHERS. MR. W. RIVA has been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, on SATUKDAI', F^BKUARY 7TH, 1885.. at 2-30 p.m. for;) p.m., at the KosE AND CROWN bN HOLYHEAD (subject to conditions to be then and there read), all that FGLL LICENSED PUBLIC HOUSE known as the" Locomotive Inn, situate at Old Station Place, Holyhead. The house contains Parlour, Smoke- room, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Bar. &c. three best Bedrooms and three Servants' Bedrooms. There are com- modious Outbuildings, consisting of Stabling, Hay-loft, Piggeries, &-c. The premises are held under lease from the Right Honourable Lord Stanley of Alderley for three lives and 31 concurrent years. Eighteen years are unexpired, and the lives are aged respectively 22, 23, and r6 years, at the annual ground rent of X2 8s. This house is situate in the best business part of the town of Holyhead, and offers a rare opportunity to parties desirous of entering the public business. Stanley-street, Holyhead, January l'Jth, 1885. A. W~ TlE~RRIDEW," FROM COVENTRY, WATCH MANUFACTURER, GOLDSMITH AND JEWELLER, 9, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON, DESIRES to inform the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and ID the Public generally of Carnarvon and the District, that he has Opened a Place of Business at the above address. lIe has large and well-selected Stock of WATCHES, GOLD AND SILVER GUARD AND ALBERT CHAINS, BROOCHES,LOCKETS,EAR-RINGS, SCARF PINS SIGNET AND JEM RINGS, JET GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY, &c..&c. Old Jewellery Converted and Re-gilt equal to new. Bicvcle and Tricvcle Manufacturer, for SALE and HIRE. All Goods Manufactured and Repaired on the Premises uuder A. W. M.'s personal superintendence. The Cheapest House in North Wales, and the largest nd best selection A Written Guarantee given with T;ry arcieVpurchased at this Establishment, if required. ASSEMBLY ROOMS, PORTMADOC. MR J. HENrRY, R.A.M., will give A GRAND EVE XING CONCERT, TUESDAY NEXT, JANUARY 27TI1. Solo Pianist-Miss ANMK CAXT.LO A.R.A.M Solo Harp—MISS ANNIK L. JUNKS. R.A.M, -.t.-t— Lor L Am atEURS. To commence at 8 o'clock. rum CLASS I AWARD I IF YOU WANT A GOOD PIANO 1 ———=- GO TO t! CRANE & SONS pay special attention to the "Easy payment System, and have sold thou- sands of Lnstruments throughout the country on these ad\ antageous terms. The prices they charge on the Easy Payment System are, in most cases, consid- erably less than the prices asked for. net cash by other Louses for inferior intstruments. CRANE & SONS buy for prompt cash, saving Discounts, and therefore, offer to the Public Intru- ments in many cases, Cheaper than ordinary dealers have to pay for them, who sell perhaps one instru- ment in i week, and consequently must get as much profit on that one as Crane & Sons expect on Three Instruments. CRANE & SONS challenge this assertion, and will pay the Railway Fare of any person coming to Liver- pool, providing same floes not exceed 5 per cent of the perchase money. This is a fair offer. One of the many Testimonials spontaneously sent to Crane & Sons:- Carnarvon, North Wales, August, 1883. GENTLEMEN,—I cannot help expressing Lay great satisfaction with the Instrument you have sent me. The sweetness and power of tone is always what has been wanted by me.-I am youia truly, THOS EVANS. To Crane & Sons, Liverpool. 1001 (ORGAN S &HARMONICMS| ARE THE BEST & CHEAPEST EVER • **» OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC a Lc, J!t • PRICES WILL ASTONISH* A THE TRADE CFOR SALEORHI RE i ^— from 10/-monthly —^ 1 SENT TO ALL PARTS OF THE KINGDOM NERVOUSNESS. LOSS OF ENERGY, AND VITAL POWER i\ Resulting from whatever cause, not as treated by Quacks with mineral poison and coloured water, but effectually cured by a novel and highly successful mode of treatment, discovered by the advertiser, who, after many years of extreme suffering was completely restored to sound health. Prompted by feelings of humanity, he thus makes known means by which every sufferer is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible cost, without having recourse to advertising empirics of their vaunted nostrums. lIe will be happy to forward the receipt of a starnjied and directed envelope. Address :—J. T. SEWKLL, Esq., Chiswick, Middlesex, REYNOLDS' QOUT gPECIFIC, lie Oldest, Safest, and most Effectual Remedy. REYNOLDS' "jH OUT SPECIFIC, FOR GOUT1, REYNOLDS' (jourr SPECIFIC. FOR RHEUMATISM. p)EYNOLDS' QOUT gPEClFlOT" FOR SCIATICA. REYNOLDS' OUT npECIFiC, I\ u 0 FOR LUMBAGO. R s' G I EYNGL- D-O-U-T-SP-E-Cl-F-I-C, FOR ALL NEURALGIC COMPLAINS. DR. BREWSTER (for many years one of the leading physicians in Paris) writes:—"I have prescriced REYNOLDS' GoUT SPECIFIC in all cases of Rheumatic Affections, and find it an infallible Remedy. I have always had great pleasure in reccommending it, and consider it a afe and