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MESSRS P. VAUGHTON & SONS, JEWELLERS, &c., O T? i S-Llf i 9 3, GREAT HAMPTON -ROW, :ES, BIRMINGHAM, MAKE ALL SORTS OF GOLD, SILVER, AND BRONZE MEDALS FOR FOOTBALL CLUBS, EISTEDDFODAU, &C., BADGES for Cycling Clubs and Schools. A Diagram Sheet and Price List, post free, on appli- cation. SPECIAL DESIGNS GRATIS. 1021 11: w 'I, 'a, -91 any I t., or This Ointment is confidently re- commended as an old, tried and successful remedy for Scurvy, Scro- fula, Glandular Swellings, Ring- worm, Old Wounds, Ulcerated Legs, Scald Heads, Blotches on the Face and Body, St. Anthony's Fire, Burns, Chilblains, Bruises, Piles, Fistula, Rheumatism, Bunions, etc. yi^l soon heal up the most obstinate Eruption of the m of every kind. No family should be without it. Please note the Trade Mark Label on eacli Pot. •• °ld by all [.Chemists, in Pots only, price 7 £ d, Is l^d, L and 2s 9d. 2 1. n 29 b bis b 12 b 19 -1 26 z For Scrofula, Scurvy, Ulcerated Legs, Erysipelas, Blotches on the Face, Eruptions on the Body, Piles, Fis- tulas, Glandular Swellings, etc., etc. I They may be taken by persons of either sex, are Tonic and Invigorat- ing, and acting on the secretions. they are a truly valuable Blood Purifier, and may be used in con- action with the "NO NAME" OINTMENT in any of the above Diseases. Dose Two or Three every Night at Bedtime. all in Boxes by all Chemists, prices 7id, Is l £ d, and 9<? 9d to Sole Proprietor- J. WHITEHOUSE, S 9 4 > DERITEND, BIRMINGHAM] ind ^_9 itic PHILLIPS AND SON'S DANDELION COFFEE FOR LIVER AND INDIGESTION CONTAINS THREE TIMES THE TtWjFl-I Oi7 OLIDLVAAV COFFEE. WOOERS AND CHEMISTS EVERY WHERE IMPORTANT SPECIAL BENSON'S NEW PATENT (No. 4658), "LUDGAlE" WATCH, SILVER GOLD 12. 12. IS A "SPECIAL STRENGTH SILVER ENGLISH LEVER MY BEST LONDON MAKE, WITH THREE-QUARTER PLATE MOVEMENT. JEWELLED THROUGHOUT. CHRONOMETFR BALANCE, WITH DAMP AND DUST PROOF LATENT RING BAND, AND EXTENDED BARREL, IN PASSIVE STERLING SILV ER DOME CASES WITH CRYSTAL GLASS FRONT [)S & SETS HANDS & OPENS AT BACK, IT A BETTER WATCH THAN ANY *10 WATCH IN THE MARKET, ITS ADVANTAGES OVER THE OLD AND FAULTY FULL PLATE BEING &>RMOUS. AS THE LUDGATE WATCH WILL LAST ONE HUNDRED YEARS, IT XFIVEIZ BREAKS, AS IT CANNOT BE OVERWOUND, AND XEVE, R NEEDS EXPENSIVE REPAIRS. IS A BETTER TIMEKEEPER, IS A BETTER WATCH, AND IS BETTER VALUE THAN ANY OTHER WATCH SOLD FOR £10 IN TOWN OR COUNTRY. WILL STAND ROUGH USAGE OF ALL KINDS, AND IS THEREFORE THE BEST WATCH AND EQUALLY SUITED FOR WORKMEN, RAILWAY MEN, MINERS, GENTLEMEN, HOYS, AND ALL WHO REQUIRE A PERFECT WATCH OF EXTRA STRENGTH ^OR HOME, INDIAN OR COLONIAL USE. MADE IN THRE E SIZES, AS UNDER: WORKMEN'S LARGE SIZE. (As SKETCH). MINERS' & RAILWAY MEN'S, EXTRA LARGE SIZE, AND FOR GENERAL WEAR, MEDIUM SIZE. SENT FREE AND SAFE AT OUR RISK TO ALL PARTS FOR X5 5. 0 CASH OR P. O. 0.. PAYABLE AT G. P. 0. PRICE IN 18-CARAT GOLD CRYSTAL GLASS CASES TWELVE GUINEAS. SPECIALLY NOTE that J. W. BENSON is the only Maker of a Three-Quarter Plate English Watch for £5 5s., and that our Patent Ludgate" Watch, cannot be had through, or of any Watch- maker in the Kingdom. Any infringement of the Patent Rights will be proceeded against. A Book explaining the advantages of this Watch over the Full Plate English Wat ches s old by all other makers, will be sent Post Free on application, to J. W. BENSON, watchmaker to H. M. THE QUEEN, THE STEAM FACTORY, 62 AND 64, LUDGATE HILL, E.C., AND 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. Illustrated Pamphlets of Watches from X2 to £500, Gold and Silver Jewellery, Clocks (House, Chime and Turret), and Musical Boxes, Free on Application. CLua ASSOCIATIONS. — FOREMEN. SECRE- TARIES OF FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, AGENTS, and 'Otheii, wLl find their lacomes considerably increased by •establishing Clubs, for the New Patent" Ludgate" Watch, as it is worth from f5 to £ 10 more than any English Watch sold, and therefore bound to supersede .All others in the Market. LLEYN AND EIFIONYDD BUILDING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED IN 18S6. INCORPORATED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT. OFFICE :-SALEM TERRACE, PWLLHELI. Di1'ccto1's Rev. HUGH HUGHES, Gellidara, Pwllheli, Chairman. R. J. PRICHARD, Esq., Tynewydd, Chwilog, R.S.O. Rev. JOHN HUGHES, Edevrn, Pwllheli. Rev D. E. DA VIES. Pwllheli. Mr THOMAS ELLIS, Carnguwch, Llithfaen. Mr RICHARD WILLIAMS, Pentreuchaf. Solicitors Messrs PICTON JONES & ROBERTS, Pwllhev, Bankers: Messrs PUGH, JONES & Co., Pwllheli, and Brancht Auditor: JOHN EDWARDS, Esq., (Messrs J. & 0. Edwards, Pwllheli). Secretary D. E. DAVIES, Rhianfa, Pwllheli. SHARES, £10. ENTRANCE MONEY, Is. per Share. This Society has received upwards of One Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand Pounds ( £ 175,000) since 1866 and has paid dividend on completed shares, which had re- mained in the Society for a full year, at the rate of from oi to G per cent. every year. Paid 6 per cent. every year, except two. The Society has a good Reserve Fund, invested in Government and other Safe Securities, as well as a large amount in Reserve of Prospective Interest and Premium. There is not a safer investment, as the Society advances no money, except on Mortgage Securities of lands and buildings. Shares may be taken and moneys invested every day at the office of the Society, and at all the offices of the Bankers. Any amount can be invested in the Society from One Shilling up to One Thousand Pounds. j The year ends December 31st, and the Dividends are always paid in the third week in February. Advance Department.-The income of the Society from this source alone is now over Ten Thousand Pounds per annum ( £ 10,000). Moneys are advanced on approved Securities (lands and buildings) on very short notice. Legal and Survey Charges very moderate. Any further information on application to the Secretary, 215 D E. DAVIES. Rhianfa, Pwllholi. The CLEAN Black Lead."— T%&> PtwI. ASK FOR JAMES' GOLD .TlDOME Economical!! BLACK LEAD REFUSE ALL SUBSTITUTES. I —IZ_ | | Tublar and Solid, Bar Fencing -=J| 1 Gates, Wire Fencing, Chain i—r-r-i HURDLES. Harrows, Rick Stands iri ft ip [T'i &c,> &c* » MANUFACTURED BY B A. YLISS;:JONES AND BAYLISS, Wolverhampton, and 3, Crooked Lane, King William- street, London, E.C. Catalogues free on Application. Kindly name this paper. [1006 GRATIS.—Sent by Post to all parts of the World on receipt of two stamps to prepay postage. POSITIVE CURE FOR DEBILITIES and de- A rangements of the Generative and Nervous System, Nervous Debility and Exhaustion, the result of over-tax(d energies, is given in the book of "POSITIVE REME- DIES." This book gives a positive remedy for all dis- eases. The names of all Medicines are given in English. Cases and testimonials, with means used in each case. It is a guide to the self-treatment of all diseases, and should be consulted by all who require medical treatment NOTICE.