invaluable Medicine." REYNOLDS' QOUT SPECIFIC, ESTABLISHED 70 YEARS. Sold in Bottles, 2s !)d, and 4s 6d, by Messrs Barclay and son, 5, Farrington-street, E.C., and all chemists. DR. JONES, D.D.S., &c., DENTIST, OPPOSITE THE MARKET, BANGOR. DR. JONES will be at LLANGEFNI every THURS- DAY afternoon, at Lledwigan-road, on the road to the Bank and the County Court. At AMLWCH with Mr HUGHES, Stationer, 7, Market-row, TUESDAY afternoons, viz, January 13th, February 10th, March 10th, April 7th. At BETHESDA and EBENEZERthe first Tuesday after the pay day. 4 GE N T S W A N T E D~E VE RYWHERE ■L\- TO FOKM KENDAL & DENT'S CELEBRATED CLUBS for supplying Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Silver Plate, Musical Instruments, Opera Glasses, Telescopes, &c., at Is per week. RESPECTABLE MEN MAY INCREASE THEIR INCOMES. Foremen, Timekeepers, Hailway Officers, Secretaries of Portrait Clubs, Police Sergeants. Shopkeepers. Particu- lars and Ca alogues, with over GOO Illustrations, free by post. KENDAL & DENT, Watch Manufacturers, 100, Cheapside, London.-—" SPLENDID VALUE FOR MONEY." 110 MB. E. WILLIAMS, PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT, AUDITOR, &c., BRUNSWICK CHAMBERS, CARNARVON. Agent to the Liverpool, London, and Globe Insur- ance, Co., The Guarantee Society, xc. ILLUMINATED ADRESSES, and Illuminating in all branches, promptly and efficiently executed. HIGHEST REFERENCES AND TESTIMONIALS. BEFORE BUYING A WATCH CATHEDRAL* UIORKSI A NYWHERE, write for The ■ A Illustrated Pamphlet sent free on application by The Lar- geSt MET. E "jRUSSELL, MAKER TO H.M. THE QUEEN 18 CHURCH ST, LIVERPOOL. B MAKElt TO H.M. THE QUEEN CATHItDRAL WORKS, 18 CHURCH ST, LIVERPOOL. (No Agents Anywhere. DONALD CAMERON, MERCHANT TAILOR AND GENERAL OUTFITTER. CATHEDRAL BUILDINGS, 205, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. PATTERNS, PRICES, AND DIRECTIONS FOR SELF-MEASUREMENT SENT ON APPLICATION. DAY SCiiOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. BRYN PERIS, SOUTH ROAD, CARNARVON. SCHOOL duties will be resumed (D.V.) January 28tbj U 1885. For terms, testimonials, etc., apply to the Misses RIMMER. Pupils prepared for the Public Examinations. TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are invited for the ERECTION of a VILLA RESIDENCE, at TeinpJe-road, Upper Bangor, for Captain II. Savage. Plans and Specifications may be seen at No. 5,'Crescent, Upper Bangor, on and after WEDNESDAY', the 21st Sealed Tenders, addresssd to Captain H. Savage, Bodafon, Bangor, to be delivered not later than Five p.m., on WEDNESDAY, the 4th of February, 188.5. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be ac- cepted. OWEN WILLIAMS, Architect. Bangor, January 15th, 1885. THE UNANIMOUS VERDICT OF A DISCRIMINATING PUBLIC is milAT the BRAZILIAN PEBBLE SPECTACLES ± AND EYE-GLASSES are the Best in tLe World. They never tire the Eye, however rainuto the Employ- ment, and lasts many years without change. The Perfect" Spectacles enables Persons to see Far and Near Objects without any change of Glasses. To Ministers, Lawyers, and Artizans they will be found invaluable. A large Assortment of above Goods to fit the most difficult sight, from the cheapest to the best, can be found at W. WILLIAMS JONES, OPTICIAN, WATCHMAKER AN D JEWELLER, 22, BANGOR STREET, CARNARVON. Sole Agent for the "Perfect Spectacle. MATRIMONY.—A young gentleman. 29 years of age, of prepossessing appearance, and having indepen- dent means, wishes to correspond with a young lady of from 22 to 28 years of age. Money no object. Send carte-de-visite and address (which will be treated with the strictest confidence), to "Columbus," Observer and liipress Office, Bangor. WANTED immediately, a Foreman Joiner. Must be YY sober aud active. Letters to be addrossed to JOINER," Observer and Express Office, Bangor. TO ADVERTISERS. We beg to draw the attention of adver- tisers generally to the facilities afforded by the NORTH WALES OBSERVER AND EXPRESS for giving publicity to advw- tisements. The circulation of the OB- SERVER AND EXPRESS is larger than that of any other English paper published in North Wales. For the publication of announcements requiring to be brought before the eyes of the upper or middle classes there is not in North Wales a better medium than the OBSERVER AND EXPRESS. Advertisements intended for insertion in THE NORTH WALES OBSERVER AND EXPRESS can be received at the Bangor Office, York Place, up to the hour of Pub- lication, and at the Carnarvon Office, New Harbour, up to 12 noon on Thursday. All communications intendedfor inser- tion must be addressed—Editor, OBSER- VER AND EXPRESS, Bangor. All business letters to be directed, an remittances made payable, to D. Edwards, OBSERVER AND EXPRESS Office, Bangor. THE NORTH WALES OBSERVER & EXPRESS may be had in London at Ithe Establishmnent of MR J. W. RAYNER, DKVEREAUX COURT, ESSEX STREET, STRAND.