-The Positive Medicines given in the book of POSITIVE REMEDIES are the medicines used by Dr Smith for over thirty years. By the aid of this book Invalids may form a correct knowledge of their malady, and find a positive remedy for the cure. The names are published in English to enable invalids to select the re- medy and cure themselves without consulting a Medical man, making a written statement of case, or paying con- sultation fees. Send two stamps for the book of POSI- TIVE REMEDIES," which contains 244 pages, and gives a cure for all diseases. Post free on receipt of two stamps, direct from H. Smith & Co., Positive Remedy Laboratory, 26, Southampton-row, London, W.C. PROTODYNE PILLS ARE A POSITIVE CURE P for Debilities and Derangements of the Generative and Nervous System, Prostration, Pimples, Loss of Energy, Physical Depression, Premature Decline, Wasting Diseases, Exhaustion of Nerve Power, Local Weakness, and all Diseases resulting from loss of Vital Force. After using these Pills, the body and nerves are restored to health and vigour. Sold in Boxes (containing sufficient for the cure), price 2s 9d. May be had direct from the proprietors on receipt of thirty-four stamps. Sent by í post to any address.-H. Smith & Co Positive Remedy I Laboratory, 26, Southampton-row, London, W.C. WATCHES AND JEWELLERY DIRECT FROM THE WORKSHOP. nTRONG STERLING SILVER ENGLISH LEVER O WATCHES, capped and Jewelled from 38s. Ladies' solid Gold Watch, in velvet and silk lined case 30s., Gentlemen's English hall marked Silver Centre Seconds Lever Chronograph, 55s Ladies' or Gentlemen's strong Silver Watches, from 15s; a strong workman's Watch that will go, as low as 10s. All warranted from 1 to 5 years, according to price. Don't delay to send for my new list, and purchase of no one until you see it, as being a bona fide manufacturer, I can supply at less than halt retail price. Everything sent on approval for three days and morey returned if not satisfactory. Every known variety kept in stock. Special and most advan- tageous terms to Watch Clubs.—Write at once for particulars to E. Morton, Lever Watch Factory, Hill Cross Coventry. 242 iSl jl yjLiilIS £ § per lb. The Family |f?5|f|§ f| °fa-'|Grocers^0ilrrien- Wash with- IUWIULL!? Saves Money, Labour, out the misery of Ek ST Time, Fuel, a Steamy House, §§ §\ | jf\ and Temper. A boon to N §j| alike. Iií\J MAGIC CLEANSER,. A I O^H vark, LONBOEF wLfliHijI ) oo, wuitechapo', Liverpool. A. S. COCHRANE AND SONS, STOCK AND SHARE BROKERS, 110, CANNON-STREET, LONDON, E.C. STOCK"OR SHARES BOUGHT OR SOLD AT MARKET PRICES. SPECULATIVE accounts opened from £1 per cent tj cover. Options granted at close Market Prices. Clients giving a banker's reference or depositing stocks or shares are not required to pay any cover in advance. Prospectus and Investment Circular containing safe and reliable information to investors or speculators forwarded post free. A GOOD PLAN. _0"1 A and upwards invested, under the non-liability ow_Lly system, in carefully selected Stocks and Shares, often returns handsome profits in a few days. Full details in Explanatory Book (fourth edition), gratis and post free. Address, GEORGE EVANS & CO., Stock Brokers, Gresham House, Old Broad-street, London, E.C. Best and safest plan ever devised. 1017 OLD STAMP OFFICE, 338, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, TAILOR AND DRAPER, IN returning thanks for the kind support and patronage which he has received in the past, begs respectfully to nform ± the public generally that he has a LARGE STOCK OF DRAPERY GOODS Suitable for the present Season, well shrunked, and warranted to wear well, and as he is a practical Tailor and Cutter himself, and having had much experience as foreman for many years in some of the largest and most respectable houses in England and Wales, he can confidently undertake to guarantee that all orders entrusted to him will give perfec satisfaction. All orders punctually attended to. LADIES JACKETS MADE TO ANY STYLE REQUIRED. 283 FRENCH YEAST. The Surest, Strongest SL Produces a Whiter, AND t Larger, Sweeter, and Most Reliable YEAST V y J in every respect better IN THF LOAF than any other 0 IP O v/ Market. east offered to theTrade TRADE MARK. The use of this YEAST will increase both the YEAST DEALER'S and BAKER'S TRADE. AGENTS :— H. Williams, Garden-square, Bangor. I Hugh Roberts, Penygraig, Llanerchymedd. A". Jones, 32, Well-street, Bangor. David Lewis, Penlan-atreet, Pwllheli. ohn Williams, 41, Thomas-street, Holyhead. Hugh Hughes, 4, Rose-place, Conway. A few more AGENTS for the Counties of Denbigh and Flint WANTED. None but those having thorough knowledge of the Trade need apply to J. WATSON AND CO., 61, Union-street, Borough, London, S.E. [76 THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, UXBRIDGE-SQUARE, CARNARVON ESTABLISHED FORTY YEARS. CONDUCTED BY JOHN G. DAVIES (Under-graduate of the University of London, late Scholar of the University College of Wales, and Prize Essayist of the New Shakespeare Society). T)UPILS are afforded a thoroughly sound and liberal education at a moderate cost. By a graduated tourse of in- struction, frequently tested by examinations, they are carefully and successfully prepared for professional or com- mercial life. English in its several branches of Grammar, Composition, History and Literature, is made a special subject of study. The senior classes are presented at the Examination of the 'Royal College of Preceptors every Midsummer and Christmas. ABSQUE LABORE NIHIL. GRAMMAR AND COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, CARNARVON. (ESTABLISHED 1836.) PRINCIPAL :-JOHN SMITH KIRK, M.A., PH.D., Member of the General Council of the University of Glasgow, and of the Royal College o f Preceptors, London, Author of Essays on Education," "School Honour," "Human Civilization," cÿc. THE PRINCIPAL FEATURES OF THIS SCHOOL ARE That the pupils are not taught by mere rote, but that each scholar is led to think and reason for himself. That every pupil receives a fair and honest share of the master's attention, none being [specially attended to to the detriment and loss of the others. That backward boys have a chance to get on. That there are no extras (except music, which is charged one guinea per quarter), and that fees are paid in advance (at least within the first week of each quarter). That no quarter's notice is required for the removal of a pupil, if these terms are complied with. That the school year is divided into four quarters, each consisting of ten working weeks. That all the school is carefully examined at Midsummer and Christmas in each year, and that a "detailed report of each pupil's work for the half-year is forwarded to the parent or guardian. TERMS PER QUARTER. Boarders, 10 guineas W eekly Boarders, 8 guineas Dinner Boarders, 5 guineas; Day Pupils (seniors), 3 guineas; Day Pupils (juniors), 2 guineas; Private Pupils from 2 to 5 guineas accord- ing to subjects and time. N.B.—Little boys are admitted from 5 to 8 years of age, at a guineaand a half each. Considerable reduction is made in the above charges when more than one of the same family attend at the same time. QUARTERS BEGIN JANUARY, APRIL, AUGUST, AND OCTOBER. 23 HMi¥SY'S SAUCE FOR FISH, Y/F YR GAME. EACH BOTTLE OF THIS STEAKS, /< > V ^CELEBRATED SAUCE YY A /S PREPARED FROM THE RECIPE BEARS THE WELL-KNOWN LABEL SIGNED This label is protected by perpetual injunction in Chancery of the 9th July 1858 and without it none can be genuine. PREPARED ONLY BY E. LAZENBY & SON, LONDON, dnd sold Retail by Grocers, Oilmen, Italian Warehousemen, goo. throughout the Kingdom. A THE ARMOUR CANNING CO'S THE LARGEST PAOIvEUS IN THE WORLD, EXTRA TABLE DELICACIES, PACKED with the Greatest Care from SELECTED MEATS. THE QUALITY IS UNSURPASSED. 6^" Don't be deceived into taking any other Brand. See you get Z7) ARMOUR'S OX TONGUES, 2-lb.22- and 3-lb. TINS. ARMOUR'S LUNCH TONGUES, i-lb. and 2-lb, TINS. ARMOUR'S BRAWN, l-lb.,J2-lb., G-lb and. 12-lb. TINS. ARMOUR'S CORNED BEEF, ■1-lb, 2-lb., 4-lb., 6-lb. and 81b. TINS. ARMOUR'S SOUPS, ASSORTED, Pints and Quarts SOLD BY ALL RESPECTABLE GROCERS. —- GREAT LONDON NEWSPAPER. Sixty-four Columns, ~Z One Penny. — ■ "1 T)aiiy Chronicle. JLJ v" «J Enormous — Sale. GREAT SUCCESS. More Late News than any other Daily Paper. To be had of all Newsagents. TEI/EGK.AMS.—News and Correspondence from all parts of the world, from our Special Correspondents, uj Wire. LEADERS by the most able writers of the day. PARLIAMENT.-Wire laid on from both Houses into the Otlice of this Journal. SPORTING.-Latest Racing, Betting, Cricket, Football, Rowing, Sailing, Athletics, &c. AGRICULTURE.-La.test Agricultural News from all carts. LA W.-Special Reports of all Chancery and Civil Courts. TRIALS from all Courts of Town and Country. POLICE from all the Offices. MARKETS from all parts, specially reported. SHIPPING.-Wrecks and Casualties, Foreign Arrivals, Home Sailings and Arrivals, Mail and Steamship News. NOTICES OF THE DRAMA. Our last night's Telegrams from all parts of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. CHEAPEST AND BEST ADVERTISING PAPER. Advertisements MUST be pre-paid. Post-Office Orders to be made payable at Ludgate Circus, to EDWARD LLOYD, Fleet Street. Office-DA-ILY CliRONICLE BUILDINGS, FLEET ST.,LONDON,E.C. A WORD TO THE WISE being warnings and counsel to young men on marriage, the cause and cure (in every case) of debility, nervousness, loss of memory, want of energy, dimness of sight, premature decay, and other fatal diseases, which generally result from un- skilful treatment and ignorance of nature's laws, with clear instructions to regain robust health and vigorous manhood. Sent free on receipt of four stamps Address, Messrs Wilkinson and Co., 4 Baker's-hill. Sheffield, who may be consulted in all confidential cases arising from debility, relaxation, impurity of the blood, and general physical prostration, Medi- cine sent to any part of the world. Attendance daily, from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. Sundays from 10 to 10. All letters receive immediate attention. Established 1830. 1015 NERVOUS DEBILITY. A Cure Guaranteed. MR. E. C. WEST'S NEEYE AXD BRAIN TREAT- MENT, a Guaranteed Cure for all Diseases of the Nervous System, such as Hysteria, Dizziness, Convulsions, Fits, Neuralgia, Headache, Wakefulness, Mental Depres- sion, Premature Old Age, caused by Excesses, Over-exer- tion of the Brain, or Over-indulgence (resulting in Insanity, and leading to Misery, Decay, and Death). The Remedy is from the Prescription of an Eminent Physician, and has been tested and used with great success for years therefore the Proprietors have no hesitation whatever in issuing a Written Guarantee of Cure, or Money refunded to every Purchaser of Six Boxes. Each Box contains One Month's Treatment, 4s (id a Box, or 6 Boxes (with Guarantee) for 25s. To be had of all Chemists and Drug- gists. BARCLAY & SONS, London Agents, 95, Far- ringdon-street, E.C. TOWYN TILERY AND PIPE WORKS, FORYD, NEAR ABERGELE. LAND DRAINAGE PIPES, from 1^ inches to 5 inches, always in STOCK, which are made of the Best- selected CLAY, free from Limestones; larger size made on the shortest notice. The Works have a SIDING adjoining the Chester and Kolvhead Railway; are near Foryd Pier, Rhyl, where Sailing Vessels can be loaded. The above VV orks are nearer to Anglesey and Carnarvonshire by many miles than any other Works in the District. For Prices and Particulars, apply to the Owner, J. WILLIAMS, TOWYN TILERY, ABERGELE. 1011)


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